Could A Potential Liberal, NDP Coalition Bring An End To Democracy in Canada?

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As reported by mainstream media in Canada, the Liberal and NDP parties have been discussing ways in which they can keep the government running and avoid an election for the next couple of years.

Because the ruling Liberal government did not capture a majority in the past two elections, it needs support from either the Conservatives, NDP or Bloc Québécois to keep it from falling on a confidence vote.

Interesting to note the method of presentation. No matter how ground-breaking, media take the edge off the development by insinuating the event is nothing out of the ordinary– thereby negating the “shock factor” of what is presented.

Don’t worry–it’s happened before”  is the general vibe. What they omit is basic in nature: nothing within the world of post-2015 federal politics in Canada has happened before. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s  post-modern society declaration being the first clue that a new political epoch is upon us.
 As far as an inter-party agreement, Liberal MP Terry Beech is quoted as saying “I wouldn’t be opposed to a deal.” Of course he wouldn’t be opposed. To stand in opposition will jeopardize an MP’s good standing with the PMO. Like any objector, Beech must tow the party line or risk the sting of being ostracized within the  party.
 “Despite Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole calling a possible deal a coalition,the parties talked about a confidence-and-supply arrangement,” says an article from iPolitics published this week.  The truth is, Mr. O’Toole can call it anything he wants, and it won’t make a speck of difference. If Trudeau and NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh want this, it will happen.

Cultural Action Party has spoken ad nauseum regarding the incremental nature of political strategy. It is best to “massage” the public into acceptance of political transformation. With this in mind, we wonder if this is simply step one of a larger agenda.

In what has become a recurring scenario, CAP make a future prediction, and our detractors laugh in our face. As it occured when we mentioned the idea of a Liberal-NDP Party merger several years back.

If the Liberal Party agenda is as we believe, and the goal is to rule Canada in perpetuity, a merger makes good sense. Consider the ramifications. If you were a person hell-bent upon transitioning Canada to post-modern globalist state, a merger would be a bang-up idea.

See Jagmeet Singh becomes Deputy prime minister. On this basis, the number one and two globalist power-players in Canada are in full control of society. A coalition– or an actual merger– effectively wipes out any and all competition.

On this basis, would Jagmeet Singh not be in a position to become prime minister? Would this not be a catalyst for media to go ballistic as a turban-wearing Sikh becomes prime minister of Canada?

It is possible we are getting ahead of ourselves– our messaging being pure speculation. Such a thing may never occur. Yet, all things being equal, there is nothing to say the scenario is not a possibility.

Our tale of woe remains devoid of a major factor of political progression: the wants and desires of the general public– aka the voters. Call CAP skeptical, but we are not so sure this element matters anymore. What we see is a media charade intended to create the impression that democracy still serves as a political foundation.

In an authentic democracy, the public would determine outcome. But is this the present state-of-society? CAP is not so sure. Canada has changed dramatically– in particular during the six years of the reign of Justin Trudeau. Perhaps Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness can provide the necessary metaphor:

In the beginning, the crew controlled their boat as it motors down the river. Yet, over time, it began to feel as if the river was actually drawing the boat upstream while the crew had no control over its final destination.

Could this be the condition Canada finds itself in at present?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

2 thoughts on “Could A Potential Liberal, NDP Coalition Bring An End To Democracy in Canada?”

  1. “Potential” ? I thought they were already “Bring An End To Democracy in Canada”.

    Butts and Master Soros are laughing. Jagmeet Singh is such a cheap date, he gets the political equivalent of a ‘Happy Meal’ and Butts gets everything he wants. Pony gets his ‘Scooby Snacks’ and the morons get to admire his hair and socks… oh and Canadians, all Canadians get screwed (for lack of a better term).

  2. Allow it to fall.According to the U.S. military appointed Queen of Canada this past election was to Cease and Desist Order.

    I am am sure of the ramifications but it simply appears HER ORDER WAS IGNORED as to the current governance, so she has no standing.

    Okay, that is an issue between these to parties of being ignored by the Liberal” in particular, life goes on.

    The reason I mad this comment was that now Canadians are confused. Was she of legal authority and could she bring down this government as a result of her order challenge?


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