Chrystia Freeland Confrontation: It’s Anti-Liberal, Not Anti-Female

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Has Canadian society arrived at a point where twisting truth to fit an ideological agenda is the modus operandi for media?

Politicians of various stripes are currently up-in-arms regarding an  encounter between Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and an Alberta man who confronted her, calling her a “traitor to Canada.”

Rather than position the incident as an attack on our Liberal government, media revert to a well-worn tactic: the incident is an example of misogyny– hatred of women. There is no evidence to support this claim. The man in question said nothing about women one way or the other.

Canadians would do well to understand the way our Liberal government and those they finance in media operate. In 2022, it’s all about the “victim class.” For CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, all roads to condemnation of government by the public are corralled into compact silos:

If the political figure is female, it is an example of women-hatred. If the individual is non-white, it is racism. Any way you slice, it, the bottom line is victimhood.

Talk about an example of post-modern politics. Under the auspices of PM Justin Trudeau, there are but two types of Canadians. Those who buy the woke liberal propaganda are “good Canadians.” Citizens who do not are racists, bigots, misogynists and xenophobes. Full stop.

Through this methodology, government carve up society into divisive categories. It’s all so very “black and white.” Globalist, or racist? Liberal, or white nationalist? With Justin Trudeau in charge, there’s always some kind of label being pinned on members of society.

Media just can’t get it straight. Or more likely, they are being paid by Trudeau not to.

“Public instances of threats and intimidation of women in public life have intensified in recent weeks, with significant examples of abuse targeted toward politicians — most recently, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland — as well as activists and journalists.”

And why is this? Despite myriad pieces in the press, legacy media never address the fundamental reason for public resentment: the authoritarian behaviour of Trudeau and the Liberals. Simply put, patriotic Canadians hate Justin Trudeau’s fake and false brand of Liberalism.

CAP go a step further: Trudeau Liberalism is not liberal at all. Rather, it’s a post-modern brand of communism painted with hues of historical fascism.

“For weeks, a group of journalists, particularly journalists of colour, have publicly shared a series of private, anonymous emails they’ve received. Those emails contained specific, targeted and disturbing threats of violence and sexual assault, as well as racist and misogynistic language.”

Can media be so shallow as to not recognise that the social trend is, in fact, hatred by proxy? First and foremost, anger against government is the impetus. When venting their feelings is ineffective, they turn to the next available institution: Canadian media.

What’s so hard to understand? The truth is nothing at all. But establishment media no longer deal in truth– that’s all so “2014.” After Trudeau came along to convert Canada to a dictatorship, political reality transitioned to a mirage.

Today, media function as a propaganda arm of government. The collective resentment felt by the public results in rejection of both government and media.

Media refuse to admit it. CBC and the rest are not about to bite the hand that feeds them taxpayer dollars required for their very survival. As a result, Canada transitions to a replica of the social structure found in communist societies. This is a root cause of the discontent of our times. Media blame it on everything but.

A divided society is one ripe for manipulation. The Liberals are manipulators of the highest order. They cannot be trusted to work in the best interests of our citizenship.  Most Canadians value freedom and democracy. Trudeau and the Liberals value authoritarianism disguised as Liberalism.

The result is social division conducive to the unspoken goal of government: Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

13 thoughts on “Chrystia Freeland Confrontation: It’s Anti-Liberal, Not Anti-Female”

  1. The comments directed at her were Totally justified by the arrogance and sanctimonious condescending way she speaks to Canadians.
    The old saying…. You get what you give!

  2. This entire; outrageous horror show–One-hundred percent bankrolled by our money. Every. last. penny. Talk about adding extreme insult to injury. These clowns live high on the hog; destroy our country; wrecklessly spend our money, project their evil designs onto us; suffer no penalty–and then shower/abuse decent Canadians with lies and ugly epithets.

  3. This was not about women, Just about liberals,when asked a question they never answer they go around and around like a yoyo,no wonder people are upset,and they think they are smart they are like kindergarten kids

  4. I don’t disagree with his sentiment, I do however, disagree with the way he expressed same. No need to curse. Using expletives only results in your objections being ignored.

  5. Did people miss it? Today, Trudeau announced $100,000,000 to finalise our descent into Sodom and Gomorrah! One hundred million of our tax dollars to further the interests of 1% of Canadian society! That’s outrageous. Why doesn’t he give money to the Veterans? He said we couldn’t afford that. But he’s determined that we should all embrace LGBTQ people as though they are special. Money is no object for them. The more sex acts they perform on floats going down the street in front of children, the better, as far as he is concerned. There is something sick about that man. The “blackface” should have warned us, but people still vote for him – he’s so “way out”. Yuck!

  6. So I’d like to see how they turn TURDeau into a victem as he is a PRIME EXAMPLE, an ARCHETYPE of pure WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE…

  7. though I agree with that man’s sentiments, I would have hoped he’d have used more appropriate phrases for the occasion, emphasizing her involvement in WEF’s anti working middle class genocidal plans and global corporate corruption in Western elections.


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