Could Jagmeet Singh’s NDP MERGE With Liberals To Preserve Trudeau’s Pseudo-Dictatorship?

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Within the spectrum of political journalism, dealing in hypotheticals is best described as a “slippery slope.” Yet, when considering the curious relationship between Jagmeet Singh’s NDP party, and that of the ruling Liberal government of Canada, an obvious synergy can be detected.

Last month, the NDP party all but saved Justin Trudeau’s minority government by supporting what was generally interpreted as a weak and flaccid throne speech. It is fair to say that a protective approach to the Liberal’s minority government emanates from Mr. Singh.

In typical fashion, mainstream Canadian media allude to this reality, yet hold back on what is hereby posited: the globalist-oriented NDP Party are propping up globalist Justin Trudeau for the purpose of,maintaining what Cultural Action Party of Canada consider a Liberal pseudo-dictatorship.

Regardless of pundit positioning, no one can argue that the federal NDP Party is in poor financial condition. 

The results of the 2019 federal election saw NDP seats in Parliament reduced from 44 to 24 in comparison to 2015 results.

Beyond the tangible, shared political ideology is a also a unifying factor. Fair to say Jagmeet Singh is a politician who maintains a thoroughly “globalist” perspective upon present-day society. Fair to say Justin Trudeau is the most globalist-oriented politician in the history of Canada.

What to do, Mr. Singh? A salient question arises: exactly how far Singh is willing to go to maintain our nation’s anti-nationalist, Third World-centric post-modern Canada?

Could the NDP actually merge with the Liberals previous to a federal election tentatively scheduled for October, 2023? CAP believe this to be entirely possible.

One reason for our thoughts is found in establishment media positioning—they never allude to this possibility. Understanding the way CBC, CTV and corporate media roll, it is what they do not speculate upon which often has the most profound impact upon current politics.

For Cultural Action Party Party of Canada— as opposed to CBC political positioning— the number one priority for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist Party is the maintenance of the quasi-dictatorship the Trudeau paid media to hide away from the people of Canada.

Taking this “alternate” theory a step further, this agenda is backed-up by foreign entities who assisted Mr. Trudeau in this post-modern mission. They are, in no particular order— the government of China, geo-political Islam, Sikh Nationalists, United Nations, as well as the open border ethos of billionaire banker/media mogul, George Soros.

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Let us ask a question never to be posited by Canadian media: does NDP leader Jagmeet Singh play a fundamental role in this nefarious agenda?

CAP believe he does. Therefore, it is feasible that the same pre-meditated element of the globalist agenda also applies to Singh and the NDP Party.

In other words, when Trudeau’s Liberal minority finds itself on shaky ground— which of late has occurred on multiple occasions— is Jagmeet Singh functioning as a calculated “ace-in-the-hole” to keep the Liberal dictatorship bid in tact?

A darn good question— therefore, one which will never flow from the pens of CBC, or any mainstream media outlet.

At present, a significant factor can be found in the We Charity Scandal currently dogging Justin, Sophie, Margaret and Alexandre Trudeau. In terms of of Liberal government support, the Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois and Green Party cannot be counted on to prop up the Liberal minority government. Therefore, it is down to the NDP and their 24 seats in Parliament to continue the status quo of Trudeau’s quasi-dictatorship.

Jagmeet Singh’s NDP has thus far bailed out the Liberals. Will this repeat itself ad infinitum? It is feasible that they continue to do until the date of the official federal election in October, 2023? To CAP’s way of thinking, the dynamic is fully aligned with the preservation of a Trudeau Dictatorship.

If and when another confidence motion does occur, will Jagmeet Singh once again prop up the Trudeau minority government? If the Liberals survive until October 2023, the Liberal-Globalist stronghold within the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) will ensure “Comrade” Justin Trudeau maintains his globalist grip on Canada for three consecutive four-year terms.

Justin Trudeau as dictator-for life? Jagmeet Singh as non-elected Deputy Prime Minister? One thing appears certain— if the Liberals and NDP ever merge into one party, Canadians can kiss democracy goodbye. Such a party would never be defeated—at least not until an election in 2088.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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