China Inquiry: To Continue Erosion Of Democracy In Canada, Vote Liberal

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Responding to questions put to Canada’s prime minister regarding accusations of China’s election interference, Justin Trudeau pledged to enact the inquiry’s recommendations so “we can strengthen even further the protection of institutions and of our democracy.”

“But that’s only half of it. The other half is giving Canadians confidence in their institutions and their democracy,” said Trudeau.

Irony drips from the tongue as our PM indulges in a favourite political habit known as “doublespeak,” defined as language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.

The term ‘doublespeak’ derives from two concepts in George Orwell‘s paen to communist governance, Nineteen Eighty-Four.” 

How apropos it is. For as long as Mr. Trudeau has been in office, Cultural Action Party [est 2016] have been harping on a dichotomy conveniently cast aside by media:

Democracy versus Socialism.

While legacy media have to some extent exposed nefarious dealings between the Liberal Party of Canada and the government of China, they continuously go-light on the duplicity inherent in the political dynamic.

Additional obfuscation from the press arrives in the form of neglecting a half-century of historical relations between the Liberals and the Chinese government.

Within this historical trajectory we can discover the roots of democratic erosion as founded by the catalyst for China’s penetration of Canadian society, Pierre Trudeau. If a clear line between so-called father and son was articulated by media, our citizenship would have come to recognize the “belly of the beast” years ago.

We point to what could be interpreted as tangible steps along the pathway to a degeneration of democracy during the reign of Trudeau Jr.

Media don’t like to admit it, but the Covid pandemic comes from China. Its impact resulted in what could be interpreted as a “dry run” for authoritarian control of society. Strict, regimented social conditions as granular as being forced to stand in line demarcated by dots on supermarket floors.

Masks, regulations, fines, criminal charges for violation. Unprecedented in the history of our country, government indulges in communist-like control of society.

After which the Feds followed up with what should have been positioned as Canada’s “Tiananmen Square” moment.

Invocation of the Emergencies Act sent out the kind of messaging citizens in China so clearly comprehend: “mess with the government, and you will be in hot water faster than lobsters at a seafood restaurant.” Fines, frozen bank accounts, potential jail time await those who attended or funded the Truckers Convoy protest in early 2023.

Of the Liberal’s penchant for neo-communism, little can touch the Trudeau government’s enactment of Euthanasia laws.

“Fifteen times as many Canadians as Californians are choosing an assisted death. A study suggests one in 10 deaths in Canada will be by MAID.

Can’t afford rent? Reluctant to pay taxes? Canada’s federal government offer their permanent solution: death. How much more utilitarian can a government get? Not much, because under the Liberals, our country has been transitioned to the assisted dying capital of the world.

“The implication of Canada’s law is that a life with disability is automatically less worth living and that in some cases, death is preferable. Canada is the only country that allows nurse practitioners, not just doctors, to end patients’ lives.”

These developments and many others illustrate what has been “hiding in plain sight” since Justin Trudeau took office in late 2015. Another indulgence in neo-communism– government’s funding (read purchasing) of establishment media organizations– prevents voters from comprehending the clear picture.

All of it culminating in the political bomb dropped regarding alleged interference by China. Reports vary, but the accepted accusation stands at interference in eleven federal ridings— enough to reorient the election victory out of the hands of the Conservative Party and into the arms of the Liberals.

At the inquiry, Trudeau commented  that “the results were not affected, and it was improbable that Beijing preferred one party over another.”

Poppycock. The past fifty years of federal politics tells us that the statement is pure folly. Desperately clinging to power, Trudeau attempts to pass off verbal tripe as ultimate truth.

What does a continuation of Liberal governance mean for the destiny of our country?

Robotic in nature, our PM continues to indulge in Faustian-level deceptions. His ultimate agenda being socio-political transformation. He wants it so bad he can taste it. Either that, or his globalist handlers have him by the short-hairs, possibly by way of illicit behaviour indulged in while “sowing his oats” as as a silver-spoon fed youth.

What’s at stake should Trudeau’s Liberals gain a fourth term in office is more than a matter of deficit, inflation, taxes and housing. At the root of the Liberal-China relationship lies the political fate of our nation.

“It’s A Shame We Didn’t Have Trudeau’s Testimony Earlier. Much Earlier.”

You can say that again, Ms. He/She/They down at the CBC. Simply put, it’s the Canadian way. Years down the road– after damage is done and cannot be reversed– comes the media message. It’s a sign of collusion between the Liberals and their paid-off media, and it’s been like this for decades.

The socialist seduction of Canada via the Liberal Party of Canada and their “international” partners continues…

3 thoughts on “China Inquiry: To Continue Erosion Of Democracy In Canada, Vote Liberal”

  1. “Trudeau commented that “the results were not affected, and it was improbable that Beijing preferred one party over another.” Lying is as natural as breathing to this costumed buffoon. “These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are dead” (1 Timothy 4:2, NLT).

  2. i got a question for you so called right wing conservatives, i thought it was canadians who voted who’s in power? even if china or america or anyone tries to promote a party, its the canadians who vote… is it not?

    i swear some of you are extremely low

    • To understand the situation properly takes some research, not simply reading CBC reports and other Liberal-funded media opinion.

      CSIS says China meddled. Doubt it if you like.


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