Church Leaders Arrested As Mosques Welcome Hundreds To Celebrate End Of Ramadan

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Today Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the 30-day religious holiday of Ramadan. On Thursday morning, an Ottawa Mosque welcomed hundreds of carloads of worshippers to three drive-in gatherings to observe the holiday.

“You’ve got a month full of you practising faithfully and getting closer to your God, and this is a celebration.”  How nice it must be. Yet, when crossing the fence into Christian church territory, a very different scenario is found.

It was just days ago that Pastor Artur Pawlawski was pulled over to the side of the road and arrested for Covid violations at his church in Calgary, Alberta.

As described by Mr. Pawlawski, he and his brother were locked in a jail cell where bright lights beamed down upon them 24-hours a day. Two days later, the Pawlawski brothers were released from jail. They are now out on bail, awaiting a future court appearance.

Back at the Ottawa mosque to celebrate the Eid festival, President of the Ottawa Muslim Association Mohammed Adi was quoted today as stating that “people come to the mosque to vent, to relax, and they haven’t been doing that for the whole month.

“This is their opportunity, and we’re going to give that to them.”  The sentiment was shared by those in attendance on Thursday. 

How does one account for the incredible divergence displayed in this “Church versus Mosque” scenario? For once, Cultural Action Party are nearly speechless(not quite).

Pastor Pawlawski is just one out of handful of Christian Ministers who have been fined and/or jailed due to the pandemic. As far as what has been printed in media, nothing of the sort has been replicated in Sikh or Muslim houses of worship. Certainly not at the Ottawa Mosque, where it appears to situation one step short of pure bliss.

Let us do a form of inventory on this situation:

From a government perspective, the Mosque gathering is a go. On the health department front, the gathering gets a thumbs up. From a legal perspective, the Mosque gathering makes the grade.

For Christian churches, it is an altogether different story. Government, Health Canada, the RCMP and Municipal Police have all bring the hammer down. How can such a discrepancy exist?

Witness as not a single media outlet in Canada will juxtapose the treatment of the two houses of worship. Why not?

What we have here is a tangible case of community privilege. Based upon Canada’s pre-imminent civil rights declaration, the Charter Of Rights and Freedoms, this privilege should not exist. To add insult-to-injury, society in 2021 informs citizens that when it comes to community privilege, Anglophone Canadians hold all the cards. White privilege is endemic within Canadian society. Government say it, media print it, and our educational systems preach it.

And yet here we have an example of the very opposite. Could something be amiss within the world of government positioning on racism in Canada?

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For certain, claim CAP. This we have stated since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister. In a general sense, everything is the opposite of what Canadians are informed on race-related issues.

For CAP, this lies at the heart of politically correct Canada as perpetrated by the three headed hydra of government, media and educational institutions.

Now for the bad news. Even if every word expressed herein was the stone-cold truth, it won’t make a speck of difference. Anglophone-Christians are headed for what Cultural Action Party has coined “Second Nation” community status.

With the hypocrisy inherent in the Church versus Mosque scenario, another glimpse into Canada’s post-modern condition has been revealed.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

11 thoughts on “Church Leaders Arrested As Mosques Welcome Hundreds To Celebrate End Of Ramadan”

  1. It should be patently obvious to anyone whether admitted or not.. A plan has been put in place to take out white Christian western society.

    Agenda 2030 is in full force and our politicians have been coerced or enticed into participation.

    • Mosques are not-for-profit, yes. When it comes to non-profit, nobody does it better. Yes, they are subject to the same laws as churches–not that it matters to government, media, law or our educational systems.

  2. Drop all charges on church goers and there leaders. This is all crap and favouritism no wonder there racial crap going on.

  3. This is not acceptable This is Canada not Pakistan and if other churches are not allowed then Mosques should be closed

  4. And too think this is JUST the beginning!… Wait till Trudeau starts pushing his UN commitments and Canada starts unloading MILLIONS of refugees, from the 284 MILLION the United Nations has in it’s collection!… This total mix of cultures, should fit right in step with what Trudeau thinks of Canadians and our culture!


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