China Deserves EVERY OUNCE Of Canadian Wrath And So Does Justin Trudeau

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As the current coronavirus story gained prominence, some of the same people who experienced all that in 2003 worried publicly that the same thing could happen again in 2020. Amy Go, interim president of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, put it this way in an interview in an interview with The Guardian:

“I was hopeful it wasn’t going to be like 2003. But it is. It’s happening now and it’s just going to be amplified (by social media).”

A group of Chinese moms worried about the “inevitable wave of racism” that would arrive with the spreading virus.

It is most revealing to witness establishment media coverage of China’s latest fatal disease export, Coronavirus. In an op-ed piece published in the Hamilton Spectator includes the following headline:

“Bigotry Is The Virus We Should Worry Most About”

Do patriots and other common sense Canadians really believe this? CAP certainly does not. In our books, what comes first is the preservation of innocent lives. It may well be true that the general Canadian-Chinese community should not held responsible, Canadian citizens have every right to reject the nation of China, and its government.

Not that Justin Trudeau would ever do something along these lines. As sensible Canadians understand, PM Trudeau has his priorities. China is one of them, along with the Nation of Islam, as well as Sikh Nationalism.

For Justin–as well as communist brother in the shadows Alexandre Trudeau, China is nothing short of a “masterpiece nation.”

Trudeau Family Quotes:

“The experience of that superb strategist Mao Tse-tung might lead us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country(Canada), the possibility of establishing socialist strongholds in certain regions is the very best thing.”

— Pierre Trudeau

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.”

— Justin Trudeau

“My whole professional career has had a focus on geopolitics, and in this age, you cannot understand the world without understanding the massive role that China has grown to play.”

— Alexandre Trudeau

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Is it, or is it not, obvious as heck that the “First Family of Canadian Prime Ministers” are virulently pro-China, and supporters of communism?

This is, in fact, what the people of Canada should really hate. The globalization of our nation by way of the Trudeau Dynasty has damaged Anglophone Canada is no uncertain terms.

BURIED BY CBC:  Justin Trudeau Prepares To Grant Communist China Access To PRIVATE CANADIAN DATA

China is in reality a parasite nation to Canada. Much of the impetus comes from organizations such as the Canada-China Business Council— a Pierre Trudeau-conceived Liberal Elitist non-profit group dedicated to integrating all aspects of China into Canadian society.

And look at the manner in which Canadian media have reported on Coronavirus. You would think Mother Teresa was in charge of content: “Danger is minimal.” says CBC. “We have it all under control” reports the Globe & Mail.

So can you hear it? The most immaculate, perfect lethal virus in history. “We learned so much from the Chinese SARS epidemic that we are in great shape regarding Coronavirus.”

What’s next, Mr. CTV--a thank you note to the Chinese government for the SARS virus as a remedy for Corona?

For Canadians, the situation is simple: We don’t want China’s diseases. In fact, millions of Canadians do not want China period. But Justin Trudeau does–and within his “post-modern” nation-state, what government wants, government gets. Public opinion is entirely secondary, if not irrelevant--just as it is in the behemoth communist nation.

“My Twitter has just exploded with vitriol since this morning,” Toronto resident Terri Chu said on Tuesday. “But it’s just par for the course, growing up as a minority when you’re not part of a dominant class.”

But here’s a little secret for you, Ms. Terri Chu– Within 30 years it is white Canadians who will not be part of the dominant class. And one of the main reasons why is due to immigration from China as a component of the Liberal government’s agenda to trans-form Anglophone Canada into a minority community.

Degree of exposure by way of CBC and the rest? Nothing, nada, zero. And if it isn’t too much to ask, White Canada would like to maximize our demographic numbers. Fair to say that not dying from China’s latest disease export would help us out in this capacity.

Crying racism is just so “2015.” Anyone can do it–even down-in-the-mouth white Canadians. For CAP, punitive Trudeau government measures towards Anglophone Canada outstrip all the rest. Chinese-Canadians are a growing population. Islamic-Canada is exploding. Sikh Canada has never held so much political power as it does today under King Justin of Canada.

BURIED BY CBC:  Trudeau Rolls Out Agenda Transforming White Canadians To MINORITY Community

Read it and weep, fellow Anglophones--your days are numbered as a majority community. 








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