Convicted Canadian Bomb Plot Terrorist Shareef Abdelhaleem Granted Parole

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A key architect of the spectacular Toronto 18 terrorism plot to detonate huge truck bombs in Toronto in 2006 has been granted day parole.

Shareef Abdelhaleem, 45, was granted six months of day parole to study in Montreal. I’m just so thankful,” Shareef Abdelhaleem told the decision by the Parole Board of Canada.

The Toronto 18 terror plot arrests were a shock for Canadians– just not shocking enough for the convicted one to be denied the privilege to attend college in Montreal.

“There were 18 people originally arrested in sweeping national security raids in June 2006, accused of wide-ranging plans to detonate powerful truck bombs at key financial, military and intelligence targets; there were plans to storm Parliament the CBC, take hostages and behead the prime minister.”

Let readers be the judge: is this Middle Eastern immigrant worthy of such leniency? He certainly is by way of the Canadian legal system. According to sickly leftist media outlet the Chronicle-Herald in Nova Scotia, convicted terrorist Shareef Abdelhaleem stated the following during his trial:

“It seemed like a very fast way to bring about change. It seemed like the right thing to do.”

Very nice. After which uber-Liberal Chronicle Herald respond with: “Abdelhaleem has had a difficult time in prison.”

What are Canadian media looking for here? For 38 Million citizens of our nation to cry this terrorist a river? What is it about Canadian media that they promote collective empathy for such a character?

This is far from the only example. As informed Canadians are aware, media have taken the sting out of a plethora of criminal charges directed toward immigrants and refugees arriving on Canadian soil.

— In 2017,  a Syrian refugee was charged in the murder of 12-year old Marrisa Shen of Vancouver, B.C. To this day, media have never reported on the outcome of the trial–if indeed there ever has been one.

In 2018,  Syrian refugee Faisal Hussain killed two teenage girls and wounded thirteen using a Smith & Wesson M&P handgun.

Subsequent coverage from establishment media stated that despite evidence to the contrary, Faisal Hussain had no connections with organized Islamic terror.

— In 2020, Deng Mabiour was charged with first-degree murder in the summer slaying of Dr. Walter Reynolds in Red Deer, Alberta. Mabiour is a refugee from the African nation of Sudan.

“One witness told media that she was in the waiting room when she heard cries for help and saw a man with a hammer and a machete.”

Outcome of his trial? No one knows–because media have never reported on it. How odd-ball all this is.

Or is it? As it turns, out government have a special place in their hearts for criminal cases involving refugees to Canada. Here’s an interesting side-bar: every level of government– from city councils in Red Deer to the federal government in Ottawa— maintain a uniform approach to these cases.

Naturally, CAP got mighty curious about this. So much so we spoke to a Red Deer City Councillor about the cover-ups. Their response was “our hands our tied.”

By whom? No comment from the councillor on this query, so CAP will go with our gut feeling: all levels of government maintain a sympathetic attitude to refugee killers because the United Nations and related globalist powers say so.

Parole for the bomb plotters, court leniency for accused murderers, media obfuscation for the outcomes of related trials. In the meantime, according to government and media, the true terrorists are Trucker Convoy protestors in Ottawa.

All this leaves common sense Canadians wondering exactly whose side our nation’s controlling institutions are on.

7 thoughts on “Convicted Canadian Bomb Plot Terrorist Shareef Abdelhaleem Granted Parole”

  1. He’s had a very hard time in prison. Poor muffin. Imagine how the families of the people he would have killed or harmed with his bombs would have felt.

  2. The Canadian gubernment just has a sense of humor where one has to have a very finely developed and broad acquired taste … to hope to understand the joke …

    But the joke is on !!!

  3. I knew I should have become a terrorist, in the states you go to jail, in Canada our prime minister sets you free no questions asked, and by the way heres 10 million of Canadian tax payer dollars to make sure you can get by or with all that money start a new plot.

  4. How many of his accomplices are still in Jail? Any??

    The Left Wing Liberal Loons in Canada, now coupled with the NDP, seem bent on destroying the principles that formed and made Canada great. Boot them out along with the Left Wing Media & Trudeau’s handlers, the WEF.


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