Communism Rising: Immunization Of Canadian Children Declared MANDATORY By Government

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“A superintendent shall refuse school admission to a person who is school age and shall not permit a pupil to continue to attend school who, within the time period established by the Minister in a provincial policy, does not provide proof, or his or her parent does not provide proof, of immunization required under subsection 42.1(1) of the Public Health Act.”

How many astute Canadians will believe that British author George Orwell— visionary scribe who penned “1984” and “Animal Farm,” would be rolling over in his grave at this moment.

Strange how political history unfolds. In terms of countries of the world most vulnerable to “totalitarianism,” most students of history would conclude Canada is not one of them.

Yet, it appears they are erroneous in their conclusion. In the province of New Brunswick, Canada, government has issued a post-modern decree:

All elementary students within the province must receive government-endorsed “immunization” injections. 

Interesting to note: The official provincial government has omitted one critical element of the equation: Nowhere on the documentation can be found the word “Covid-19, or “Coronavirus.”

How fascinating. What this appears to mean is that a Canadian provincial government has the full right to inject the children of New Brunswick with a “vaccine” of which the actual injection contents are UNKNOWN.

Think this a benign development? CAP will guess that the Chronicle-Herald of Nova Scotia will fail to critique any aspect of what can be considered a “quasi-communist” political agenda.

Speaking of Atlantic Canada, the Mayor and City Council of Halifax, N.S., recently took the advice of some unknown entity, and began blasting Ramadan prayers directly to the general public over loudspeakers. Apparently, this is to last for a 30-day period.

When CAP confronted them, they did a most typical thing—they branded us “racists.” Oh well, life is hard.

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CAP Conjecture On Politics in Atlantic Canada:

Because Alberta, Saskatchewan, most of Manitoba and half of British Columbia despise PM Justin Trudeau, the Liberals are focusing on the Maritimes to fulfill their nefarious agenda.

As it happens, this writer was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Therefore CAP is familiar with the terrain.

From this, we deduce that government in Atlantic Canada are hopelessly naive. This is one reason why NS or NB are selected as communities to push these socialist-infused, U.S.S.R-style “experimentations” upon.

For CAP, there is a secondary possibility: the demography of said location. 

Caveat: Newcomers to CAP theory may find this a tad hard to take, so please be prepared.

True or False—this piece of experimentation has not thus far occurred in, for example, Brampton ON, or Richmond B.C. In contradistinction, New Brunswick may well lead Canada in terms of per-capita Old Stock Canadian populations.

Skill Testing Question Time: What is the singular Canadian province which has official English & French language status?

New Brunswick. Pourquoi? Because this province is almost entirely comprised of English & French “Old Stock” Canadians. 

Are you aware? In 2019, both Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh pushed for an implementation of mass abortion legislation in New Brunswick.

What happened to Brampton, a minority-caucasian community with a majority Sihk/3rd World population? Nothing at all. Mr. Singh neglected to focus on this piece of Ontario “real estate.”

Now are readers getting the picture? CAP will say the same thing we told Jagmeet Singh and that awful NDP woman, Andrea Horwath

If you want to destroy Old Stock Canadian babies—begin in Brampton. They won’t, of course. Nor will mandatory “immunization” experiments begin in Markham, ON.

CAP Conclusion: Not sure we have one. To make a definitive statement on these circumstances is not called for. Proof is not available. These are thoughts, ideas—conjecture.

And yet, put enough of these odd-ball “coincidences” together, and a politically astute Canadian—one who ignores CBC and does their own research— may conclude there is truth to what is hereby expressed.

Either way, CAP believe the current government of Canada to be a dangerous force within society. Yes, our nation is “post-something” for certain.

Post-democracy? Freedom of conscience? We shall leave to readers to decide for themselves what all this really means.




15 thoughts on “Communism Rising: Immunization Of Canadian Children Declared MANDATORY By Government”

  1. This is an unconstitutional decree. It infringes on our rights of freedom of choice. What are they going to put in these injections? Probably tracking devices. In my lifetime I have had 2 flu injections. Both times I got the flu within the first week and they were the worst flus I had ever contracted. How many of these kids will die from these injections. If there are any deaths directly linked to these injections then Trudeau and the Lieberals should be charged with manslaughter and found guilty of it. Then they should be incarcerated to the fullest extent of the law. This is absolutely ludicrous. Do we law abiding citizens have any rights left. These politicians are grossly over stepping their powers. STOP all this right here and now. I will NOT live in a communist country run by these arrogant politicians. I think it’s time for Alberta and Saskatchewan to Wexit this once great country of ours. Canada is quickly going down the demacratic drain. TRUDEAU and the LIBERALS MUST GO and GO NOW!!!!!

  2. Here is a trinket of information that you should be interested. Newfoundland believe it or not is really the ultimate test subject for this, and so far the experiments have been successful because with third-world economical/financial systems and to an extent the health, the island is about to endure catastrophe to the point it will be designated as the first former province within “confederation. The entire old stock population that pretty much will soon see the median age be close to the early Golden Age threshold, is destined to get overtaken with immigrants that the provincial government that no longer will be but rather a committee that reports to Ottawa starting soon up until the next federal election, will plan on saying the island “requires” to contribute to what it pretty much is now a third-world economy once the lockdown ends, while using them to stagnate the continuous woes sufficing in that area alongside the finances, though the federal government will make the call after reinstating direct rule over Newfoundland for the first time in over 70 year, in order to get out of defaulting in equalization payments (and you can bet Quebec would be delighted). After that, the influx of mainly-Chinese immigrants will make it and prepare to garner interest in control over the island, and they are expected to successfully acquire it by 2024.

    • The Liberal destroyers are using non- 3rd world immigrant geographic areas of Canada for their communist experiments.

  3. We seriously need him removed from Parliament! His ego is dangerous and larger than Canada! Canada is in BIG trouble and No One stops him! He has passed the quarantine time & used it to gain power like the guns, what’s next people’s properties, what is the scary part.

  4. We need a soular revolution in the world – a truth telling – without obfuscation or re-direction. That is SO exciting! The moment we let go, we get lighter. The mind wants to hold us back with its fears of uncertainty. A leap of faith, into a state of love and trust begins all journeys.

    I see folks making statements that are self-deprecating to manipulate populations and I cringe, knowing the opposite is true. You can have everything – IF you give up your life to create it. We want, we want, we want… We don’t consider what we need to BE in order to get it. Standing up for what it right – the freedoms of choice – is imperative today.

    Most think they have to become hardened or manipulative when the opposite is actually true. We have so many who’ve gone before us and held out a hand of help, expressing the need to ‘just let go.’ There is no division or religious separation or separation from you and creation in that place, nor do we have to give up our individuality.

    I had the experience of being gifted the awareness of ascending back into cosmic consciousness (the light) when I prayed to know what truth was and was willing to die for it if necessary. I did and was told a story about us, then given an experience of that same cosmic consciousness condensing back into form.

    What I learned is that we are far more capable of manifesting what we once thought were miracles, simply by realigning ourselves. You have three brains – your HEAD brain, your HEART brain, and your GUT brain. The three brains are like an orchestra, with billions of neurons cooperating to produce a harmonic symphony – harnessing together an ever-changing network of neurons that work in synchrony.

    A Soular Revolution IS that synchrony in ACTION.

  5. Any cities who are blasting the call to prayer shiuld each Friday play the jewish Shabbat prayer. Wonder how long before the followers of Islam show their intolerance?

  6. Racist creeps!

    I don’t consider your site a credible source. You are clearly the Alex Jones and David Icke of Canada — and are a DISGRACE and embarrassment to those with LEGITIMATE concerns about vaccines!

    First off, the Canadian Constitution (the Charter) EXPLICITLY PROHIBITS mandating vaccination.

    Secondly it is clear that the author/site is a right-wing racist, Islamophobic rag. Just look at how they included crap about Halifax broadcasting Ramadan prayers to the public for a month (what the HELL does that have to do with mandating vaccines). Not to mention the attacks on Sikh (and its spelled SIKH and NOT Sihk!) politician Jagmeet Singh.

    SHAME on whoever wrote this crap, trying to spread racism, and fear-mongering misinformation!

  7. The article references a New Brunswick regulation and a Halifax municipal decision, and all anyone in the comments can do is rail about Trudeau the “communist”, etc. What is wrong with you people?

    • Because the big-picture pseudo-fascist environment begins at the “top” and has filtered down through society to arrive at a socialist dictatorship state of our nation.


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