China’s Oppression of Minorities Emulating TOTALITARIAN Governments Of History

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Within the spectrum of political affairs, the fine art of “hypocrisy” remains a core component. While it is fair to say this phenomenon is not exclusive toCanada, there is something unique about it when applied to the ruling government of our nation.

By way of current prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau it well appears this state-of-affairs has reached an historical apotheosis.


According to leading Conservative Canadian journalist,  “The country[China] is engaged in a massive military buildup, is throwing minorities into concentration camps, and is imposing mass surveillance backed up by a ruthless authoritarian enforcement division within the country.”

Degree of Exposure by CBC News:  Between minimal and nothing.

“Additionally, and to an extent never shared by establishment press, China is a nation explicitly focused on race.

“The country has a racial hierarchy, with Chinese placed at the top, and minority groups placed at the bottom. Only ethnically Chinese people can become citizens of the state.”

Holy Crow—this is one incriminating piece of news. China as a racist nation? Minorities behind barbed wire fences by the millions. Christians persecuted for worshipping Christ. Muslims held in internment camps– while racial identity is at the top of the “totem pole.”

Now, let CAP contrast this with some typical talk from the ruling Liberal government of Canada:

Liberal Health Minister, Patty Hadju:

“There is no indication that the data that came out of China in terms of their infection rate and their death rate was falsified in any way,”Hadju declared, before suggesting that the reporter’s question was somehow “feeding into conspiracy theories.”

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Can you see the difference? CAP certainly can. Do tell, brother and sister patriot—how often does one read about these behaviours from China in the Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star?

How about NEVER. Or if so, presented in a manner which takes the edge off the truth in a serious manner.

Why are Canadian establishment media in the business of the protection of China and its social policies? Within a democracy such as ours, wouldn’t the expectation be that media would speak against these behaviours?

After all, our nation just spent four years straight listening to PM Justin Trudeau rant on about human rights, civil rights, and racial oppression.

There is just one small “catch” here— he is speaking about Canada. While remaining PM, Trudeau has spoken publicly of the “genocide” of our Aboriginal communities.

Regarding Jewish Refugees from WW2, PM Justin states that “Canada failed the Jewish people.”  Which Canadians, King Justin? Every Canadian ever born, or half–or what?

Sikh-Canadians and their Komogata Maru boat incident from 1907?  Once again, Justin concludes, this means Canada as a whole is a racist nation.

Canada’s treatment of Muslims? Bigoted to the core. Homosexuals? We are homophobic as Hades. Chinese Head Tax recipients in 1905— the result of an awful, xenophobic nation of European settlers.

Yet for China’s treatment of Muslims within their borders? Labour camps to house them in? Justin Trudeau has not one word to say in condemnation.

A communist nation with an intrinsically racist social hierarchy? Again, Justin and his Liberal posse are silent as a church mouse.

Getting the picture here? CAP certainly is—therefore tens of thousands will also be brought in on what the Liberal governments media-slaves will never expose.

CAP Conclusion: The Liberal government of Canada is “sick.” As in, PM Trudeau, Health Minister Patty Hadju, Foreign Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne, and all the rest.

Seems that a curious “prerequisite” is required in order to qualify as a Liberal Cabinet Minister. A few of the rules:

— No matter how outrageous is the social behaviour of China’s government, in order to remain a Cabinet Minister, one cannot criticize or condemn China.

Sure, it is fine for Liberal MP’s such as half-citizens MP Iqra Khalid and MP Ahmed Hussen to brand Canadians racist and bigoted, but never apply these terms to the government of China.

— You must hide away, obscure and cover-up all social inequities of China. Thats’s a rule. To add “texture,” CBC and mainstream media must follow suit.

This brings about CAP’s salient question of the week:

Who does Trudeau, Hadju, Hussen and the rest of the Liberal government actually work for?

For CAP, the answer is obvious— they work on behalf of the government of China. Hyperbole? Rampant paranoia? Perhaps, one may suppose.

However, here is a point that goes beyond supposition: Justin Trudeau & Co. certainly do not work for “Old Stock” Canada— particularly Anglophone Canadians.

Does, or does not, government and media branding of our people as bigots and xenophobes not attest to this theory? If King Justin can stare into a CBC camera and declare Canada indelibly racist—while overlooking the treatment of minorities in China—what does this say about the ideological orientation of our government?

CAP will answer: it says what CBC, CTV and National Post will never tell you. In terms of historical racism in Trudeau’s dying Great White North, Canada has indeed indulged— but we are a million times less culpable than China.

Did you know that in Pakistan, Christian citizens must pay an extra tax beyond what Muslims have to pay in taxes? Did you hear this from half- Pakistani citizen MP Iqra Khalid of the Liberal-Globalist political powerhouse of the Greater Toronto Are(GTA).

Of course you didn’t!  Ms. Khalid does not “criticize her own”— the standing rule for this breed of MP’s within Parliament.

Hypocrisy, deceit, ethnic favouritism—all in a days work as Justin Trudeau continues his pre-destined agenda for the cultural, political and ideological trans-formation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship.


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