Convicted Islamic Terrorist Released From Canadian Jail After FOUR Months

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A Toronto man convicted of travelling to Turkey to join the Islamic State has been released from prison four months after he was sentenced, an official said Wednesday.

Pamir Hakimzadah was charged with terrorism in April 2017 following what the RCMP called an “extensive” national security investigation. He pleaded guilty in February 2019.

The 30-year-old, who allegedly told a witness that “all non-Muslims should be killed,” must now serve three years on probation, during which time he must participate in de-radicalization.

Asked why Hakimzadah had been released after serving two-thirds of his sentence, Morrison said, “It is not appropriate for the ministry to address details of an individual’s time in custody.”

“Prior to his departure, Pamir had exhibited increasingly radical Islamic beliefs. He spoke either in favour or in defence of ISIS.  Turkish authorities arrested Hakimzadah after he told a taxi driver he was going to Syria, and deported him back to Canada.

According to allegations at his bail hearing, after returning to Toronto, he told his family he would try to travel to Syria again and that he would be “fulfilling the wishes of God to kill non-Muslims.”

Such a sweet young man. And certainly worthy of leniency from Canadian courts–right? Well, not quite–this guy sounds like a serious, dedicated militant Islamic religious supremacist. He was originally sentenced to 4-plus years in the slammer. Then, after four months of good behaviour, our Liberal-infused judicial system sets him free.

CAP Question Of The Day: For what reason would the ISIS supporter promote radical, jihadist ideas while in jail? Would this not detract from his reputation, and invite a longer jail sentence than if he kept his moth shut?

Of course it would–but in no way does this confirm the fellow has dropped his militant supremacist belief-system. Based upon the veracity of his dedication, it logically appears that four months is not enough to cure him of ANY fundamentalist belief system. It is wishing thinking to believe otherwise.

Yet, a highly schooled, highly educated and erudite judge pulls the jail plug at a mere four months. Why is it that Canadian courts are  so darn lenient toward militant Islamic types? Difficult to pinpoint exactly why– yet we do know one thing for certain

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Justin Trudeau’s Canada is an Islamic Canada. There can be no doubt in a sensible Canadians mind. For four years in office Trudeau has pushed the Islamic ticket, advanced fundamentalist within government, provided billions to despotic Middle Eastern governments, and re-instated citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists.

Additionally, he approved M103, Pakistani citizen MP Iqra Khalid’s “Islamophobia” motion. Justin has turned a blind eye to Sharia Law and female genital mutilation. He has never uttered a SINGLE WORD critical of any aspect of archaic religious philosophy and practice. Trudeau pushes “no term limit” abortion, and “no age restriction” transgenderism.

Then, he informs Canadians he is a “practicing” Catholic. Please. If this guy is such, then Osama Bin Laden would have made an excellent chef at a restaurant specializing in pulled-pork sandwiches. Simply put–Justin Trudeau is a fraud.

“At the sentencing, the judge said Hakimzadah had taken responsibility for his actions, had not continued to voice violent extremist views and had been “a positive role model.”

Yes, for four whole months. What a shrewd judge of character this judge is. Yes, the terrorist reminds CAP of a reincarnation of Peter Pan. But this is Justin Trudeau-land, a mythical utopia where ISIS killers re-habilitation is as simple as apple pie.

Who voted for Canada to function as a saviour-nation for radical Islam? No one–save Trudeau-appointed Deputy of Foreign Affairs, half-citizen Saudi Arabian, MP Omar Alghabra. When running for office, did voters show concern when Mr. Trudeau announced that the Nation of Islam was to be in his top 5 of national priorities?

No, they did not–because our PM neglected to inform voters this was to be the case. Justin Trudeau just went ahead and did it–just as his father forced multiculturalism upon Canadian society. No vote, no public approval– NO DEMOCRACY.

This is the Trudeau Dynasty-style of governance. TALK about democracy, preach democratic process– but never actually adhere to democratic fundamentals such as the will of the majority– a fundamental component of traditional Liberal philosophy.

Like his father, Justin has no interest in public thought or opinion. For father and son, the public are little more than problem–unless they are buying their pseudo-democratic agenda  hook, line and sinker.

Who would have thought? In just four years, Trudeau & Co. have successfully burned down traditional Canada, integrated Islam into society, and elevated Sikhs, Homosexuals and the Transgendered  to the top of our social food chain.

And to think not a single Canadian asked for, approved of, or voted for this globalist agenda–Justin simply went ahead and did it regardless. What a “chip off the old block,”eh?

Then,CBC produced a one-hour television piece on the entire agenda–NOT.





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  1. Justin Trudeau and Jerry Butts have committed TREASON on many fronts and should be tried and imcarcerated. The political interference in our justice system is running rampant and it is obvious that the Liberal judges are getting much advice from the PMO. SNC scandal is one where Trudeau got caught. Corruption, greed, dictatorship is everywhere and all leading to world government Soros style. If the millennials and immigrants get the Liberals elected this country as a model democracy is finished.


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