China Unrolls STERILIZATION, FORCED Birth Control Policy For Muslim Minority: Global Research Foundation

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Dr. Adrian Zenz is one of the world’s leading scholars on People’s Republic of China (PRC) government policies towards the country’s western regions of Tibet and Xinjiang.

Dr. Zenz is the author earlier this year of an in-depth analysis of the “Karakax List,” a leaked PRC(China’s government) document relating to repressive practices directed against religious practice among Uyghur Muslims (Journal of Political Risk, February 17, 2020).

“In a Jamestown Foundation report, Dr. Zenz presents detailed analysis of measures to forcibly suppress birthrates among ethnic Uyghur(Muslim) communities, to include the mass application of mandatory birth control and sterilizations.”

How extreme these measures are. Pure, unadulterated “social engineering,” communist-style. Know what CAP believe about the social engineering phenomenon? We believe the ruling government of Canada are applying this to the ethnic and religious composition within Canadian society– that’s what.

“This policy, directed by the authorities of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), is intended to reduce the Uyghur(Muslim) population in Xinjiang relative to the numbers of ethnic Han Chinese—and thereby to promote more rapid Uyghur assimilation into the “Chinese Nation-Race.”

Okay– so major international authorities have branded China’s social engineering agenda regarding their Islamic populations a calculated, pre-meditated program of ethnic community population reduction.

Three Salient Points From CAP:

  1. PM Justin Trudeau has not uttered a single word about this mass manipulation of human beings.
  2. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of Trudeau’s media team have neglected to report on this social manipulation within China.
  3. CAP believe Trudeau & his Liberals are also engaging in social manipulation within Canadian society.

In fact, CAP remain steadfast in our belief that Trudeau, 3rd World Refugee Warrior MP Ahmed Hussen, and current Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino are using unnecessary and unwanted 3rd world migration to marginalize and minimize Canada’s Anglo-European citizenship.

“Based on research in original Chinese-language source materials, Dr. Zenz presents a compelling case that the CCP party-state apparatus in Xinjiang is engaged in severe human rights violations that meet the criteria for genocide as defined by the U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”

Here is something that CAP find to be an incredible and 100% over-looked irony within Canadian society:

PM Justin Trudeau, ubiquitous advocate for Muslim civil and human rights, has shunned the alleged genocide. Witness as King Trudeau prances around the planet throwing billions of our tax-payer dollars at the following nations:

Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Chad, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso, and dozens more.

BURIED BY MEDIA: 4000 Christians MURDERED In Burkina Faso While Trudeau Provides $63 Million Per Year

 In other words, Canada’s king of the multicult is pro-Muslim, 24/7. Except when it comes to his family’s preferred nation of China. Then, silent as a “church mouse”, Mr. Trudeau scurries off to continue his latest “pet project”– running down Canadians of Anglophone and European heritage.

Hypocrite much? Let’s face it– Justin Trudeau has found himself with a major dilemma— to support Islam, or to support China?

Looks as if Canada’s “dictator-in-waiting” selected China–no surprise, really. Both his father Pierre Trudeau, and brother Alexandre Trudeau, were and are GIANT supporters of communist China.

As CAP said– a major dilemma. Or is it? We propose that the dilemma is nothing compared to what it would be if CBC and corporate media in Canada actually EXPOSED the story.

Due to establishment media’s post-modern vocational mandate, accurate and timely news reporting is no longer “job number one.”

Rather, media role is to protect Canada’s neo-dictator, Justin Trudeau. Therefore, all major media eschew the China-Muslim story for the benefit of boss-man Justin.

This is the true story of the Liberal government of Canada in the year 2020. In a many respects, Trudeau’ Liberals are a “reasonable facsimile” of China’s style of governance.

Yes, it is subtle is some respects–particularly if a Canadian exclusively follows the new reporting of CBC, Globe & Mail, and Toronto Star.

It’s “commie-time” in Canada, and PM Trudeau is socialist “King Of The Castle.” CAP anticipate much more of this man’s pseudo-communism as our nation morphs from democracy into a dictatorship.







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