Conservatives stop short of ruling out ban on niqabs for public servants

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Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre did not rule out the possibility of a re-elected Tory government pursuing a ban on face coverings for public servants during a Thursday morning press conference in Ottawa.

Poilievre, who is the lead minister for the national capital region and running for re-election in the Ontario riding of Carleton, met with media to discuss an open letter from Conservative Leader Stephen Harper to the country’s public servants that outlined the government’s commitment to resolving a number of ongoing collective bargaining issues.



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1 thought on “Conservatives stop short of ruling out ban on niqabs for public servants”

  1. For the masses of Canadian citizens intimidated by political correctness this will come as long
    awaited and welcome news. Canadians are well aware that they have a culture and have had one for
    centuries. Of the last 147 years of Canadian history only 27 have been dominated by the questionable
    government generated policy of multiculturalism. Now, with growing multitudes realizing the questionable
    nature of the non culture we have been forced to accept, is it any wonder that public opinion is going
    against the niqab? Multiculturalism is not a culture. It is a form of socially engineered conditioning, in its
    purest sense a form of government imposed conditioning. Glad to see Poilievre did not rule it out.


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