Church Pastor Artur Pawlawski Arrested For Covid-Related Activities In Canada

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Calgary police have arrested Street Church Pastor Artur Pawlowski after he failed to abide by public health orders during a weekend church service in Calgary, Alberta. His brother Dawid Pawlowski was also taken into custody.

For months Mr. Pawlawski has been a fervent opponent of police intervention  regarding Covid pandemic regulations. During a visit by Calgary police on April 3rd, 2021,  video footage shows six local police officers seen demanding that church attendees “get out, get out of this property, immediately get out” based on a violation of COVID-19 regulations.

“I don’t care what you have to say, out!” Pastor Pawlowski is heard shouting at them, calling them “Nazis” and “Gestapo.”

As reported by American media publication Newsweek, Calgary police returned to the Street Church on April 24th, this time with an official warrant. What transpired was similar to the first outing, with Pawlawski’s voice rising in pitch as he again referred to them with fascist-associated labels.

Both Artur and brother Dawid Pawlawski have been charged by police with organizing an illegal in-person gathering, in addition to “requesting, inciting or inviting others” to join them, said the Calgary Police Service in a statement.

For Cultural Action Party, we would describe the arrest as next-door to inevitable. Pawlawski was brazen in his action. His behaviour went beyond what one would expect authorities to tolerate within Covid-saturated Canada.

The vigilance of Pawlawski has been a sight to behold. What CAP recognize in his conduct is the feeling of fear. Specifically, the fear of witnessing a replication of life inside communist Poland upon Canadian soil.

By his own admission– his response is rooted in witnessing a reproduction of the behaviour of communist authorities. An attack on the Christian faith itself is also a possibility. Could an alternate agenda exist here? Is it possible that the pandemic is serving as subterfuge for a crackdown on the Christian religion itself?

The concept is not entirely out of the question. Communist China has been persecuting Christians for decades. In the former Soviet Union, government followed an unofficial policy of state atheism, aiming to gradually eliminate religious belief within its borders.

Arriving in Canada from communist Poland, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that a Christian pastor would maintain a level of paranoia as he witnesses Canadian authorities crackdown on his church.

CAP will suggest that a pronounced difference exists between the Artur Pawlawski and the average Canadian citizen. Most of us have never lived under communist rule–certainly not the Canadian-born, “Old Stock” citizens of our country.

Not so for Pawlawski. Could this man tuned-into a social phenomenon alluding the majority of Canadians? If this majority of us had lived under communist rule, would we also be hyper-vigilant as we witness systemic prejudice served up to Christians in Canada? The reality is that the Pawlawski case is just one in a series of recent clamp-downs on churches across our country.

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Is Pastor Artur Pawlawski a persecuted Christian fighting for freedom and democracy while Canada morphs into a pseudo-communist society?

Many questions– no answers. Certainly not from mainstream Canadian media.

Just two days ago, Alberta Health Services obtained a Court of Queen’s Bench Order imposing additional restrictions on organizers of protests requiring compliance with COVID-19 safety measures.

The fate of Art Pawlawski is yet to come, but judging from life within Canada’s post-modern pandemic society, his future looks grim indeed.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Church Pastor Artur Pawlawski Arrested For Covid-Related Activities In Canada”

  1. Art Pawlawski is standing up for the real TRUTH.That is Jesus Christ and no other.

    He is standing up for our rights and freedoms that are unjustly and unquantifiably taken away one by one thru the the malpractice of medical tryanny, and having been sold out to China. They will get all humans as this is depopulation and control. Are you human they will eventually get you too. Than who will be there for you???

    Whom will you choose to serve?? we now live under communism or maybe you dont remember how it started in Germany and Russia. Its the same play book only way more deadly. stand up and fight for the truth. hold the line as long as we can once they lock us down this time it will be forever.

    Its about control and domination. the sooner we stop complying civilly on masse the sooner we can move on. look at the 23 states that have opened fully…no mask no more vaccines there thriving. how about Mexico…. wake up people stop being divided and so willing to be slaughtered literally.

  2. Hi!
    What are the 23 states that are fully open? Also what about Mexico? We do not hear anything about them.
    Bye Evelyn


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