Chinese Police Stations Received $4.4 Million From Liberals Says Report

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As published this week by The Telegraph in the U.K., a Quebec charity suspected of hosting two secret Chinese overseas police stations has received $4.45 million from Canada’s Liberal government over the past three years.

According to “Special Rapporteur” David Johnson— former member of the Trudeau Foundation and long-term Trudeau family friend — a public inquiry “is unnecessary because much of it would have to be held in private due to top-secret information.

CAP has little doubt regarding the “top secret” element of the investigation. Our 35-years as a Liberal Party-Chinese Government watchdog organization concludes that top secret information has been controlling Liberal Party politics for the past half-century.

Former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau began China’s infiltration of Canadian society in the late 1960’s. Brought to its apex under current PM Justin Trudeau, former Governor General David Johnson was brought in to maintain a covert Liberal-China relationship dating back at least 50 years.

Through omission of fact, media in Canada fail to portray a poorly understood historical trajectory. Yes, they will point to the audacity involved, but never to they draw together the communist ties that bind the Liberals and China.

The bottom line involved, as it usually is in geo-political relationships, comes down to money and power. Liberalism, Trudeau family, Quebecois politics, Laurentian Mountain elitism, BMO, Power Corporation, Asia Pacific Foundation, Canada-China Business Council, media billionaires Thompson family, Desmarais family of Quebec.

These are the major players within the Liberal-China political cabal which mainstream media refuse to reference. Collectively, they and others have transitioned Canada into a puppet nation. When it comes to leadership in this category, it doesn’t get any better than Justin Trudeau, a perfect “Chatty Cathy” doll in the woke war against Canadian democracy.

Did you know? According to the Epoch Times, Beijing has more diplomats in Montreal  than in all of France. Are you aware? United States, with a population ten times that of our country, has an equal amount of Chinese diplomats to those walking on Canadian soil.

“Experts on Chinese foreign interference fear that funding may have helped pro-Beijing actors expand the Chinese Communist Party’s network in Canada.”

And what has Justin Trudeau done to prevent the situation? CAP believe the answer to be nothing at all. Meanwhile, media fret about “bad actors” working in the shadows to obtain private information, labelling these actions “a threat to our democracy.”

Cultural Action Party deviate from their messaging. The real danger lies in a slow-and-steady conversion of our nation to an authoritarian state. Away from the media spotlight, this factor remains far more ominous that mere “data mining.”

It is here that astute Canadians discover the difference between Canada, and the rest.

Britain, Russia, Japan, Iran, Australia— all have significantly fewer Chinese diplomats in their respective countries than Canada.

“You would expect Canada to be closer to Australia, stated a former U.S. diplomat to China.

CAP expect nothing of the sort. Canada is the worst in the category because Canada is on its way to a fundamental transition in governance. In this capacity, China is playing “big brother” to our Liberal government. To dissipate suspicion, our prime minister selected a former Trudeau Foundation executive to head-up a Chinese Election Interference Investigation.

Common sense Canadians knew in advance that the initiative would be a farce. “Innocent as the lambs,” declares David Johnson. Anyone could see it coming.

What a country Canada has become under the so-called leadership of Mr. Trudeau. First came accusations of Liberal funding of ISIS affiliated non-profit organizations in Canada.

A few years later, the Liberals are accused of delivering $200,000  to a Quebec charity the RCMP suspects may be hosting a secret Chinese police station.

Now, The Telegraph tell us that between two suspected Chinese police stations, the amount delivered by the Trudeau government is in the area of 4 million dollars.

Talk about incongruity. How did it come to be that a Canadian prime minister has won three terms in office consecutively, while at the same time said PM approves funding terrorists and communists in Canada?

Quick answer: because it can be. Because this is the reality of contemporary Canadian society. And what does Justin Trudeau have to tell us? That he is again planning to run for prime minister when his anti-democratic “confidence-and-supply” agreement with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh expires in late 2025.

O Canada– you have been royally shafted. The Chinese government says we must have a Liberal government in power. In Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” society, what China wants, China gets.

Including Canada’s eventual conversion from democracy to dictatorship.

5 thoughts on “Chinese Police Stations Received $4.4 Million From Liberals Says Report”

  1. Wake up, Liberals, your Leader is incompetent.
    Between Canada and the United States the Chinese Communist party is flourishing and our democracy is the cost !
    We have to come together and country and stand up and OUT our Prime Minister.
    God help us all.

  2. This ingrate 5th column moron that calls himself PM with a minority government, is nothing short of a Manchurian candidate. Bent on handing Canada over to China without so much as a whimper. This vasal asshat should be drawn and quarterd for treason along with his party and their pissant gaslighting racist lecturing allies the NDP.

  3. At what point are you not aiding and abetting the enemy. The elites of Canada give Canada little to no regard, and treat it like an outpost, not a G7 country.

  4. The Liberal government present and past has always been tied to the CCP. Several of their past PM,s, ministers and party members have been and are employed directly by Chinese communist party companies and lobbyists. This has been going on since the late 60,s. Canada was warned about this but the sheep of this country just keep on voting them in so they can continue to get handouts and milk Canadian society. The Laurentian Elites have always been tied directly to China as it fills their pockets at the expense of Canada and its citizens. They should be tried for treason and imprisoned for decades. But no the sheep will follow them down any rabbit hole so they can feed of the Liberal teat. Baaaa!!


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