China Meddling In Canadian Politics For Past 40 Years: CSIS Chief

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November 3rd, 2022:  According to the Globe & Mail, “a senior official at Canada’s spy agency[CSIS] tells members of Parliament that China is the “foremost aggressor” when it comes to foreign interference in Western countries and works within their political systems to corrupt them.”

Of these western countries, Canada stands at the pinnacle. Reasons for the circumstances, as obscured by Canadian media, date back more than 40-years.

November 7th, 2022: A report from Global News indicates that “CSIS warned the Prime Minister that China has been targeting Canada with a foreign-interference campaign, including Beijing allegedly providing cash for 11 federal candidates in the 2019 election.”

Was PM Justin Trudeau aware of such circumstances previous to CSIS dropping this bombshell? Long-term readers of CAP articles will know what we believe to be the correct response. Upon which we deliver a second bombshell, as obfuscated within Canadian media presentation:

According to Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former chief of the Asia-Pacific desk at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), “every Canadian prime minister over the past 40 years has allegedly been compromised by agents working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).”

Quite the claim, eh? As it happens, Cultural Action Party[est 2016] would be among those who have attempted to blow the whistle on what we perceive as a Liberal Party of Canada- Government of China partnership dating back decades.

One piece of the puzzle remains critical. Patriots would do well to recognize that among all the consternation regarding Chinese federal election interference, the historical element of China’s penetration of Canadian society has been omitted– with full intention.

Diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and Canada were established on 13 October 1970. In October 1973, Pierre Trudeau became the first Canadian Prime Minister to pay an official visit to the PRC, meeting Mao Zedong.

In other words, the roots of the Canada-China governmental relationship is over a half-century old. Its founder is former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. Ever witness our media stating this outright within the context of the 2023 China-Canada election scandal?

“In October 1983, the Foreign Minister of PRC visited Canada and signed the Agreement on Developing Cooperation between China and Canada.”

Not specified by the press is that this was one of the last foreign policy moves made by Pierre Trudeau before he retired in 1984. We note the synergy with foreign policy decisions made by current PM Justin Trudeau. Upon election in 2015, Trudeau Jr.’s first major foreign policy decision was an attempt to create a free trade agreement with the communist government of China.

Quite the coincidence, eh? Yet, now that accusations of Chinese election corruption have caught fire among Canadians, not once has CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail or any other mainstream media company pointed to the synergy between so-called father and son?

Why would they omit such a critical element from the equation? Because they exist as a core component of political deception?

Moving forward to the 1990s, Wikipedia tells us that “early in their tenures under Liberal PM Jean Chretien, Ministers Allan Rock and André Ouellet felt it beneficial to sign a treaty with China that gave the Chinese access to the powers of the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act (Canada), and in fact it was signed in Beijing by the latter in July 1994.”

Felt it beneficial, did they? Let us ask “for whom?” For the benefit of the people of Canada? For the purpose of maintenance of national sovereignty?

The “for whom” query hold the key to understanding a political dynamic held back from public knowledge to this day.

The beneficiaries are, in random order, Quebec money-men, Laurentian Mountain elites, Liberal Party of Canada, Bank of M0ntreal(BMO), the billionaire Desmarais family of Quebec(Power Corp), and the Trudeau family of Quebec.

Is it arguable that this Quebecois cabal planned every move for the financial and political benefit of a chosen few? Can it be possible that Canadian media has been towing a line of protectionism in this regard for the past 50-years?

David Kenneth Roy Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet (born 12 June 1957), is a Canadian/British hereditary peer and media magnate. Upon the death of his father in 2006, Thomson became the chairman of Thomson Corporation and also inherited his father’s British title, Baron Thomson of Fleet. After the acquisition of Reuters in 2008, Thomson became the chairman of the merged entity, Thomson Reuters.

As of November 2022, Thomson is the richest person in Canada and 23rd richest in the world, with an estimated net worth of $52.4 billion.

Money talks, and the Thompson Media Group have billions of it. Enough to own the Globe & Mail, and myriad other media outlets in Canada, and around the world. For those who wonder about perpetual woke Liberal globalist bias entrenched within Canadian media, this may well be the reason why.

Thompson wants the Liberal-China integration project to remain intact, as does Justin Trudeau, and Liberal Cabinet Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne. Measuring the degree to which Canadian voter are sick and tired of Trudeau, pint-sized “mini-me” FPC is said to be sitting in the prime ministerial bullpen.

In other words, the silent maintenance of the Liberal-Quebec-China cabal is presently in the works in the dying Great White North. Media never position the situation as such, because the inherent goal is to continue on with the political status quo. Everyone involved makes big money, while the “little people” of Canada have their life savings squeezed out of them by globalist figurehead Justin Trudeau.

“Michel Juneau-Katsuya claimed that he was aware of the U.S. probe into the alleged CCP infiltration but Canadian policymakers ignored warnings from him and other intelligence officials for decades.”

“When asked how serious China’s political interference in Canadian politics was, Juneau-Katsuya said it became ‘extremely dangerous’ for Canada’s democracy.”

If the former CSIS agent is correct, and China’s meddling is a major threat to democracy in Canada, why has the phenomenon been hidden from Canadians for decades? CAP pipe in with an explanation:

Neither our Liberal government, nor our prime minister, in addition to establishment media owners, give a care if democracy is compromised in Canada. And what, pray-tell, would transpire as a result, given enough time festering in the darkness?

Try the end of democracy in our country, to be replaced by a socialist, China-controlled puppet government. No wonder CAP will likely be removed from the internet under the Liberal’s internet censorship Bill C-18.

Go around talking like this, and very likely, the end is nigh. Shades of communism calling? With Justin Trudeau as prime minister, it’s pretty much a fait accompli.

“On October 1st, 2019, the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese military was engaged in a display of power, and Liberal Government Defence Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan attended a Vancouver soiree to celebrate the event.”

A beautiful microcosm it is. Rather than defend Canada from a degeneration of democracy, PM Trudeau’s selection for Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan is swilling champagne with Chinese ambassadors and diplomats.

Communist China has been in existence for 70 years. For 50 of those years, the Liberal government has maintained a tacit partnership with the government of China. For the same time period, media in Canada have been obscuring the agenda.

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