“China is Colonizing Canada” Says Leading Canadian Journalist

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“When will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau call a public inquiry into Chinese interference in Canadian elections? Answer: never, if he can help it.”

That the condition of federal politics has reached its nadir should be obvious to the majority of Canadians. While we’re at it, let’s throw in the degeneration of democratic governance in society.

All this, and much more related to it, is the unsung political melody of the decade. Of those years, Justin Trudeau has been prime minister for eight of them.

Truth is, it was a grim situation before Trudeau Jr. came along to rocket-launch the condition into the political stratosphere. As CAP has alluded to in the past, the decline of democracy in Canada began with ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

Several Liberal PMs, and at least one Conservative PM, helped drive the integration forward. By the time Justin Trudeau put a stranglehold on Canadian society, the Liberal-Quebec-China cabal was close to reaching an apotheosis. Some eight years later, at least one brazen journalist has broken the code:

“Left to fester, the rot slowly undermines the entire structure. In the case of Canada, that structure is sovereignty, the ability to make decisions in the best interest of our citizens, freely and without interference from foreign governments.”

“You don’t realize how precious sovereignty is until you lose it, and by then, it can be too late to get it back.”

Against the grain of media dissemination, writer Tasha Kheiriddin defies the will of Canada’s Liberal government:

“Ask Canadians today about sovereignty and they’re unlikely to say it’s a high priority. Housing, food prices, health, and public safety top the list. People are fleeing wildfires and battling drug addiction. There are so many concerns crying for attention, ‘sovereignty’ doesn’t really rate.”

Exactly as the communist doctor ordered, as cooked up by Liberal Party backroom schemers driving the globalist chariot race toward the finish line.

Keep the public fretting over their daily lives. Carbon Tax them into submission. Maximize social anxiety. Put the people in financial debt.”

Doing so keeps the minds of Canadians squarely focused on the present. Long-term thinking is eschewed, replaced with a struggle for daily survival. This way, voters will not see the forest for the trees. The long-term game remains in the shadows, and victory is theirs for the taking.

This strategy, derived from communist ideology and perfected by the government of China, is being deployed in Canada for a purpose. When a mainstream media outlet like National Post delivers a direct hit like this, you know trouble-time has come to Canada.

“The erosion of our sovereignty by foreign powers, notably the Chinese communist government, contributes to many of those problems. On housing: Chinese money laundering inflated Canadian property values for decades and helped push home ownership out of reach for today’s buyers.” 

“On drug addiction: China is the main source country of fentanyl found in Canada, paving the way for thousands of overdose deaths. On the economy: China has targeted a host of Canadian industries for control, from lobsters to lithium.”

Ms. Kheiriddin hits the nail on the head. Yes, China has decimated the Nova Scotia lobster industry. Yes, the Trudeau government sold Canada’s singular lithium mine to the Chinese government.

Is China taking over Canada? If so, let us name names. Which individuals qualify as those who have contributed most to China’s infiltration of Canadian society?

A recent theory suggests that China’s geo-political strategy involves putting western democracies like Canada as deep in fiscal debt as possible, thereby weakening an ability to stave off China’s infiltration of western nations.

Top 2 Canadian Political Deficit Accumulations In History:

Justin Trudeau, followed by Pierre Trudeau. We gain insight into situation. Without question, the two Trudeau’s are the individuals most responsible for China’s socio-political interjection into Canadian politics, media, academia and business world.

“Foreign interference has benefitted generations of Canadian politicians, corporations, and individuals.”

Permit us to get specific. The “generations” the writer speaks of are the ones in-between the arrival of Pierre Trudeau in 1968, and Justin Trudeau in 2023.

The politicians are Liberal in the main. The corporations are Quebecois. The individuals are the billionaire Demarais family of Quebec, as well as nefarious under-the-covers organizations such as the Canada-China Business Council, as founded by the Demarais’ in conjunction with the Trudeau family.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Simply put– “we’ve been had”– no one more so than the nemesis communities according to the Liberal Party of Canada:

Anglophones and other “Old Stock” Canadians(save the French). Christians(commies don’t like them), Conservatives, Albertans, Patriots, Nationalists, and the like.

Pourquoi? Because apart from foolish white snowflakes, these people will not accept a conversion to communism as perpetrated by government.

“Canada’s entire history has been one long, multi-layered fight for sovereignty. So why would we let ourselves be colonized again, especially by an authoritarian state that ruthlessly represses its citizens and threatens states who challenge its hegemony?”

Salient messaging it is, particularly when it comes to the topic of colonization. Has, or has not, the Trudeau government from day one been pushing the “Old Stock Canadian As Evil Colonizer” ticket?

Government, media, academia. Canada’s “big three” all do it, in addition to perpetuating the idea that generational citizens are bigoted racists.

For what reason? How about for the purpose of weakening patriotism, maximizing guilt, lowering national self-esteem, and defining Canadian history as racist and homophobic.

Is what we speak of a preliminary set-up for the stealing our nation away from its rightful owners? After all, if “we stole the country” in the first place, then it is fair to steal the country once again.

This is what Justin Trudeau is doing to Canada. That even one mainstream media outlet has the guts to allude to such a concept is at least a glimmer of hope in a dark storm of pre-conceived political seduction.

5 thoughts on ““China is Colonizing Canada” Says Leading Canadian Journalist”

  1. Glory be! “Ms. Kheiriddin [writing for the *National Post*] hits the nail on the head.” One hopes that she has her resume up-to-date. She might be radioactive to the rest of the Trudeau MSM. It’s quite surprising that the paper ran the article. How utterly refreshing. Could it be they smell Trudeau’s blood? The “expose”–Too little; too late? As CAP has often said; “When the sheep awaken to what’s been happening to their country; it may already be lost.” (Paraphrase.)

  2. harper-fipa-2014, for the most part, it is Justin Trudeau causing your problems in Canada. It isn’t however because he is Chinese or a member of the CCP, which I wouldn’t doubt it if he were. It is mostly because he is a member of the Forum of Young Global Leaders and that the YGL are doing the same things to Canada that they are to the rest of the world right now.

    They are not doing these things for the CCP, they are doing these things in conjunction with the CCP. I have no idea what you are speaking of when you mention harper-fipa-2014, but I’m assuming it is some kind of a deal that was made with conservatives back in 2014 and that you are using that as some kind of a justification to absolve your communist wannabe dictator you have in your country right now from all of the horrible things he has done to Canada.

    I’m not saying there is for sure, but there is a good chance that if you did some research into harper-fipa-2014 and some journalistic digging, you could find out that those “conservatives” involved probably had ties to the World Economic Forum or the YGL themselves. The events transpiring today around the world are not by accident, they have been planning all of this for decades and you are simply a shill, a pawn, an unwitting accomplice to the destruction that will leave you in the exact same position as it will leave conservatives if they succeed with what they are doing.

    Yuri Besmenov, a defector to Canada from Russia in the early 1980s lovingly referred to you as a useful idiot, which is exactly what you are and that is all that you are.


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