Children Must Be “Confined To Their Bedrooms” If Covid-Vulnerable Says Ontario School District

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According to True North News, Ontario’s Peel Region issued a notice on March 1st, 2021 saying children “must be confined to their bedrooms even for meals – for two weeks if someone in their classroom or childcare group contracts COVID-19.”

In a video report entitled “Scapegoats and Cancel Mobs” dated March 1st, 2021, journalist Andrew Laughton delivers details of this government-directed breach of Canada’s Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.

By way of the Covid pandemic, government in Canada are now delving deep into the households and private lives of Canadian citizens.

A sign of “progressive” politics within Justin Trudeau’s Canada? Or rather, another in a disturbing example of our nation’s transformation from democracy to dictatorship?


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Subsequent to the directive, the Region of Peel have issued several excuses and retractions. One them claims that “an omission from the flyer that went home with students is that a caregiver may isolate with a child at home to help with daily living, feeding and emotional support.” 

With files from True North News.

— Brad Salzberg,CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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