Could The Woke Agenda Transition Anglophones To “Second Nations” Status?

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The pace by which Canada’s “woke revolution” is progressing should be major concern for those who fall outside its parameters.

For all the liberal left’s talk about a quest for social equality, media refuse to speak of the “flip-side.” Nor do they properly articulate the speed at which the agenda is advancing.

Two examples illustrate. Canadian employment union has tabled their version of a bid for social equality. Because employees are black, they are to enjoy two extra days off beyond what is allotted to white employees.

In a separate case, a school board in Ontario  recently implemented “weighted voting” — a situation where non-white members’ votes count for more than their white colleagues.

These events are unprecedented. They deliver tangible evidence of preferential treatment based on racial identity. Yet, one could argue a bigger problem exists in the fact that this is wholly acceptable within contemporary Canada.

Thus emerges a post-modern dynamic– societal acceptance of racial prejudice. Only this time, the targets are caucasians. The potential for its expansion is boundless.

Away from the media spotlight, Critical Race Theory has been creeping into  Canada’s public school system. It’s ideology is virulently anti-caucasian.

Media say nothing of the sort. In fact, when contemplating presentation of the press, we note another growing phenomenon: what is omitted is more relevant than what is published.

Can it be that media silence has more to say about Canada’s future than all the mainstream op-ed pieces combined? In no manner are CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail accurately depicting a social transition being ushered in through Woke Liberalism.

In no manner do National Post, Global News or Toronto Star offer an inkling of what the future holds for “Old Stock” Canadians. Not a word is spoken of our eventual minority status. They refuse to articulate the realities of wokism and its punitive agenda for Anglophones.

History tells us of the danger in this dynamic. The fine art of silence existed concurrently with the great social tragedies of 20th century history.

In terms of silence regarding Anglophones, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is king. Over six years as prime minister, he has not a single statement containing the term “Anglophone,” or “Anglophone-Canadian.”

Media and academia follow suit. While consistently trashing our communities as racist, never do they explicitly state who “we” are. As such, Anglophones have been transitioned to a silent majority. We exist–but no one ever mentions us.

What is to be the fate of these communities? Seeing as media refuse to speculate on the future of ethnic relations, CAP will take a guess:

It is an agenda of “payback.” The woke warriors are out for vengeance. On this basis, wouldn’t it be sweet if those nasty oppressors of Canada’s First Nations communities got a taste of their own medicine? Makes not a speck of difference that the present-day community is in no way responsible.

Let them become “Second Nations” Canada, and see how it feels. And why wouldn’t they accept their fate? For 50 years, our education system has been teaching them how awful they are. Critical Race Theory instructs their children to hang their heads in shame.

As a result, most powerful piece of artillery in the game has emerged: whites who agree with prejudice against their own communities.

Is “Second Nations” status in the cards for the Anglophone communities of Canada?

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