Child Mortality At Residential Schools Not Due to Mass Murder: Canadian Professor

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“Canadians are horrified and ashamed of how our country behaved,” stated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after fifty-one unmarked graves had been discovered at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan.

Cultural Action Party do not condone historical prejudice toward Indigenous Canadians. Yet, neither do we condone the behaviour of our prime minister in reaction to the most pertinent social issue of our time.

PM Trudeau is an insincere individual. This man will take advantage of any opportunity to twist reality into a globalist political weapon. How does one describe this agenda?

For Cultural Action Party, it is a pre-meditated plot to accomplish the following:

— Disparage and brand Anglophone-Canadians as racists and bigots.

— Erode and undermine the Christian faith within society.

— Leverage these behaviours in an agenda to transform Canada into a dictatorship.

In terms of our PM’s comments on the Marieval Indian Residential School mass grave discovery, just imagine if a majority of Canadians were exposed to the fact that a Marievel Band Councillor has been quoted as stating that “because many graves are unmarked, it’s difficult to tell if ANY children from Marieval were buried there.”

Scratch this from mainstream media narrative. In no manner does this fit with the Canada-bashing agenda of our Liberal government. For what reason does a national leader attack his own country? For what purpose do media obfuscate the fact that in this capacity Canada is unique among nations of the world?

It can only be because they are hiding something. In the meantime, True North News reports that Mount Royal University professor Frances Widdowson has launched a panel discussion titled “Residential Schools and Unmarked Graves: Is Open Inquiry Possible?” 

“Child mortality at residential schools was not due to mass murder and genocidal intent, he contends, but rather the sad reality that children were susceptible to infectious diseases that were rampant across society during this time.” 

Talk about throwing a wrench into official government and establishment media positioning. In the meantime, media has reported that over 30 Christian Churches have been burned down in Canada in reaction to the residential school grave discoveries.

Justin Trudeau labelled these cases of arson “understandable.” Meaning that for him, the idea of a potential hate-crime charge is out of the question. In contrast, we turn to a recent accusation of “Islamophobia.”

“A mother, 62, and daughter, 26, were walking through a parking lot in the city of Hamilton, west of Toronto, when a vehicle almost slammed into one of them, police said. Both were wearing hijabs and were the target of racial slurs.”

“Police are investigating the Hamilton incident as a hate crime.”

How fascinating it is to witness the divergence between these incidents. On the one hand, mass burnings of Christian houses of worship– including the potential for citizens to be burned alive— are branded “understandable.” Not a word regarding hate crime charges has followed. Contrasting this with an immediate branding of aggression toward two hijab-clad ladies as a hate-crime. What conclusions can be drawn?

For one thing, those that will never be drawn by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star. Conclusions that will never be considered by Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts, Civil Rights Leader Harsha Walia, and a host of MP’s, professors and journalists who have no issues with the arson attacks.

All of which brings about a salient question: What is wrong with our country?

How obvious does it have to be that a full-on societal inversion has occurred under the leadership of PM Trudeau? Suddenly, the Christian faith is unwanted and disparaged, while Sikhism and Islam have been transitioned to preferred and protected religious communities.

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There must be a reason for this. And how odd-ball it is that the main protagonists– Canadian media— are in the main neither Sikh nor Muslim?

Blind favouritism is the name of the game. Which happens to be 100% antithetical to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Which stands in blatant contrast to the Multicultural Act of 1988.

Or does it? What has been buried in this regard for the past 35 years speaks volumes. It not the statute’s wording that promotes prejudice toward Anglo-Christian Canada— it is the method by which it is utilized to obtain power within society.

As manipulated by Canada’s uber-powerful multicultural industry, the Charter exists as a weapon for an attack upon Anglophone and European-Canadians. The founder of this piece of prejudice is ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

As manifested over the decades, multiculturalism has led to the social imbalance exemplified in the hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau’s preference for Sikhism and Islam over Christianity.

Is multiculturalism in reality legislated prejudice against Anglophone and Christian Canadians? No surprise that Cultural Action Party believe this to be true. After all, we invented the theory.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

4 thoughts on “Child Mortality At Residential Schools Not Due to Mass Murder: Canadian Professor”

  1. What a disgusting photograph. No wonder Justine disparages masculinity. (“Toxic masculinity.”) What a cry-baby. I know it’s part of an act; but I doubt that a blood test would detect any testosterone. He fits right in w/ our feminized; emasculated male population. At this point; we need someone w/ steel balls; not Weepy. Ugh. Our whole country is burning to the ground; the churches are symptomatic of the root cause: A visceral hatred of (biblical) Christianity.

    As Brad has written; Trudeau Sr. sought to dissolve the biblically based glue that held us together: Church/the faith of our fathers/marriage/(unaborted) children/the “traditional” family (Is there any other kind?)/our (~98% Euro in 1968) shared Celtic-Anglo-Saxon ancestry/”traditional” education. Trudeau Jr. has spent almost six years finishing us off.

    What will he “accomplish” in another five years? Those phony; disgusting tears should be real–Crying for what he’s done to OUR country. When he says “we” he can stick that up his you-know-where.

  2. Trudeau’s communist utopian fantasy mind set works hand in glove with the the TRC report that the churches only intent was to ‘kill the Indian inside’. There are plenty of indigenous leaders who unfortunately push this bully narrative in spite of other Chief’s refuting the mass grave narrative.

    Yes there were many indigenous children that suffered along with many other Canadians at the time of national endemic disease over a period of decades. However as long as you have some of the most militant of indigenous leaders out of Manitoba, who are lawyers by the way, dictating the narrative and a bought off media propaganda machine, like the CBC there will never be any real ‘reconciliation’, whatever that really means, only more and more reparation payments on top of the already 3.2 billion + payments made already. So long live the ‘Perpetual Victim Industry’.

    For Trudeau its; The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Trudeau/TRC vs Catholic/ Christian Church. His version of communism must ultimately prevail over the Church and he has the narrative and support to make it happen.


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