Chinese Community Silence On Marrisa Shen Murder Trial A Mystery

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Dilemma, noun:

“A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially equally undesirable ones.”

Regarding one of the most heinous murder cases in the history of British Columbia, Canada, SUCCESS Immigrant Services appear to be caught in a dilemma.

13-year old Marissa Shen of Burnaby, B.C. was found dead on July 19th, 2017. Syrian refugee Ibrahim Ali is currently being tried in a Vancouver courtroom for her murder.

In spite of the circumstances, inclusive of grisly graphic details related to DNA discovery, Vancouver’s Chinese community have remained silent regarding the rape and murder of a Chinese-Canadian teenager.

CEO of SUCCESS Queenie Choo has spoken out against violence toward Chinese-Canadians in the past. Why a hold-back when it comes to the alleged murder of a Chinese-Canadian school girl at the hands of a Syrian refugee?

Is Ms. Queenie caught in a dilemma? As a government-funded refugee service, drawing attention toward the Ali-Shen murder trial could result in millions of  Canadian eyes seeing this trial in a different context.

CAP pose a salient question: what is on trial here– the murder of Marrisa Shen, or the integrity of Liberal government refugee policy? To find Ibrahim Ali guilty is to place a black mark on Canada’s immigration-refugee intake programs.

Therefore, best to do what our Liberal government and their partners in media are doing: remain silent. Take away the political correctness, and after a hypothetical Barry & Honey Sherman murder trial, the Marrisa Shen murder would be the Canadian trial of the century.

Likewise would it be the case if the accused was a white man. CAP picture the scenario. PM Justin Trudeau pipes in with his political correctness. New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh brands the killing “white supremacy.”

CBC, CTV, Vancouver Sun, Global News– mainstream media ensure that our entire country became aware of the circumstances involved. Substitute a Syrian refugee for a Caucasian,  and what transpires? Near-silence on the level of an intentional cover-up.

A disgrace it is. Speaking of silence, where is a public statement from the parents of young Ms. Shen? Six years have passed since the time of the murder; the Shen parents have not issued a single statement. Let us guess that government informed them that parental silence would be “best for all involved.”

 “After a 14-month impasse from the date of the murder, on September 7, 2018, RCMP arrested Ibrahim Ali (born in 1990 in Syria) as a primary suspect for the murder of Marrisa Shen. Police  used a DNA dragnet technique to identify the suspect. On September 10, 2018, RCMP gave details of his alleged involvement in a press conference saying Ali was arrested on September 7, 2018.”

“Ali had arrived in Canada as a refugee from Syria in April 2017 just months before her murder, police say. Ali’s status as a recent Syrian refugee raised questions about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immigration policy.”

What a state of society Canadians find themselves in. One in which the murder of an innocent child could be sublimated for the benefit of ruling government. It’s what goes on in communist China, and under PM Trudeau, the standard has been replicated in Canadian society.

“Lawyers for Ibrahim Ali were set to complete their questioning of Dr. Jason Morin, a key witness, but the trial was halted because the accused was not well and the jury was sent home.”

Cultural Action Party can see why. The description of the crime is horrendous. Relative to the details, Canadian media coverage is sporadic, and minimal at best.

Why? Can it be that within Justin Trudeau’s port-modern Canada, media are “just following politically correct orders?” We back this theory with aplomb. It’s an absolute disgrace, but then again, if our well-organized Chinese community won’t protest on behalf of one of their own, why would anyone else?

In April, 2023, CAP contacted SUCCESS Board Member Eric Tam, inquiring as to the reason why the local Chinese community remains silent. No response arrived. Not that it comes as a surprise– our organization being what it is.

But Mr. Tam doesn’t need Cultural Action Party to move forward on public exposure. Turns out the Chinese community did take action several years back:

‘Protesters Rally Outside Court Hearing For Accused In Marissa Shen Murder’

March 5th, 2019: “The judge allowed for another adjournment to allow Ibrahim Ali time to view the Crown’s case against him. The case has inflamed emotions because Ali is a Syrian refugee.”

The trial is taking place as we speak. Why is there little more than the sounds of silence surrounding Shen-Ali case? Chinese-Canadians, along with everyone else, should be screaming bloody murder regarding this trial.

It’s not happening– and there has to be a reason why. Is Ibrahim Ali going to be acquitted because he is not a Canadian-born citizen, but rather one of Justin Trudeau’s prized Middle Eastern refugees?

The secret to the silence is found in the fact that the Ali-Shen trial is political. Will woke Liberal politics at the highest level ensure that the court verdict is one of innocence? The outcome remains to be seen, but in no way should concerned parties count it out.

5 thoughts on “Chinese Community Silence On Marrisa Shen Murder Trial A Mystery”

  1. Thank you for making Canadians aware of the absolute disfunction of this government, Justin Trudeau is a pathetic Leader/Loser that was placed in his position, everyone that is awake and aware of what is really going on in this Country knows that he has no say in anything that is happening, he is a mouthpiece for the WEF’ers, it’s to bad he didn’t realize when he took the position, that it also came with an end date with destiny…and his time is almost up, the whole world is looking forward to that one 🔜⚖️is coming ❤️🌹🙏

  2. I would submit another reason for this predictable turn of events: Shen doesn’t have a Y chromosome, while Ali does. And with Italy being only the most recent example, this extends to Skippy’s behavior around whichever world leader he meets.

    At this point, best to get in as many papercuts as possible so we have time to work out how our brave new world is going to work and run.

  3. The Trudeau woke leftists once again demonstrate that it’s all about them and how they are perceived – innocent parties be damned as long as the Liberals save face. Disgusting!

  4. There is a publication ban mandating that the identity of the victim be not disclosed to the public (Section 486.4). See under the tab for publication bans. The Registry file number for this case is 29405.


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