Chrystia Freeland Exemplifies Liberal Government Hypocrisy

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“A fact that still shocks my dad is, I don’t actually own a car … I’m like, I don’t know, 300 metres from the nearest subway. I walk. I take the subway.”

“I make my kids walk and ride their bikes and take the subway. It’s actually healthier for our family. I can live that way.” said Freeland to reporters on a recent trip to P.E.I.”

— Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland.

As if the hypocrisy inherent in Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland’s statement is the worst of her behaviour. Most Canadians by now are aware of Ms. Freeland’s led-foot romp down an Alberta highway, and a speeding ticket she received as a result.

“I did get a speeding ticket,” Freeland confirmed to reporters during an afternoon availability in Prince Edward Island on Wednesday.

Freeland said she was driving between Grande Prairie and Peace River when she was pulled over.

“I was driving too fast and I won’t do it again.”

What will Chrystia Freeland do again? Her driving infraction pales in comparison to the degree to which the Deputy Prime Minister is driving a woke globalist agenda down the throats of Canadians.

And were not even speaking of her tenure with the Liberal government. More relevant is Ms. Freeland’s “international”resume.

In 2020, Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay  apologized for spreading information about Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland from a source that traffics in “hateful conspiracy theories.”

“The Conservatives’ environment critic retweeted a video of Freeland interviewing billionaire George Soros when she was a journalist with the Financial Times in 2009 and commented that their closeness should alarm every Canadian.”

Chrystia Freeland is a card-carrying member of the World Economic Forum. Along with Soros, WEF founder Klaus Schwab is one of the world’s leading assimilationists.

Border erosion, national sovereignty degeneration, global refugee distribution, LGBT, transgender, abortion, Euthanasia, mass 3rd World immigration.

A Garden of Eden of globalism it is. Strolling through the utopian paradise are figures like Freeland, Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and of course, PM Justin Trudeau.

Over in media-land, one must understand the rules of the game. Thoughts delivered herein are shuffled off to the category of “conspiratorial thinking.” Not because they’re erroneous, but because government and media say so.

As Foreign Minister, Freeland  successfully concluded the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

From 2015 to 2017, Ms. Freeland served as Canada’s Minister of International Trade, overseeing the successful negotiation of Canada’s free trade agreement with the European Union.

In 2018, she was also awarded the Eric M. Warburg Award for her achievements in strengthening transatlantic ties. Ms. Freelend is currently a member of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees

Translation: Chrystia Freeland is a hard-core globalist. No wonder Justin Trudeau appointed her Deputy Prime Minister. Every pore of her being is infused with the stuff that rockets so-called academics into political prominence.

An “assimilationist” is the call CAP make regarding this squeaky-voiced chipmunk of Liberal-Globalist aspirations. No wonder our media go light on condemnation.

Media Rule #8: Condemn with impunity those politicians who dedicate themselves to domestic causes and local concerns. Liberal MPs don’t do this kind of thing, so it’s down to conservatives, both large “C” and small “c.”

Conversely, if you are, let’s say, an NDP Party leader named Jagmeet Singh, whose sole occupation is propping up the Liberal Party leader as prime minister, you escape the wrath of pundits from the press.

Both Soros and Schwab are fully dedicated to playing the carbon game. To succeed, a person must play with a loaded deck. You hold all the cards, while detractors are relegated to the conspiratory category.

Did you know? China produces twenty times more carbon emissions than Canada. 

Statistically, Canada’s carbon footprint stands at 1.6% of worldwide emissions. China enters the picture sporting 26% of fossil fuel emissions.

“I’ve got an idea,” says Justin Trudeau. “While we forgive China for burning copious amounts of coal, I will transition Canada to one step from a slave-society through carbon taxation.”

Chrystia Freeland is right there with him. Upon which astute Canadians recognize the transition in political motivation common to the woke globalist assault on western nations.

Ideology is what counts. Trudeau. Freeland, Gates, Soros, Schwab. Our government runs our country based on tenets espoused by the post-modern globalist brigade and their agenda for the assimilation of nations.

Not healthcare. Not housing. Not deficit reduction, or any other pragmatic element of national management.

No– ideology is the bottom line, and all aspects of our society are to be sublimated in favour of the holy grail of woke globalism: climate change.

You see it in the snide remarks from writers in mainstream media. “We, the educated class” know better. Weaned on the CBC, schooled at Ryerson, Canada’s journalist academic elite brand conservatives “red-neck meatheads” and move on.

Such arrogance being inherent within the entire political-media-academia triumvirate of socio-political control.

“An embarrassing attempt at journalism from the usually upright Canadian Press over the weekend was desperate to convince readers that Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is moving conspiracy theories from the fringes of the internet to mainstream thinking.”

“What was offered was Poilievre’s well-known criticism of how influential the World Economic Forum (WEF) has become. It is a position that is identical to any number of NDP and Liberal MPs, including Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.”

“Me thinks thou doth protest too much?”

Even a graduate of Grade 9 could figure out that just because a media article says so, it doesn’t make it a factual statement.

Oh, the irony! Run down Canada, dissolve national sovereignty, sell-out to globalist forces, while running down your own country as racist.

There’s your “winning formula” according to legacy media in Canada. Something wrong with this picture? Of course their is.

For as long as globalists like Freeland and Trudeau control our nation, the globalist static will continue to confuse Canadians as to who the real enemy is.

4 thoughts on “Chrystia Freeland Exemplifies Liberal Government Hypocrisy”

  1. “An embarrassing attempt at journalism from the usually upright Canadian Press over the weekend….” Usually upright?? Title of the *National Post* article: [By] Carson Jerema: The left is upset Poilievre stole their WEF conspiracy theories Progressives have long had a view of global politics that is inherently paranoid”. (1) Inherently paranoid? Here’s another gem from the article: “Just in case you didn’t get it, The Canadian Press then explains: “[‘]The wording implies Trudeau’s cabinet is beholden to the latter.[” ‘]

    The article continues; “It seems clear enough that Poilievre is nodding to supporters who believe the unsubstantiated, unproven and plain bonkers notion that the WEF is directly controlling the Canadian government. End of quotes from the article.

    Comment continues: “Unproven and just plain bonkers that the WEF is directly controlling the Canadian government.” Key word: “Directly.” Controlling? Yes. What does one make of Klaus Schwab openly crowing about “penetrating over one-half of “PLime Mineester TLoodoughs” cabeenet.” Control? Perhaps not “directly;” but the WEF has almost full sway over Trudeau. And; with the full cooperation of his Global; WEF graduates; bootlicking; “climate boiling” Cabinet. Nothing “Unproven” or “bonkers” about it.

    The “Usually upright Canadian Press.” HAHAHAHA!!!! Liars, and fools; purveyers of disinformation. The Master Puppeteer >The right hand man >Schwab et al >Western governments>Trudeau et al. All fulfilling the Master’s global aspirations. Universal digital ID/[world-wide] CBDC/>Full control. “Bonkers”? Wish it were so.

    Source article:

  2. People with unindoctrinated grey matter don’t cite the Trudeau-controlled CBC. Definitely not as a source of balanced “reporting.” The Harper FIPA agreement pales in comparison to the goings-on in Trudeau-land. That document is open to inspection, and not interfering with our electoral process. Unlike the heavily redacted material oozing forth from the Trudeau Party. This man’s (I use the term loosely) servility to China will be the undoing of this country. History will not be kind to this destructive personage. Harping (no pun intended) about the FIPA serves as a very minor diversion to the mounting Trudeau casualties. It serves as a diversion away from the war Trudeau has waged–is waging–Against this nation, and the current descendants of its European founders. (Trigger words for the Trudeau acolytes.) Sounds of gnashing teeth.

  3. It’s amazing how CBC used to report real news when there was a conservative government in power. With liberals in power, we get crickets and puff piece stories. Election interference from China, what election interference. Nothing to see here sheeple, since 2015. CBC, so virtuous.


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