Christianity In Decline As Islam Grows Within Western Nations

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Christian belief has halved in Britain in 35 years with just one in three people now identifying as Christian – while atheism and Islam continue to rise.

Of almost 4,000 people polled by the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), 38 per cent described themselves as Christian – a fall from 50 per cent in 2008 and 66 per cent in 1983. Those identifying as Muslim increased from 1 per cent in 1983 to 3 per cent in 2008, and 6 per cent in 2018.

What is most curious is how the writer of the source article proceeds to go off on a tangent regarding how Britain has become more of a secular society than ever before. NOTHING about the idea that Islam will eventually REPLACE Christianity as the dominant religion within British society.

No–they won’t go there. Instead, we are served up a giant slice of liberal rationalization of the situation.

Nancy Kelley, deputy chief executive at NatCen, said that the steady decline in religion and belief among the British public is “one of the most important trends in post-war history”.

“As our society has become more secular, the role of religious institutions and religious identities in determining our moral and social norms has weakened. Other world views, such as scientific rationalism and liberal individual-ism, now play a more significant part in British society.”

Lady, the study informs us that Islam is in major growth mode within British society. Birth-rate data tells us Islam is the fastest growing religion in Western Europe. In other words, you are IGNORING THE TRUTH regarding the demographic and religious future of your nation.

CAP interpretation: The source article is DECEPTIVE. The truth is that religious Christianity is DYING within your nation, while Islam is waiting-in-the-wings to reach a point whereby it takes the place of Christianity as the DOMINANT religion within British society.

In other words, globalist media obfuscation of the TRUTH. When considering Canadian society in this regard, a quick analysis informs us the prime minister of Canada is 100% ON BOARD with replicating these social trends in Canada.

Has Justin Trudeau NOT insulted Canada’s Christian community with his mass abortion demands? Also, Justin has punished summer camps, church groups and Christian non-profits by defunding them based on their Pro-Life views. Mr. Trudeau brands Christians enjoys branding Christians bigots and racists.

On the flip-side, it is impossible to deny that since day one in office Trudeau has pandered to, supported and funded Islamic organizations–even those rumoured to be connected to militant Islam. Trudeau also believes in reinstating citizenship for convicted Islamic terrorists.

In other words, the decision-making of Justin Trudeau fits perfectly with the demographic trends we see in Western Europe. Trudeau has not a care in the world for Christian Canadians–while claiming to be a Christian himself. How odd. Since when was punishing Christians and promoting Islam a hallmark of a believing Christian? CAP believe Justin Trudeau has LIED to the people of Canada in this regard.

Back to the source article: “The report’s authors said the survey suggests Britain is becoming more secular “not because adults are losing their religion” but because older people with an attachment to Christian denominations are “gradually being REPLACED in the population by unaffiliated younger people”.

Huh? The report says the Islamic population in Britain has DOUBLED in the past decade. Sharia Courts exist in Britain. Thousands of cases of Sharia Law- based female genital mutilation have taken place upon British soil. Over ONE MILLION Muslims live in the City Of London alone.

Yet, according to the writer, the tanking of Christianity comes from “unaffiliated young people.”  See how establishment media TWIST the evidence? If the Muslim population has doubled in 10 years to 6%, it will likely double again to 12% within another decade. Twenty years from now, the percentage would be 24%. See where this is leading

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So why can’t the writer see this? Is this not critical to the equation? Andrew Copson, the chief executive of the non-religion charity Humanists UK, said: “With these trends set to continue, policymakers in every field, from education to constitutional law, to health and social care, need to wake up to such dramatic social changes.”

Please do tell– how are “we” supposed to wake-up to such dramatic changes when the article FAILS to articulate exactly what these social changes are? Therefore, the goal is not the exposure of truth, but rather a media spin on the truth.

Globalism is globalist in nature. A trite, yet pertinent statement. The social patterns witnessed currently in the U.K. are intended to become the norm within ALL western nations whose government promote the dissolution of their traditional cultures: Germany, France, Britain, New Zealand, Canada.

Justin Trudeau is working this agenda in Canada. The goal is the trans-formation of society from democracy to dictatorship. Third World/Islamic immigration is critical to the project. Most of these people have little understanding of true liberalism–therefore Justin can easily FOOL THEM into believing his personal brand of “liberalism” has an affinity with true democracy.

It’s a lie. Trudeau-brand democracy is NOT in the tradition of traditional classical liberalism. Rather, it is a bastardization of such, driven by a covert pseudo- totalitarianism borrowed from China, Cuba and other autocratic nations.

Canada, you are in grave danger under the iron-clad grip of King Justin Trudeau. Responsible citizens must LOOK BEYOND establishment media to discover truth regarding the nefarious globalist agenda being FORCED upon our society by Justin Trudeau.



2 thoughts on “Christianity In Decline As Islam Grows Within Western Nations”

  1. This is very old news to those of us who follow and understand the Islamic Invasion. I’ve been screaming about Islamic Jihad/Hijrah since 2013. The parallels between the UK and Canada are as obvious as the nose on your face. Mayors Sadiq Khan of London and Naheed Nenshi, conveniently controlling Calgary, Canada’s oil capital, are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Islam has been extending their Caliphate for hundreds of years, it’s a long-range plan as countries with milder religions fall like dominos. Western cultures based on the Christian values of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness are woven into the fabric of our society, the greatest on Earth.

    As Atheists like myself abhor the notion of someone’s supernatural imaginary friend in outer space dictating who we should hate and kill, we also face the dilemma of a dogmatic vacuum which will be filled by Sharia law advocates.

    Seize the Trudeau Foundation as ‘proceeds of crime’ to buy one-way tickets back to Sharia countries. They will be happy there, and we’ll be even happier.

  2. Step back and take a look at all the other countries who have fallen to Islam. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, the Maldives all used to be Buddhist countries but are now Muslim. Myanmar was the last holdout in the region. Half of Europe is lost, Britain is a toss-up, Canada is next.

    ISIS was beaten back to Indonesia by Duterte in the Philippines, The Rohingya were expelled by the normally peaceful Buddhists in Myanmar, desperate to hold on to the last piece of non-Muslim land in the region.


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