China Snubs Justin Trudeau As Two Canadian Citizens Sit On Death Row

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Last week, Justin Trudeau said he was considering “engaging directly” with Chinese President Xi Jinping as tensions between Canada and China continue to smoulder.

In a separate attempt, Beijing ignored an effort by Trudeau  to arrange a conversation with China’s premier in order to intervene on behalf of Canadians detained in China.

Trudeau’s office told CBC News that the prime minister requested a call with Prime Minister Li Keqiang, but China ignored and ultimately rejected his request.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry blamed the diplomatic freeze on Canada:

“What I can tell you is that the current setback China-Canada relations face are entirely caused by the Canadian side itself, and the responsibility lies entirely with Canada,” said Geng Shuang.

What happened next? Instead of the CURRENT prime minister dealing with Canada-Chinese relations, a FORMER prime minister has volunteered to deal with the debacle.

Former Liberal PM Jean Chretien— the man who opened the door for the communist government of China to get their hooks into the Alberta Oil Sands– says he is ready to fly to China in an attempt to patch up the mess Justin Trudeau has made of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

As it happens, Chrétien’s son-in-law André Desmarais, deputy chairman and co-CEO of Montreal’s Power Corporation, is also the honorary chairman of the Canada-China Business Council.

A FORMER PM. Talk about an ineffective CURRENT prime minister!  Yet, CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest REFUSE to articulate the near-absurdity of the situation. Additionally, establishment media have taken the edge off of the fact that two Canadians are currently on DEATH ROW in China.

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Another FORMER prime minister, Brian Mulroney,  suggested this week that the Trudeau government consider enlisting a FORMER prime minister to lead a high-powered delegation to China to fight for the release of detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

“What they might want to do is take a look at sending over someone like Jean Chrétien, who has a lot of respect of the Chinese,” Brian Mulroney told The Canadian Press.

So that’s TWO FORMER prime ministers  now involved in Justin’s diplomacy screw-up. And yet NO ONE in government or media is suggesting that these circumstances provide tangible evidence that Justin Trudeau should NO LONGER be prime minister of Canada.

Does the situation not render Trudeau WHOLLY INEFFECTIVE? Of course it does. Basically, our current government has to bring in the “big boys” to get the job done. NOT man-child Justin Trudeau or current foreign affairs minister, Chrystia Freeland. As it happens, Freeland as well has been 100% snubbed by the government of China.

Violent protests in Hong Kong this week are in opposition to a government-sponsored bill that would allow people to be extradited to mainland China to face charges. China is once again issuing a warning to Canada after Chrystia Freeland put out a statement outlining concerns over Beijing’s planned extradition law. But they still REFUSE TO SPEAK WITH HER.

Conclusion? Justin Trudeau has DECIMATED Canada’s relationship with China. A strange development, considering that China was the nation thrown out when Mr. Trudeau was asked which nations on earth he most admired.

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Yet, even after all this consternation, hand-wringing and bad blood between our two nations, mainstream Canadian media will not come out and state Justin Trudeau is a failure as a prime minister.

Millions will vote for him in the October, 2019 election. Liberal political campaigns will present LIES to voter regarding Trudeau accomplishments, both domestically and internationally. Most will be nothing short of globalist propaganda and deceit.

Justin Trudeau deserves the biggest “F” for failure of any prime minister in history. Even his deficit mongering, commie- admiring father Pierre doesn’t come close.



3 thoughts on “China Snubs Justin Trudeau As Two Canadian Citizens Sit On Death Row”

  1. Justin has built a wall around him, his mps, his reporters, his police, his laws(Sharia,), his own selective people., . He controls them with an iron fist. Outside of that wall canadians are they own devices being surround by thugs and dangerous people.
    People like Justin are considered cowards, always surround themselves with many bodyguards and reporters to clean his gaffs and disasters.
    Canadians will soon find out the mess justin has turned their country into.

  2. Hey, so what he is snubbed by China? Trudeau doesn’t care, but what he wants is for other nations to do his failed work while he continues insulting them because they refuse to follow on.his demand on gender bs.


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