Conservative Party Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Rigging The Next Federal Election: Media Report

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According to Canadian News Service Thinkpol, a fundraising page on the official Conservative Party website claims that Justin Trudeau is rigging the next election in his favour.”

Canadian Media Outlet Narcity has joined the chorus with the following statement:

Trudeau is limiting what his opponents can do, while refusing to apply those same restriction on himself,” said the now-deleted post, which was captured by Wayback Machine.”

The commentary didn’t last long on the Conservative Party website, however the intention is very much worth noting. A growing sentiment amongst Canadians– not only “conspiracy theory” thinkers– is that the recent election down south was very much “biased” toward Joe Biden and his Democratic party.

Much of the consternation is rooted in the Dominion Voting Systems. A recent law-suit in the USA elucidates the situation:

Dominion Voting Systems on Friday[January 8th, 2020] filed a defamation lawsuit against attorney Sidney Powell for what they say is her role in orchestrating a “demonstrably false” conspiracy theory about the Colorado-based voting machine company rigging the 2020 presidential election.”

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In the statement, the Conservatives claimed that “Trudeau’s party introduced new election laws that would halt opposition parties’ spending and mobility during the pre-election period.”

If you’re the Liberals or a foreign entity though, it’s no problem.”

What the Conservatives may be driving at is a political dynamic which Cultural Action Party has pointed out on myriad occasions:

Once  Justin Trudeau became Canadian prime minister, federal elections in Canada transitioned to the following format:

The Conservative Party of Canada, versus:

The Liberals, Media, Canadian Academia, United Nations, China, Middle Eastern Governments, the LGBT industry, the Punjab, George Soros’ “Open Border Foundation”, and International Banking.

Talk about a veritable “David and Goliath” scenario. These are some of reasons why CAP believe that  Canada is today a nation devoid of true democracy. If CBC and corporate media were not burying the phenomenon, the majority of Canadian citizens would understand this in clear terms.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).


3 thoughts on “Conservative Party Accuses Justin Trudeau Of Rigging The Next Federal Election: Media Report”

  1. In my opinion the lieberals have rigged the last 2 elections here in Canada by using foreign capital (illegal in Federal elections), media and seeding Eastern ridings, giving voting rights to immigrants without following proper immigration and citizenship procedures. If I am wrong then I’m sorry.

  2. Conspiracy theories are no longer theories when there is so much evidence to the contrary, time people sought the real truth about many matters, the information from credible sources is out there if one takes the time to research.

  3. The last elections were rigged. How else can you explain Mad Max Bernier 100% obliterated. Rigging the next elections won’t be a surprise.


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