Conservative MP In Canada Labels Justin Trudeau A Dictator

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Rachel Thomas, Conservative MP for Lethbridge, Alberta has borrowed a page from the playbook of members in the European Parliament. Last week, a half-dozen MEP’s in Brussels called out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, branding his methods dictatorial.

Straight away, Canadian media went to work. Step One: take the sting out of the accusations. No references to dictator-status to be included in article headlines. One has to click, then scroll halfway down the page to get to the good part:

To you[Justin Trudeau], these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it’s a dictatorship of the worst kind.”

Step Two: all those who advance this attitude are racists. Just ask premier woke warrior, Max Fawcett of the National Observer. His observations exemplify the Liberal Snowflake ethos: if it’s anti-Trudeau, it reeks of bigotry and racism.

Conservative MP Rachael Thomas surprised many in the House of Commons this week with a verbal attack on the prime minister. “Dictator,” said Thomas.  “According to the Oxford Dictionary, a dictator is a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.”

“There are many Canadians who hold the view that this does apply to Mr. Trudeau, stated MP Thomas.

Indeed there are– and Justin Trudeau knows how to deal with them: brand every last one of them a racist. That legacy media agree should come as no surprise– Mr. Trudeau is paying them to do so.

“After calling the prime minister a dictator, Thomas went on to say it will be left up to Canadians to decide in the next federal election.”

Arriving at what is best described as an oxymoron. How can a dictator be placed into office– or removed from office– based on the public vote? This, in turn, calls for a more refined interpretation of Trudeau’s political status.

Our prime minister is more accurately described as a pseudo-dictator. The man is the real thing, but our political process has yet to catch up to his status. This will come in time. Cultural Action Party claim that every move made by Trudeau and the Liberals is a step toward this inevitability.

What we have at present is a grand illusion. The general public believe Canada to be a democracy, and media tow the line accordingly. What is lost in translation is rooted in an aspect of society media do not touch will an 88-foot pole:

The manner in which current politics fit into an historical trajectory of transition from democratic rule to “soft dictatorship.” The void in historical context provides woke liberal media with an ability to scoff at suggestions that Justin Trudeau is a post-modern dictator. 

The National Post were first out-of-the-gate with their negation of MP Thomas’ opinions: “If Trudeau’s A Dictator He’s Not A Very Good One” goes the mainstream media refrain.

They miss the point– intentionally. Justin Trudeau is not a “good” dictator. The path to dictatorial power is a process. A look at the history of totalitarianism validates the concept. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were fascist European dictatorships of the 20th century.

Anyone else notice how Canadian media never speculate on the future of our country? Andrew Coyne, John Ivison, Chris Selley, John Ibbitson. Not a word of speculation on the future state of society flows from their pens. What does this accomplish other than to indemnify PM Trudeau’s political agenda from scrutiny?

So our PM is not a dictator– yet. But he is a dictator-in-the-making. Which makes Canada a dictatorship-in-the-making. Apply this train of thought to MP Rachel Thomas’ accusations, and suddenly she is making good sense.

Moments before Ms. Thomas’ statement, Saskatoon-Ouest MP Brad Redekopp blasted Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act:

“To call in police forces to crush peaceful protesters, under the jackboot of the prime minister’s basic dictatorship,” said MP Redekopp.

Holy Crow– that’s two for Canada, six for the European Parliament. Call in the media snowflake brigade. Easy enough to brand politicians from Croatia, Romania and Germany racist and white supremacists. It’s a bit different when slandering Canadian MP’s in this manner.

Leaving legacy media with two options: ignore what has occured, or tear Rachel Thomas and Brad Redekopp to shreds, branding their hides bigoted and racist.

What other choice is there? To agree with MP Thomas is 100% out of the question. It’ll be a cold day in Hades when CBC and the rest breach the agreement struck with the Trudeau government.

MP Rachel Thomas has verbalized a gut-feeling shared by millions of Canadians. To remedy the fact, media are being paid to obscure Canada’s transition away from democratic rule. Fair to say that government don’t throw billions of dollars at an illusion.

Is it possible MP Thomas has woken up to an idea which needs to be understood by all Canadians?

26 thoughts on “Conservative MP In Canada Labels Justin Trudeau A Dictator”

  1. If I left the comment about Trudeau that I would like too leave here ,I’d be banned from Facebook and it wouldn’t get printed . Let’s just say he’s a dicktator and leave it at that !

  2. There are many Canadians, me among them, who have ben voicing this for years as the federal government squashed the news broadcasters by buying them off. If I pay your salary you say and write the scrip you are presented with by the federal government the press is told and they bow down in supplication. I hope more of our representatives speak up.

    Pierre-Poilievre for Prime-Minister !

    • YES! By Sept we hopefully know where the candidates stand and we can vote intelligently. We can begin to see the divisions in the party by so many running for leadership. O’Tool was really a liability but guess we needed this to bring out some of the strategies of the parties’ illlegal and underhanded tactics into the open eg. CBC lying of not reporting facts and paid to do so. This is just one example of how money and acceptance by others rules our decisions to take action or not. The medical system is corrupt, as in College of Physician and Surgeons in each providence down to our doctors. Who do we trust not to take bribes in the system? Am I judging them, yes. Would I take the same action, probably. These are very hard actions to resist especially if my survival depends on them.
      Do have a power greater than myself to protect me and my decisions or am I on my own?

  4. Millions of Canadians are waking up, as this man has truly taken our country down a dark path. Anyone, who is going about their business in an honorable way, and tells no lies, has to buy support, and try to shut down any negatives spoke about him, unless he is trying to hide things. He is a narcissistic dictator, and he is ruining our democracy. He needs to be stopped.

  5. Of course he is a “dictator in the making.” Part of the trouble people have with this, is that most cannot see the really dark side of Justin. They can’t believe that anyone could actually do the things we see him doing. We had better wake up soon.

  6. We need more and more Canadians being vocal on what is happening to our once great country that is slowly being stripped of all that Canada stood for..our Freedoms

  7. We do not have a leader in Trudeau, he is a disgrace to our country. We have a 44 year old daughter who did what he asked and now is vax injured and she is still waiting for government help. The spike protein attacked her brain. She is a single mother of three teenage children and can no longer support them.No one to help her. What happened to the money Trudeau put aside for the vax injured. He does nothing but lie.

  8. Where you been for last 2 years ? Going along to get along . Did you and the other conservatives stand when our charter rights were ignored? See many pc still wearing masks hypocrites

    • MgcTrudeau, you have become a dictator. Canadas do not agree with your ideas and rules. You say Canadian agree because you got voted in. Nothing but lies from you sick mind.

  9. Yes other leaders of the world protect Canadian more so then Trudeau. I hope the Consveratives can persue the liberal/NDP with a heart and nerve go against trudeau and the NDP and cross the floor. Quit worring about someone who is threaten you and do the right thing for Canada and the Canadian.

  10. As of April 1, Trudeau’s estimated salary will be $379,404, a $21,604 pay increase. Simultaneously, Ministers will see their salaries rise by an additional $15,865, while backbenchers and senators will be receiving a $10,802 pay hike — more than enough to keep politicians comfortable as inflation skyrockets.

    Of course, the vast majority of Canadians are totally against this — but it will happen anyway.

    According to a Canadian Taxpayers Federation Leger poll, 79 per cent of Canadians (nearly 8-in-10) are opposed to MPs receiving a third pay raise since the pandemic started.

    Trudeau is a little dictator want to be.

  11. MP Rachel Thomas great comments!
    to all Canadians do you think we will ever be allowed by a dictator
    to have another federal election?

  12. Been saying that for years. Trudeau with the help of the Liberal elite are running this country as a Dictatorship. Liberals that don’t cater to them are either removed from cabinet or kicked out.

  13. thank you for speaking the truth – more people should do this. After all, we have a Canadian constitution that allows us freedom of speech, even though mad bully JT is trying to take that away! JUSTIN TRUDEAU IS A FULL BLOWN DICTATOR, SCUM BAG, WANTED FOR TREASON AND GENOCIDE – WORSE THAN HITLER BY FAR, TRAINED BY SCHWAB, INTO THE NWO, part of the cabal! Now he’s gone to bed with puppet Singh! to make it into another election- he cheats his way in! NO shame- just bully your way thro life, pay the media off to say what he want them to. no, you’ll never hear truth from MSM!

  14. Doug Ford is Conservative and wef. He just spent 269 million to rejig the auto industry for the liberal mandate to force everyone into electric vehicles by 2235. He threw a member of his caucus out for voicing an opinion that didn’t fit the covid narrative. His party has done nothing to stop him.


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