Chinese And South Asians Better Educated, Earn More Than White Canadians

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The latest Statistics Canada research on earnings and educational achievements deliver some titillating data on Canadian ethnicity and demography. The recent findings stand in stark contrast to government, media and academic rhetoric on hardships experienced by racialized communities:

“People of South Korean, Chinese and South Asian extraction tend to be the top earners in Canada. Whites are mostly in the middle of the pack in terms of wages, while they are in the lower echelons in regard to university education.”

Does this not exist in direct contrast to general media presentation? Yes, it does. Will the information affect media presentation on ethnicity in Canada. No, it will not.

What to conclude? Is this a case of media lying to the general public? Fortunately for them, an escape route is included. The data is skewed by the fact that more recent arrivals from Asia bring the statistics down to a more equal level.

But don’t these new arrivals eventually become long-term Canadians? “Go ask your mother,” reply legacy media. The latest StatsCan report is the first in a decade. This is fresh data, not antiquated information displaying inaccuracies on demographic composition.

“Descriptive studies like this are like paintings — different people will see different things in the numbers.” Ms. Thang must have taken lessons from Justin Trudeau, and his “people see things from different perspectives” proclamation.

Here’s a different perspective: “Most Canadian visible-minority women earn more than white females.” Can you get to that? What has happened to the “women of colour, their hardships and the hell that is life in Canada?

Not to worry–they’ll be back. And if readers think this is limited to the feminine half of Trudeau’s “people-kind,” they should think again:

Korean, Japanese and South Asian men earn slightly more than white males.” 

Call in the Critical Race Theory police– this data, reported by mainstream Canadian media, is antithetical to presentation from the press. Society has reached a point where tables have turned. Lucky for multicultural non-profit groups that their mantra is cast-in-stone, and immutable.

A transformation in public perception of the Diversity industry? Don’t be foolish. Despite society changing all around it, multiculturalism has not changed one iota. When  bursting on the scene in 1971, there was no such thing as a white-minority riding. Though you will never be informed by media, today there are dozens.

Degree of adaptation from government? Nothing. Extent of alterations from media? Nil. Amount of adaptation from Canadian academia? Zero.

“Over 60% of Chinese and Korean men boasted a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to just 24% of White males, a gulf referred to as astonishing.”

That’s not astonishing. White Canadians being held responsible for all trials and tribulations experienced by “racialized” communities–  that’s astonishing. How can this be, if these communities are richer and better educated than our  Anglophone community?

Here’s a simple answer: because it can. Because PM Justin Trudeau advances the concept. Add to this NDP Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh. Pile on top journalists from CBC, Toronto Star, and Globe & Mail.

It makes not a spec of difference if it is the truth. Why? Because Canada has transitioned to a nation ruled by ideology. Justin Trudeau solidified the transformation. When ideology rules, data, fact and logic are cast aside. This being a fundamental of authoritarian societies, it is now a standard in Canada.

Is it possible for perception of so-called “minority”communities to be updated? What are the chances that our woke warriors will apply their “progressive” ways to this dynamic?

For 50 years, multiculturalism has been positioned as a “progressive” element of society. And yet over 50 years, multiculturalism has remained exactly as it has from day one.

There is at least one good reason for this– media never write about it. Since its inception, there has been zero analysis of the policy within our press. Pretty strange regarding legislation that has transformed the fabric of society. Unusual, considering the fact that the people of Canada had no say regarding its implementation.

There you have it–multiculturalism is sacrosanct. It is an untouchable. Statistics Canada informs us that a social inversion has occurred regarding ethnic community income and education. The trend can only go up from here.

And there stands multiculturalism– an untouchable, non-democratic policy forced upon our country by the father of Canadian globalism– Pierre Trudeau.

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