China Cybercrime “Controlling Political Discourse In Canada” Says Official Report

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According to a recent report from Clairvoyance Cyber Corp., tech companies such as Huawei and China Telecom are now targeting Canada in a “multifaceted type of warfare.”

As reported by Global News of Canada, Clairvoyance Cyber Corp. provides consulting services for CSIS and the RCMP. The report was completed in 2019 for Public Safety Canada, and warns that “state-sponsored cybercrime could be costing Canada an estimated $100 billion per year.”

How many million times has Cultural Action Party put forth the proposition that it is only well after the fact that the Canadians become privy to globalist manifestations. As stated ad nauseum, there is method in the madness: when the details are exposed some two years after the fact, nothing can be done to rectify the situation. Such as it is for this manifestation of China’s infiltration of Canadian society.

As reported by Clairvoyance Cyber Corp., the goal is to “control Canada’s political discourse and collect trade secrets from corporations and personal data from individuals.”  This is to increase as the presence of 5G networks continue to grow.

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Exactly how many examples are necessary for general society to wake up and smell the communist roses? Examples of Liberal Party- China government collusion are as old as the hills– or darn close to it. And yet never do the citizens of our country bear witness to an explicit statement from mainstream media.

Not after Justin Trudeau attempted a free trade agreement with China upon his election in 2015. Not subsequent to Trudeau’s refusal to label China’s treatment of their Muslim minorities as genocide.

Nor after a Canadian House of Commons committee on Canada-China relations reported that “China has set up a sophisticated network in Canada to distort information in the media, influence politicians and form partnerships with universities.”

It didn’t happen after Justin Trudeau awarded an estimated contract to a state-owned Chinese company to supply security equipment for 170 Canadian embassies, consulates and high commissions. It hasn’t occurred after the entirely oddball Winnipeg-Wuhan Covid cover-up.

Does one really have to be Professor Stephen Hawking to recognize the unique relationship between Trudeau’s Liberals and the government of China? There it is–staring concerned Canadians in face. What does this scenario portend? Is there a profound connection to China that is presently shaping our national destiny?

Without question, say Cultural Action Party. Now, for our opinion on the disconnect which eludes  citizens of Canada in this regard:

The relation is not rooted in cooperation with China. Rather,it is based on Liberal government emulation of China.  For CAP, this is the name of the game as obscured by CBC and corporate media.

Meaning that as we speak, Canada is turning away from democracy, and toward dictatorship status. Nothing within this “quiet revolution” is random. Every step is pre-meditated, including the ace-up-the-sleeve to complete the transformation:

The installation of Justin Trudeau in 2015 as prime minister of the dying Great White North.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “China Cybercrime “Controlling Political Discourse In Canada” Says Official Report”

  1. “state-sponsored cybercrime could be costing Canada an estimated $100 billion per year.” That’s in addition to the ~ $100 billion/year Trudope Liberals waste on “virtue” signaling”/graft/pork/etc. As the corrupt Liberal ex PM Jean Crouton/Cretin/Chretien once said–As his election slogan: “I got de people; I got de plan.” Uh huh. The people and the plan are still in operation. An aging Chretien also has his Quebecois nose up the lower end of Zi-Jinping’s digestive system. I don’t know why these Liberals bother with the pretense. Just hand over the keys to China. Be done with it. The prominent red color of “Canada’s” (Liberal) 1965 pseudo flag may as well represent the Red Dragon. It signifies nothing else of any value. Just a washed up country that has jettisoned its history/culture/genuine values/self respect.

  2. George Soros
    goes to Canada
    in China townToronto
    to meet up with Trudeau
    government government biden
    and George Soros
    is any of this connected to
    Wahan laboratory
    because it looks like
    they might even have Tides
    in this China townToronto
    and if it is let me know
    and does it have anything
    to do with Wahan laboratory
    and who they are hiding
    in the USA
    nickname bat woman

  3. Definitely we need answers
    I have a lot of questions
    the whole Canadian community
    need answer\
    because the USA is also involved
    I repeat the USA is also involved

    Because more than meets the eye
    the USA is also involved
    because they can fire
    dr fauci and many others
    all around this laboratory
    Wuhan’s and many other
    it’s very specific all over the world
    and many other laboratory
    like the Canadian one
    it’s also about the Army
    and other country and problem well
    all over the world


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