Conservative MP Asks U.S. Gov’t To Do What Trudeau Won’t Do

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Quebec Court of Appeal Justice Marie-Josee Hogue  has been selected by the Trudeau government to lead an inquiry expected to delve into alleged meddling in Canadian affairs by the government of China.

“An interim report is due by the end of February and a final report by the end of December 2024.”

December 2024, eh? By that time perhaps China will own Canada outright, but let’s not get caught up in any incidental details.

Conservative MP Michael Chong,  victim of Chinese government intimidation, is in Washington urging Capitol Hill lawmakers to work with their northern neighbour to battle foreign interference from Beijing.

The Conservative Party MP is wise to maintain a sense of diplomacy, while steering away from political partisanship. When Chong says “work with” Canada, he really means work with the Conservative Party and others to prevent Chinese interference in Canadian federal elections.

Sensing urgency in combination with lethargy displayed by PM Trudeau and the Liberals, Mr. Chong appears sincere in his desire to maintain democratic governance in Canada. As opposed to Mr. Trudeau, who chooses to maintain political power by any means possible, including sitting in silence while the government of China manipulate Canadian elections.

Conservative Chong, whose tale of Chinese meddling is a political headache for Canada’s Liberal government, told his tale to the Congressional-Executive Commission on China this week.

“Witnesses Tuesday included Yana Gorokhovskaia of the pro-democracy D.C. think tank Freedom House; Laura Harth, the campaign director for the human rights group Safeguard Defenders; and Uyghur activist Rushan Abbas.”

“The commission keeps close tabs on China’s intimidation tactics, as well as a running list of people who have vanished or been taken as political prisoners.”  

What do we have here? Can it be a tangible example of a government taking action to thwart China’s geo-political ambitions? If it is the case, then one can be certain the initiative did not come from the prime minister of Canada.

“Foreign interference is a serious national security threat to Canada. It threatens our economy, our long-term prosperity, social cohesion, our Parliament and our elections,” stated MP Chong at the hearing in Washington.

As opposed to Canada’s ruling Liberal government. In 2020, PM Trudeau approved a winning bid for Beijing-based Nuctech, a company controlled by China’s government,  to provide security software  for 170 Canadian embassies, consulates and high commissions worldwide.

Not a bone-head move from the Liberals? Who knows, perhaps it was a return favour. China helps to place Trudeau in office, the Liberals award fat security contracts to a state-controlled security company, providing Nuctech with access to private Canadian data, which Beijing then uses to its advantage.

What a wonderful world we have in Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. We stand witness as our federal government remain so docile on the interference issue that Canadian politicians must engage the government of the United States in an attempt to prevent the interference.

If this doesn’t qualify as the nadir of Justin Trudeau’s eight-year run as pseudo-dictator, what does? In fact, there are a number of contenders for the booby prize “most traitorous government” in Canadian political history.

SNC Lavalin. Aga Khan. Jody Wilson-Raybould. WE Charity. Emergencies Act.  Liberal-NDP Partnership Agreement. Blackface. Pierre Trudeau Foundation.

Potent they are, but none of them can match the absurdity that is the Liberal-Quebec-China political cabal. In order for action to occur to protect our nation’s democratic foundation, Canadian politicians must plead with the United States government for assistance.

For Cultural Action Party, it represents the lowest point in an eight-year history of political lows. Add to it New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh’s continuing prop-up of the PM, despite the desperation– or in spite of– the Opposition’s engagement with the American government regarding an undermining of democracy in Canada.

Then again, Trudeau and Singh share a number of “qualities,” particularly in the areas of social policy and political ideology. Both maintain a damaging animus toward fundamental elements of Canadian society.

The entire spectacle reeks of neo-communist infiltration of our country, a prediction CAP made during the first week of PM Trudeau’s reign as national leader.

Not that the Liberals are finished making a mess out of our country. With Jagmeet Singh locking in the Liberals until October 2025, combined with a delay of a Chinese election interference verdict till December 2024, the Liberals buy themselves time to weasel out of their sorry state of political affairs.

If CAP was a medical doctor, we would diagnose the Canadian body politic as infected with a deadly virus. No matter what goes down, the Liberals continue to cling to power.

Perhaps a future election, likely two years down the road, will rid Canada of political parasites. Then again, perhaps not.

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  1. Quebec Court of Appeal Justice 宋庆龄 Hogue; [act-alike of the fix-is-in “special rapporteur” David Johnston;] has been [promised a senate appointment] by the Trudeau government to [fake] an inquiry expected to [dismiss] alleged meddling in Canadian affairs by the government of China.” Good golly Miss Molly….Stop the presses.

    Here we go again. The fox appoints a kindred spirit to investigate wolf break-ins at the coop. In real life; wolves are natural enemies of the fox. The former will eat the latter.


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