Chinese Exclusion Act Recognition Replacing Canada Day Celebrations

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“On July 1, 1923, the Canadian government introduced a new Chinese Immigration Act, commonly known as the Chinese Exclusion Act, to stop Chinese immigration.”

“The Act was the culmination of widespread anti-Chinese racism and policies increasing in Canada since the 19th century. Chinese Canadian men and women tried to prevent the passage of the Act and afterwards continued to lobby for its repeal.”

Permanently eschewed by mainstream media is the primary motivation for implementation of the Chinese Head Tax. The reason the law came into effect was based on the fact that migrant Chinese worker wages were undercutting local Canadian wages.

There, we said it. Unfortunately, the only people who would say so are found in alternative and social media, a primary reason why the Canadian government are out ot destroy independent media through internet censorship legislation.

CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star? Forget about it. As with ridiculously over-hyped media claims regarding the South Asian Komagata Maru incident, Canada’s Anglophone-haters are leveraging history to insult and attack by applying  contemporary value systems to century-old historical incidents.

Besides, isn’t it true that a government should have the right to choose who enters their country? Saying no to boatloads of Chinese and South Asian arrivals to our shores one hundred years ago is not a crime. Do the governments of China and India not exercise this right on a regular basis?

Why are these governments not labelled by Canadian media as racists, bigots and xenophobes? Quick answer– because Canada is special.

“July marks the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act, which banned Chinese people from entering Canada.”

“Speaking at a reception for Asian Heritage Month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the ban was immoral and unfair.”

Enter stage leftist, Canada’s greatest hater of national heritage. Any opportunity to run our country into the dirt, and  Trudeau is there with rainbow-coloured bells on.

Will recognition of Chinese Exclusion Act one day usurp Canada Day in totality? Cultural Action Party put nothing past our Canada-bashing prime minister and his motley crew of Liberal-Communist Cabinet members.

Why? For the purpose of tearing down Canada and re-launching it as a authoritarian dictatorship, the trashing of the Anglophone is an essential component.

Professor Bruce Pardy is a classically liberal legal academic for whom equal application of the law, negative rights, private property, limited government, and separation of powers are foundational to the Canadian and Western legal tradition.

Of the woke war on Canadian society, Pardy states that:

“These doctrines have become the intellectual foundation for the ascendant ideology of our time, woke progressivism, which is severe, uncompromising and vengeful. Their commandments have become Canada’s secular religion.”

A “secular religion” is a term used by political scientists as a way to describe Marxism, and its practical application as communism.

According to Pardy, “cultural contrition has become ubiquitous: Canada is systemically racist. White people are privileged. The nuclear family is misogynist. Capitalism is oppressive. Private property rights cause environmental destruction. Prosperity produces climate change.”

Everyone of Prof. Pardy’s descriptive elements are found in communist doctrine.

“It all starts with Marx,” says Pardy.

In other words, Canada is currently being transitioned to a condition not a single citizen asked for, approved, or voted for. Just as it is in the communist nations Justin Trudeau so admires.

Selecting July 1 as “Chinese Head Tax Commemoration Day” is another tool from the globalist arsenal aimed at undermining– and eventually eradicating– all pride in Canadian identity. The move is pure communism. Just don’t expect legacy media to tell you so.

Transitioning our nation to a victim-society, government choose “Old Stock” Canadians as the fall-guy. We witness the attack from myriad angles. Chinese Head Tax, Komagata Maru, “Islamophobia,” homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia–the whole lot.

Generational Canadians didn’t know how awful we were until the Trudeau government and paid-partners in media told us about it. Can you imagine? Here we were thinking that Canada is a good country. Of course, we’re not perfect. Our history has as many flaws as most countries. In terms of treatment of citizenship, many are worse.

Take Pakistan as an example. At the time of its founding more than ten million people migrated across the new borders and between 200,000–2,000,000 people died in a spate of communal violence in the Punjab in what some scholars have described as “retributive genocide.”

“The Pakistani government claimed that 50,000 Muslim women were abducted and raped by Hindu and Sikh men and similarly the Indian government claimed that Muslims abducted and raped 33,000 Hindu and Sikh women.”

Justin Trudeau, half-Pakistani found of M103 Islamophobia motion Iqra Khalid, have not a problem with this. But tear the Hijab off the head of a Muslim schoolgirl, and stand witness as PM Trudeau brand our entire country racist.

None of this matters to government, media and academia. The woke transformation of Canada is rolling, and in truth, nothing is going to stop the neo-communist snowball effect from steamrolling right over our country. It’s all been planned in advance, inclusive of pre-determined solutions against grass-roots push back.

Take head, fellow patriots: white Canadians have been branded the black sheep of Canadian society. In Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, all roads lead to the branding of our nation as ubiquitously bigoted and racist.

It’s being done for the purpose of stealing Canada away from its rightful owners. Chinese Head Tax, anti-LGBT– name a piece of social misfortune, and the cause is found in the colonial foundation of our country as established by our Anglo-European predecessors.

Will July 1st officially transition from Canada Day to “Racism Recognition Day?” CAP believe Justin Trudeau hates our country enough to make this a reality.

Regarding the Head Tax, Gary Mar, CEO of  Canada West Foundation and former provincial cabinet minister, said “it’s important to remember and learn from past events.”

“Have we learned from that experience that people are Canadians and should not be judged by the colour of their skin? I’m not sure we have, but hopefully we do better if we are ever faced with that circumstance again,” he said.

No, we have not learned. Government, media and our academic institutions judge Anglo-European Canadians based on the colour of our skin, and implement punitive measures accordingly.

Gary Mar is missing vital piece of the puzzle. The racism hasn’t ceased– it’s been re-directed from racialized Canadians to white Canadians. The move is systemic, and designed to destroy.

Among myriad methods, the killing of Canada Day stands at the top of government’s anti-Anglophone totem pole.

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  1. (1) The flamboyantly costumed moneybags/sugar daddy with the big proboscis–Always front and center. This twerp is also known in Chinese circles as the Chinese monkey. What a buffoon. Note where he crosses his hands–Afraid that some (fortunate) person might strike him in the soft parts. Trudeau rolling on the ground in agony. Priceless.

    (2) “Our history has as many flaws as most countries.” Not to play the devil’s advocate; but–What were they? It’s a fact the the Chinese Head Tax, and the Komagata Maru were justified. This sort of hundred year old historical material is the motherload for weasels like Trudeau. Dig deeper, and likely most of the “flaws” had Canadian interests in mind. Fiftieth verse; same as the first: White man–Bad!! Everyone else–Good!! This is mind blowing evil. How did this human Ebola virus attain all of this destructive power??? (A rhetorical question. The answer is really quite simple, and yet complex.)

    Listen up Trudeau; that ubiquitous smug look on your self-satisfied face will one day be wiped off. Enjoy your brief taste of “omnipotence.” Like King Belshazzar; you have been found wanting. (Daniel 5:25). You could have used your power for good. The blood of our country, and the people you’ve killed/ruined–Cry out to God.


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