China’s Money To Trudeau Foundation Key To Election Victory

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“Despite the Liberal Party having no shortage of wealthy supporters, in its first years the Trudeau Foundation was attracting fewer donations than even some high school softball teams; as late as 2008 the group could boast only $2,000 in annual fundraising.”

Then came political contender for prime minister, Justin Trudeau. On at least one occasion, Canadian media wrote of a dramatic increase in funding directed toward the Trudeau Foundation. Lost in translation is a common theme of monies donated  from a homogenous source.

As reported by the National Post, from the moment that Justin Trudeau announced his candidacy, “the foundation bearing his father’s name was suddenly barraged by millions of dollars in unsolicited donations.”

‘Trudeau Defends Fundraiser With Chinese Businessman Who Donated $200,000 To Father’s Foundation’

It’s China, so any Canadian worth their salt knows that Justin Trudeau will defend the endeavor. The pattern is so ubiquitous one could believe our PM works for the government of China, and not the people of Canada.

“Justin Trudeau was indeed an active member from the foundations’ inception up until 2014. His brother Alexandre was a founding director. The current board includes Sarah Coyne, Pierre Trudeau’s 31-year-old daughter from his relationship with lawyer Deborah Coyne.”

“The prime minister was the star attraction at this exclusive cash for access event with Chinese billionaires,” commented Conservative MP Blaine Calkins during Question Period.

Where There Is China, There Is The Liberal Party Of Canada

“Zhang Bin is a political advisor to the Chinese government, and after attending the event, he and his partner…donated $1 million…including $50,000 to build a statue of the former prime minister.”

And yet, there Trudeau remains–perched on the throne of a nation well past his political expiration date.

After ex-Governor General David Johnston was selected Wednesday as Canada’s “special rapporteur” to probe the extent of Chinese electoral interference, media noted that Johnston is a registered member of the Trudeau Foundation.

 Morris Rosenberg — who was Hired by the Trudeau government to draft a probe into Chinese interference in the 2021 election, is a former director of the Trudeau Foundation.

Do tell, fellow patriots. What does it say about Canadian governance when blatant, tangible evidence of collusion exists on this level, and yet the prime minister remains?

It’s one thing for a political partnership  between the Chinese government and the Liberal Party to gain exposure throughout society. After all, it only took a half-century beginning with ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau to get there.

It’s quite another event for Trudeau and the Liberals to survive this scandal. If it occurs–and even if not– it’s time our citizenship face a critical truth:

Canada is, and has been for decades, a far less democratic a society than the majority of Canadians would imagine. Two political figures factor into the equation more than anyone else, and they are both from the same family.

If not for legacy media, Pierre Trudeau would be understood as the founder of the globalism phenomenon in Canada. Intentional obfuscation of the fact has for decades assisted the Liberal Party in a China-influenced hijacking of Canadian society.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau became national leader. Just shy of eight years later, mainstream society finally gain an inkling into the progression of the Liberal-China political partnership.

“The [Trudeau Foundation]windfall would come by way of Chinese business representatives who had met privately with Trudeau in closed-door Liberal fundraisers.”

After meeting with Justin Trudeau in an exclusive fundraiser at a private Vancouver home, Chinese businessman Zhang Bin donated $200,000 to the Trudeau Foundation.

“According to recent CSIS leaks, may have ultimately been reimbursed by Chinese consular officials seeking to peddle influence with the new prime minister.”

So much collusion, so little time. Or was there? Researching the situation, one gets the gut feeling that it wasn’t until CSIS couldn’t take it anymore that the covert relationship became exposed. Not that media position it in this manner.

In May 2016, PM Trudeau attended a fundraiser  at the home of Benson Wong, chairman of the Chinese Business Chamber of Commerce.

Attending a $1,500 per plate fundraiser was Shenglin Xian who, at the time, was awaiting approval from federal regulators for his bank to be approved in Canada. According to the Globe and Mail, Wealth One Bank of Canada was given final approval several months later.

In a scathing comment issued this week, Canada’s former Chinese ambassador David Mulroney stated that there is “abundant evidence to support the existence of Beijing’s long-term plan to influence Canadian politicians at all levels of government.”

Enough. By now, Canadian voters should have had it up to here with Justin Trudeau and his China-infused globalist antics. Has democracy in Canada been transitioned to a political relic, soon to be relegated to the dustbin of history?

If Justin Trudeau should remains prime minister indefinitely, we will have our answer.

— With files from National Post.

2 thoughts on “China’s Money To Trudeau Foundation Key To Election Victory”

  1. “Zhang [Money] Bin is a political advisor to the Chinese government, and after attending the event, he and his [trans] partner…donated $1 million…including $50,000 to build a [talking] statue of the former prime minister.” When the Peace Tower clock finishes striking the hour; the statue loudly exclaims–In both “official” languages–“The land is strong! The land is strong!” (1972 re-election slogan.) Woke Liberal partisans have been seen on their bellies; worshipping at the feet of this talking likeness of their “god.”

    Up the rear. That’s the Canadian way. None of this will change without a coast-to-coast; national uprising. “We’re mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.” Do Canadians have it in them? How much more will it take until this decades old; national anesthesia wears off? This is the stuff of revolutions; not apathetic mumblings. Rank and file Canada; arise from your insensate slumber.


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