Could The Covid Virus Have Originated At A Lab In Winnipeg, Canada?

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Out of all scandals related to our Liberal government, Canadians should be marking the Wuhan-Winnipeg Science Lab Scandal as the most nefarious. The lack of this outcome speaks to the most profound political circumstance within contemporary Canada.

No matter how incriminating the evidence, PM Justin Trudeau is all-but guaranteed to win any future election. As maintained by a media “wall-of-silence,” Mr. Trudeau has graduated from the 23rd prime minister of Canada to our first pseudo-dictator in national history.

No greater cone of silence exists at present than what Cultural Action Party refer to as the “Wuhan-Winnipeg Covid Scandal.”

In simple terms, this thing is a monster. Yet, after being fed through an obfuscation tube by mainstream media, the general public are not getting the point. If Canada was an authentic democracy, this situation would bring down our ruling government.

In early December, 2019,  Alberta Health Services became aware of reports coming out of China regarding a strange flu. By mid-December, AHS began doubling orders of personal protective equipment(PPE). In late December, they placed an order for a half a million N95 Covid masks. 

On December 31, 2019 the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission in China reported a cluster of cases of “pneumonia” in WuhanHubei Province. The novel coronavirus was thereafter identified as the culprit.

Five months previous to this– in July, 2019–  CBC News confirmed that a Chinese citizen had been fired from working at a science lab in Winnipeg, Canada. The firing took place in March, 2019.  An RCMP investigation followed to determine the circumstances related to exporting the pathogens to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and her students from China were removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab over what’s described as a possible “policy breach.” Since this time, the two Chinese scientists have “disappeared.”

Liberal Government Cover-Up Of Reason For Firings

The degree of vigilance from the Trudeau government in withholding reasons for the firings is nothing short of shocking. Yet, as a result of media spin, the general public are not in tune to the extremity of the situation. Let’s take a look at cover-up attempt:

After nearly two years of denial subsequent to the pandemic outbreak, the Covid “lab leak” theory began to gain traction, implying that the virus originated in a Wuhan research lab.After gaining office, U.S. President Joe Biden  launched a new investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

In a statement from the White House, Biden said the “U.S. Intelligence Community has agreed on two likely scenarios — human contact with an infected animal, or a laboratory accident.”

This past week, the president of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was brought to the House of Commons and admonished for “failing to turn over unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists at Canada’s highest security lab.”

“In an extraordinarily rare procedural move, PHAC president Iain Stewart was escorted to the bar in the House of Commons chamber where he was reprimanded by House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota.” 

How have the Liberals responded to a move by the opposition which had not been invoked in a nearly 100 years?  The Trudeau government launched a lawsuit against House Speaker Anthony Rota, asking a court to block his order for production of the documents.

Guess which party MP Anthony Rota belongs to? That would be the Liberal Party of Canada. Justin Trudeau is now suing one of his own MP’s in order to prevent the truth from being exposed.

This is how much the Liberals do not want the details exposed to the public. It is on record that scientists in Winnipeg shipped Ebola and Henipah pathogens to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in March, 2019. 

But not Covid pathogens? Considering government vigilance to repress the truth, can it be that a cover-up exists to bury the fact that the source of the pandemic is Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg?

CAP cannot confirm such a thing. Yet, we can piece together incriminating circumstances pointing to collusion between Canada and China regarding worldwide dissemination of a killer virus.

7 thoughts on “Could The Covid Virus Have Originated At A Lab In Winnipeg, Canada?”

  1. Awesome Brad
    You have hit the nail on the head. This for awhile now I have linked Us, Fauci, Gates, Wuhan, and Canada to this whole Covid to the lab. Right from day one I new it was a lie. Now lets take this a little further.

    You also have the murders of Honey and Barry Sherman 3 years ago which is not solved has Police involvement looking more because of fund raising or is it because Apotex produced Hydrochloride (sp) the drug treatment that works against Covid.

    Now the whole vaccine is if you do not have a successful treatment can you go ahead with an emergency use of the vaccine. So cover up the treatment. Trudeau gets rid of them because the fundraising issues would have made it impossible to become PM and also plenty of supply for Canadians and the world to fight Covid with the Hydrochloride.

    Then you have the firing of the China’s scientist in Winnipeg, Trudeau not allowing the papers to come out. It all adds up pretty clear the 3 way circus to kill people.
    This came from a lab, the bio weapon is the vaccine. I can not believe Canadians are not asking why is there so many side affects and deaths around the world directly associated with the jab, yet any story in Canada is wiped out by the end of the day. Canadians do need to wake up.

    Quite frankly I cannot see how any women would vote for Trudeau the so called feminist, he has done nothing regarding sexual misconduct in the military, the police, treatment of 2 women MP’s, standing by Barret after she was racists and hateful to a fellow woman.

    I cannot believe anyone would vote for him. He lies, cheats, is not transparent, is not feminst, has an incompetent Government. Trudeau is the national security risk to all Canadians. He needs to be removed from office along with a whole bunch of others.

  2. I suspected this a year ago, when the Chinese research spies and their staff were fired for treason. Trudeau thinks we have short memories, but those spies sent samples and data back to Wuhan and were escorted out of the building.

    Trudeau and CSIS claim they don’t know where those spies went, which is blatant Liberal bullshit lies. Why were they not deported? Are they working at some Liberal facility?

  3. Stories such as this, are why the IiberaIs created C-10.

    You can be sure that you are on a watch Iist now. Trudeau doesn’t Iike to be criticized.

  4. china spy chief defects to us,,brings terra bytes of info back in feb,,,has not been covered by mainstream yet


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