Could Vaccine Passports Bring Canadian Society To Its Knees?

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No, it is not “all about us.” However, Cultural Action Party will reiterate what we stated the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister:

Chaos is coming. It is not that we can legitimately hold Trudeau responsible for the Covid epoch of history. Rather, what was originally stated in October, 2015 is the following:

Justin Trudeau as Canadian prime minister is certain to usher in a form of societal destruction. We could not name what form this would take–only that the second coming of a Trudeau-family PM was to coincide with nation-transforming damage.

We stand on the cusp of the moment. On an historical basis, what separates Canada from many nations is its relative peacefulness.

Traditionally speaking, Canadians are tolerant people. As long as our fundamental freedoms are maintained, there is a great deal we will endure before reaching the end of our rope.

In 2021, this may well be at a breaking point– the measuring tool being public violence.

This week in Canada– according to police estimates, thousands of demonstrators gathered outside hospitals in Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Victoria, Prince George, Nanaimo and other Canadian cities. Uniting in protest to vaccine passport mandates– a non-legal measure–  a case of assault occurred at one rally.

And this is certain to trend downward? Not quite. D-Day for vaccine passports in British Columbia is forthcoming– September 13th, 2021 marks the spot.

In case readers buy what media are selling– the concept that crack-pots and conspiracy thinkers organized the rallies, we should think again. The protests were put together by a group called Canadian Frontline Nurses. 

In Ontario, the NDP Party is working toward introducing a bill to create safety zones around restaurants to keep anti-vaccine protesters away from staff and customers.

“What it would be is a safety zone that keeps folks at a distance so people who are trying to enjoy their evening out or their lunch on the patio,” stated NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

Citizen against citizen. Social conflict in action. Violence seeping through the cracks of society. Exactly as CAP predicted, as well as what the “doctor ordered” in terms of the end of an era.

We move to a high-level picture: a country’s systemic transition toward an authoritarian state. Can it be argued that the Covid pandemic can facilitate such circumstances?

If not, we have one hell of an odd-ball coincidence on our hands. Considering the history of nations, CAP offer the following.

Common themes are found among nations that have undergone transition from free societies to dictatorships. Firstly, a form of “disguise”– the planners want it to be devoid of top-of-mind awareness among citizens. Thus it is that subterfuge is utilized to achieve the goal. Could Covid fit the bill?

The agenda is unrolled on an incremental basis. Dump the entire thing into the public’s lap at one time, and the public are certain to panic. Such is the steady unfolding of pandemic restrictions as they ramp up over time.

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Considering totalitarian societies of the 20th century, we note that a “villain-community” helps accelerate the process. Hence, the anti-Vaxxer peoples of Canada.

Authorities require an organized propaganda unit to achieve their goals. Enter, establishment media. The name of the game is obfuscation– a spinning and twisting of circumstances to prevent the public from comprehending the big picture. Rather than place responsibility on government, media blame the public for any chaos– as witnessed in presentation of protests against Justin Trudeau.  

Tie this all together, and what can a Canadian discover? For one thing, what media do not want citizens to comprehend–the very reason why they never tie the loose ends together.

Thus we have the sowing of the seeds for a new Canada. Who was it that first alluded to such a thing? CAP go with Justin Trudeau, and his “post-modern” proclamation for the future of our nation.

Yes, indeed, Canada in 2021 is “post-something.” Our best guess being post-democracy. Away from the media spotlight, we discover that the founder of the agenda is Pierre Trudeau. Is Justin Trudeau here to put the finishing touches on an erasure of democracy?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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