Colonialism, White Supremacy Blamed For Climate Change In Canada

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A new report from the Public Health Agency of Canada is breathing new life into what is commonly known as “the blame game.” Endorsed by Chief Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam, a new government report blames colonialism and white supremacy for the global climate crisis.

“Increasing public health leadership that centres on decolonization, justice, and equity. The experts underscored the problematic relationship between injustice, systemic racism, and climate change vulnerability.”

‘What We Heard: Perspectives on Climate Change and Public Health in Canada’ delivers a diatribe against those believed to be responsible for climate change and poor health among our citizenship:

The experts suggest several areas of potential contributions across public health systems. These include the following:

  • Greater public health leadership centring on decolonization, justice, and equity.
  • Enhancing political will and public health courage in climate action.
  • Shifting values and moving to health and well-being economies.

Pardon us all to heck, but CAP fail to see the connection.  Are Canadians supposed to believe that an indelible link exists between historical racism, and climate change?

It appears this way. Sounds like a pile of propaganda, does it not?  Yet, common sense Canadians must understand the dynamic. It’s what occurs in a society undergoing systemic transformation in political orientation. Examples include communist revolutions in China, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, as well as Nazioccupied Europe.

In each case, government could make outrageous claims, vilify identifiable communities, and get away with it every time. A large percentage of the population bought what government was selling, regardless of a lack of logic.

Has Canada come to this point under the iron-clad control of PM Justin Trudeau? If so, you won’t be hearing about it from Canadian media. But you will be hearing about whitey’s fault for climate change from a woke(and white) female Canadian professor from University of Victoria:

“The most vulnerable populations who will face the most severe health impacts of a changing climate, such as Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people facing housing or food insecurity, people with disabilities, the LGBTQIA2S+ community.”

Gotcha. Meaning everybody except those who you would like to explicitly name, but out of cowardice, do not: White Canadians, Anglophones, Christians, Heterosexuals.

Somehow, these “privileged” communities fall outside the spectrum of damage created by global warming and climate change. Sounds as if our communities are living on a different planet. Which for the Anglo-haters, would be just about ideal.

If a global climate change crisis exists, it means the entire globe is adversely affected. Dr. Theresa Tam’s crowd don’t buy it. The devil is in the details, and the details are that those with light skin are less impacted by a climate crisis than Canada’s “racialized” communities, in addition to homosexuals.

After which we note a correlation. Canada produced 1.6% of worldwide fossil fuel emissions. China produces a whopping 25% of emissions.  Is Dr. Theresa Tam blaming native Chinese(she is one), who have populated their land for centuries, for the climate disaster that is?

Not at all. Reducing the report to little more than a pile of vindictive propaganda, like this:

“Systemic drivers of negative health outcomes and climate change overlap; white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and racism must be addressed.”

Oh, please! Do yourself a favour, and find a new string-of-straws to gasp at. These tenuous accusations being tedious as hell. But you know what? Government will take it seriously, because in truth, the Feds are looking for any excuse to fulfill their unspoken agenda.

Cultural Action Party call it Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.” The tacit goal being to transition Canada into a vision of post-modern neo-communism. Also unspoken of is our  Anglophone-Canadian community’s descent into a villain minority community, as the “vibe” put out by so-called experts alludes to.

Don’t you know? White Supremacy = Climate Change. Haven’t you heard? In some quarters of the woke world, 2 + 2 = 5.  Difficult to see a difference between the two.

“Core drivers of climate change – extraction, capitalism, and colonialism – were described as the root of polarization and fragmentation witnessed recently in public health.” 

“The issue of climate refugees … it’s not yet part of the discussion and it’s something that I really want to put in the discussion.”

Bingo. The fulcrum comes to fruition. Utilizing climate change as leverage, the Anglo-bashers are out to revolutionize Canada through a legitimization of the term “climate refugees.”

Under this model, a billion people could be eligible to migrate to Canada. White Canadians transition to a minority community; democracy dies in the process.

“Thirty-degree heat experienced by people who are underhoused, socially isolated, materially deprived – this is the killer.”

Hate to break it to you sister, but humans have been living in 30-degree heat since the dawn of mankind. Or as Trudeau calls us– “people-kind.”

How pathetically sad it is. Witness as the the World Economic Forum model plays out in spectacular style. Justin Trudeau, WEF-representative for Canada, gets what he wants. Canada’s “racialized” communities move to the top of the social totem pole.

Held responsible for systemic racism, colonialism, white supremacy and climate change, “Old Stock” Canadians function as the fall-guy. Every bit of it designed to damage the descendants of the founders of our nation.

9 thoughts on “Colonialism, White Supremacy Blamed For Climate Change In Canada”

  1. So; we’re back to this; are we. Trudeau gets his flatulent minority hire to spout this hateful–Yes; genuinely hateful–garbage. He won’t “come out” and say it publicly. Besides; isn’t it all Poilievres fault? Colonialism….White supremacy? Trudeau’s white ass is exempt; as are all of the Quebecois descendants with roots in France. One wonders: Why are they trotting out this odious lie again? Aren’t there more churches to burn, and dictators to see, and worship?

    The Quebecois are as White as snow. And–Their ancestors were busy little beavers! Google: “A full 72 countries were part of France at one time or another. Since 1929, the size of the French empire has shrunk dramatically. But like other European colonial powers, the French empire never disappeared entirely.”

    Wilkpedia: “List of French Possessions and Colonies”

    Put that into your hashish pipe; Trudeau.

  2. My my. From Chief Witch Doctor to “Blame Whitey for climate whatever.” Massive; outrageous lies and (readily transparent) subterfuge are the life blood of these dolts. I think Trudeau has a sacrificial altar to Moloch–In a dark corner of his basement. He and his fellow flunkies gather round every fortnight; praising the demon god, and getting their marching orders. Isn’t it curious….Their target: Only white people, and all Euro derived; Western countries. I’ll bet a white person–or persons–Is at the very top of this hate chain. How curious. Even more astonishing is the high level of cooperation among the various white nations. It’s like killing your own flesh and blood, and torching your house. Very; very unnatural. (Can we say supernaturally evil in origin?) Someone/something has mesmerized all of the white leaders/teachers/some parents/and brought LGBTQ+/destruction of the family/trans/”normalizing” pedophilia/seventy genders/destructive mRNA “therapy” etc….on steroids.

  3. oh, I see. that same public servant ( works for WHO, which is china funded), who put out that “ sars 2003” lessons learned report, for the.. next china virus.. and when asked by a neutral? media type.., why she didn’t follow her own report…, ends the media scrum and walks silence….yes, that.. medical officer of health(spelled stealth).
    -the former federal minister of health..( hadu), was a graphic designer, before being picked…. for the federal, national, health minister portfolio….
    -theme… no real world experienced doctors as federal public health officials.
    -no real world experienced street police as federal public safety.
    -no real world battle tested soldiers in federal national defence ministers.
    -drama teacher/water surfer/nda agreement/trust fund son of bi-polar mother in hiding.
    -how?….. The greater toronto voters. And their seat allotment. ( says Gerald Butts..of mcgill alumni with the kemper son), in the “first past the post”… not “ proportional representation”..,, broken “ electoral” system . That the 2015 Kemper son said he would..change…
    -well now… isn’t the Toronto voters getting their come uppance.., now.., in crime stats…. -schadenfreude…
    -so avoidable… with common sense….
    —Vote better.
    -As in old the days “ you are on your own”.

  4. Tam is another one of turdoo’s race baters. If it were not for white colonialism, we’d all be living in the dark ages eating bugs. Don’t wear a mask, wear a mask get the shot and another and another and a booster, lock down, lock down, lock down, etc etc. Ignore the real science.Then fly in 10000 per month unvetted from China hot spots during the pandemic. Why? Cause we’re all racist here in Canada of course. Hypocritical. Ms Tam is the WHO’s anti white, anti west, poster girl for communist infiltration and control. Is any one else fed up being lectured to by these 5th column pissants? Resign ingrate.

  5. Guess those of us who immigrated from Europe as youngsters, worked hard to be educated and then again gave our best in the workforce are to be discriminated against now. Might as well go back to Europe and make Europe great again!


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