Conservative MP’s Sue Canadian City Councillor For White Supremacist Smear

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Six days after a deadly attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, Keenan Aylwin took to Facebook to express outrage at what he described as the failure of two Conservative federal MPs to denounce white supremacy in Canada.

It was the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Aylwin, a first-term city councillor from Barrie, Ontario, wrote about his outrage at federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s participation at a rally in Ottawa that included people with some extreme anti-immigrant and racist views, including white nationalist Faith Goldy and members of the far-right Yellow Vest Canada movement, as well as supporters of pipelines.

Aylwin took issue with Scheer’s failure to denounce the extreme elements at the rally, and questioned the silence of two Barrie-area MPs, and Alex Nuttall, on the matter.

Said Aylwin: “There are people in positions of power that are using racist and white supremacist rhetoric for political gain across the world and right here in Canada. We have to make the connection between this rhetoric and the violence that is perpetrated against Muslims and other vulnerable communities here in Canada and abroad.” 

Okay, let us protect Canada’s “vulnerable” communities. In the opinion of Cultural Action Party of Canada, the most vulnerable community at present is the Anglophone-Canadian community, as well as our Christian Canadian communities.

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These are the top targets being attacked for who they are within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. Third World Immigration combined with enforced multiculturalism is steadily trans-forming these folks into the vilified and marginalized peoples of Canada.

Yet, all the city councillor snowflake can think of when contemplating the topic is poor, poor Islam, and other Third World citizens, migrants and refugees. How TYPICAL.

CAP have written on the topic of snowflake self-hatred on many occasions. We attribute the phenomenon to a pre-conceived agenda perpetrated by a “three headed hydra” of cultural decimation: Government, Media and Academia.

Canadian-born  journalists and  lawyers generally have graduated from McGill, U of T, Ryerson, York et al. Simply put, this is where they learn to hate their country, its history and heritage. Lawyers and journalists have a profound influence upon society. Adopting the position of “all other nations on earth are more important than Canada”– a favourite belief of the Trudeau political  dynasty— these Canadians proceed to trample on national identity while elevating social forces such as Sikhism, Islam and Transgenderism to the top of the heap.

Now, a snowflake city councillor is getting hit up with a defamation of character law suit. Perhaps this will SHUT HIM UP. Even better, would be for the MP’s to win the case, thereby setting a LEGAL PRECEDENT that informs sanctimonious social justice warriors that some powerful people will no longer put up with white supremacist smears.

Do heterosexuals, Christians, nationalist and patriots NOT have to be cognizant of everything they say in public regarding race, ethnicity and religion?  Why then should some chump of city councillor be free to rant and rave about so-called “white supremacy? Why should Keenan Aylwin be able to get away with slander and racist accusations?

The answer, of course, lies on the HYPOCRISY of the Liberal-Globalist movement in Canada. Perhaps the population of  Snowflake City will now TAKE HEED. As with racism, defamation of character is a two-way street. Despite the liberal-left’s attempt to hijack and control the entire narrative, perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel exists for Canadians who still value freedom and democracy in Canada. Obviously, Mr. Aylwin isn’t one of them. As it happens, neither is Justin Trudeau.



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