Corruption, Racism Accusations: Trudeau Gives $100 Million To Islamic Non-Profit

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When initially restoring funding to UNRWA, then-minister of International Development, Liberal MP Marie-Claude Bibeau, made special mention of the fact that part of Canada’s funding would be allocated to “social media training.”  What was needed was not training but for someone to hold Krähenbühl, and UNRWA generally, accountable. 

Among their ongoing and flagrant abuses is encouragement of anti-Semitic incitement on social and other media accounts of UNRWA staff, who moonlight as Hamas supporters. Bibeau and her cabinet colleagues were clearly well aware of UNRWA’s inappropriate conduct and chose to overlook it. Since November 2016, this country has donated more than $100 MILLION.

Stop the press. Has Justin Trudeau not spent his entire tenure speaking out against racism in Canada?

“There are very significant concerns among governments of ALL political stripes with chronic and well-documented UNRWA ethical and financial abuses.” 

The Trudeau government has chosen to ignore these widespread concerns. And the only fathomable explanation is that the current leadership in Ottawa so covets a rotating seat on the UN Security Council that it will do ANYTHING to secure it, including throwing money at a corrupt organization committed to promoting racism, and colluding with Hamas. 

It is more than fair to state that the Liberals are a ubiquitously pro-Islamic government. Unfortunately, establishment media in Canada have  never posited this reality to Canadians. They hold back because they are paid NOT to reveal the under-belly of government behaviour. If they tow this line, Mr. Trudeau stands a greater chance of being re-elected–therefore they do as told, no-questions-asked.

Now that Trudeau has completed his task of trans-forming media into a government puppet in line with political dynamics in China and Cuba, government can continue on to their ultimate goal: entrenching Comrade Justin as Canadian “dictator-for-life.”

How is such a thing accomplished within a so-called “democratic” society?

— Win in 2015

— Import 1.5 Million Third World Voters during his initial four-year term.

— Win the 2019 election based upon the Third World/Sikh/Islamic vote.

–Import ANOTHER 1.5 Million Third World Voters during his second four-year term.

— Repeat ad nauseum.

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Result? King Justin is established as an ersatz dictator. Islam supersedes the Christian faith as the dominant religion in Canada. “Islamophobia” becomes OUT-LAWED, with the globalists owning whatever constitutes racism in their subjective opinion.

— In time, Anglophones and Christians TRANS-istion to a minority community LACKING minority rights accorded to Third World communities. Continue branding Anglos bigots and xenophobes ad infinitum.

Result? Canada is turned inside-out, and upside-down. The Anglophone descendants of the founders of freedom and democracy are transferred to a maligned, minority community, and the great globalist taker-over of Canada is complete.

If Justin Trudeau remains prime minister indefinitely, this is surely the fate for the largest identifiable community in Canada. Non-profit multicultural organizations utilizing Canadian tax-dollars(Pierre Trudeau creation) will succeed in positioning themselves as a dominant social force in Canada. Justin supports 100%.

This is where Anglophone communities are headed for as long as King Justin remains prime minister. The fact that MILLIONS of Anglophones will vote for the cretin only serves to confirm the success of the Liberal-Trudeau- Globalist agenda of cultural decimation.







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