Chinese Police Stations In Canada May Have Played Role In Trudeau Election

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According to a recent article from True North News, Canada’s intelligence service[CSIS] “told media that Beijing preferred [Han]Dong as the 2019 Liberal candidate for Don Valley North.”

“The sources told Global News that voters were bussed into Dong’s electoral district with fake addresses, and were coerced into voting in Dong’s favour,” reports True North.

Collusion– coupled with a breach of the Canada Elections Act. And yet PM Justin Trudeau claims complete innocence(ignorance?) regarding federal election interference from the government of China.

Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it? This is question number one in the sordid saga revealing alleged election coercion, resulting a placement of Justin Trudeau on the political throne of Canada.

This time out, all the damage control in the world may not save Trudeau from the political gallows. Or will it? Transitioning to the pragmatic, we stumble upon a mechanism which may save Trudeau’s political hide.

Conveniently, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has created an avenue for PM Trudeau to remain on his political perch. Locking-in the PM until late 2025 through a Liberal-NDP partnership agreement, sensible Canadians may be stuck with China’s choice for prime minister for two more years.

The magnitude of injustice emanating from the pact may not be fully comprehended by the voting public. If it isn’t, the best reason for it is found in media obfuscation of a tangible fact:

Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are in on this together. Both men are affiliated with the World Economic Forum. This week, in an event underplayed by mainstream media, Mr. Singh put a damper on a demand for top Liberal Party aide Katie Telford to testify about Chinese election interference.

What conclusion can drawn from such an occurrence? CAP will lay it on the line: there exists a symbiotic relationship between the Liberals, NDP and mainstream Canadian media. Synched in a state of overdrive, globalist political forces are presently working their Butts off to preserve Justin Trudeau’s ersatz dictatorship.

To which we add a critical corollary:

“An alleged Chinese police station operates a ten-minute car ride away from Liberal MP Han Dong’s riding, where intelligence officials say Canadians of Chinese origin were coerced to vote for Dong.”

Beauty. Truth is, PM Trudeau did little(aka nothing) to remedy the presence of foreign police stations operating on Canadian soil. No sense of outrage emanated from the PMO. Can it be that while the PM claims total innocence, his comments are pure fabrication?

Deeper and deeper we go into the unravelling of Liberal Party-Government of China collusion. Do Canadian really believe that Mr. Trudeau is innocent of all charges?

‘China, Canada and Challenging Diplomacy: Two-in-three Canadians believe Beijing did attempt election interference’

March 1, 2023 – The latest allegations to strain an already challenged diplomatic relationship between Ottawa and Beijing have a majority of Canadians of the belief the Chinese government did  attempt to interfere in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections.”

Wholly incongruous with the Liberal government’s claim of innocence it is. On this basis, what conclusion should be drawn if Trudeau is not brought down under these circumstances? Are Canadians truly living under authentic democratic governance, or has this concept transitioned to a political pipe-dream?

No surprise, Cultural Action Party claim the latter. We said it after the first week of Trudeau’s placement as prime minister, and we claim the very same today.

The alleged Warden Ave. police station neighbouring Toronto’s Don Valley North district was named last year as a station that Chinese state actors use to coerce expatriated citizens to behave in the interests of the Chinese party.”

“An official at Safeguard Defenders – which first identified the alleged station – told True North the election activity is consistent with China’s influence network, including its overseas police stations.

“Intelligence officials reported that, in Han Dong’s 2019 candidacy run, Chinese international students were coerced to vote in Dong’s favour by threatening their student-visas.”

“Safeguard’s 2022 report cited examples of expatriate Chinese citizens facing threats to their parent’s electricity, or their child’s education.”

“The alleged Chinese station on Warden Ave. is a short car ride from Dong’s constituents.” 

Is this situation a culmination of a decades-long covert relationship between the Liberal Party and the Chinese government? The thought shouldn’t be out of the question. It was, after all, communist advocate Pierre Trudeau who first opened the door to China’s penetration of “institutional” Canada.

Beginning with our education system, power-players from China quietly worked  their way into our business communities, media organizations, and political arena. In 2023, we stand witness to the result. If the momentum does not bring down Justin Trudeau, perhaps it can teach our citizenship a vital lesson.

Canada is so much less democratic than 38 million Canadians realize. Under the iron-clad control of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, whatever vestiges remain of a free and democratic Canada are fading fast.

— With files from True North News.

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  1. Photo: Castreau to Xi “Done. It’s all yours. Remember to spare me when your forces invade….I can work as your chauffeur.”

    • I am 100% sure Trudo and his lieberal cronies will get to the bottom of this all with another one of his hand-picked inquires just like justice ‘Rollover’ did with the Emergency Measures Act inquiry. Ya, right.


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