China Exerting Control Over Government, Media, Education In Canada Says Study

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A recent report from  Alliance Canada Hong Kong delivered to the House of Commons committee on Canada-China relations is warning that the influence of the People’s Republic of China in Canada is widespread, but has gone “largely unnoticed.”

No sensible Canadian should be surprised by this declaration. As a watchdog organization for Canada-China relations, Cultural Action Party apply the “unnoticed” theory to the entire spectrum of relations between these nations.

According to a recent Globe and Mail article, “In Canada, individuals and groups are targeted by [Chinese] party state actors and Chinese nationalists,as drawn from a study titled In Plain Sight: Beijing’s Unrestricted Network of Foreign Influence in Canada.

How ironic. As if any aspect of a decades-long connection between the Liberal Party of Canada and the government of China can be described as being “In Plain Sight.”

“Chinese authorities have been “exporting their authoritarianism overseas” by infiltrating democratic institutions in Canada and elsewhere as a way to stifle criticism of the Communist state,” says Cherie Wong, executive director of Alliance Canada Hong Kong.

According to Ms. Wong, Chinese leadership has “sought to exert control over foreign politicians, academics, media, and other institutions, including within Canada.”

There you have it–straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. And yet, amid the copious amounts of evidence regarding China’s penetration into Canadian society, a giant omission looms large: Who is responsible?

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Let CAP be clear and direct about this: no other entity in history hold more responsibility than the Liberal Party of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau residing. No historical figure has been more responsible than father Pierre Trudeau.

And yet– in what borders on “absurdist theatre,” Justin Trudeau has won two terms in succession, and by all accounts will be headed for a third term come the next federal election.

How can this be? Why is it that 38 million Canadians wouldn’t piece together Trudeau’s paean to communist China, and promptly vote him out of office, never to return?

You tell CAP— is the citizenship of Canada so in love with China that they approve of Liberal Party-Government of China relations? Could it be that, in reality, communism is the greatest thing since sliced bread for Canadian voters?

It can’t be, and it isn’t. Therefore, an ulterior explanation must exist. This situation is unnatural. On this basis, only an element of collusion– meaning manipulation– can serve as the reasoning. The source of this is so obviously Canadian media, who have danced around Trudeau’s endorsement of communism since the day he attained his Canadian crown.  

The degree of pathos in this situation is extreme. And to be completely forthright–it gets worse. Pourquoi? Because not a shred of this is going to alter the political landscape within our country.

Justin Trudeau will win a third term as he continues to lead Canada down a path not only to an acceptance of “Big Brother” China, but to an emulation of the Far East nation’s form of governance.

Such is the element of pre-destiny inherent in the workings of government and media–not to mention Canada’s academic world.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP  Founder ( Est. 2016)

2 thoughts on “China Exerting Control Over Government, Media, Education In Canada Says Study”

  1. I think voter fraud has been key to Trudeau’s ‘wins.’ And will be in the future as well.

    After all, Dominion Voting is a Canadian Company (implicated in 2020 voter fraud in US/currently under forensic audit) .

  2. Nonsense. Dominion Voting was not implicated in any fraud whatsoever. Both Republican and Democrat elections officials said that the 2020 election was a very fair election


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