Charged With Assault in 2011, Trudeau Says Vetting Of Payette “Was Rigorous”

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“For all high-level appointments, there is a rigorous vetting process that was followed in this case,” Mr. Trudeau told reporters.

“Obviously we will continue to look at that vetting process to ensure that it is the best possible process as we move forward.”

Now, for a piece of reality which appears to escape recognition of both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government of Canada:

— Julie Payette was charged with assault on November 24, 2011. At least one source alleged that the victim was her then-husband, Billie Flynn.
— In 2016, Toronto Star reported that as she was driving home one day, Julie Payette killed a pedestrian with her car.
— Also in 2016, Julie Payette resigned from the Montreal Science Centre following complaints about her treatment of employees.
How to reconcile Trudeau’s public statement on the vetting of Ms. Payette with facts as presented by mainstream media to the people of Canada?
Simple as pie–just don’t do it. In truth, this is really isn’t necessary. Recent articles on Justin Trudeau’s popularity as national leader tell the story:

January 12th, 2021:“The[cabinet shuffle] move comes as new polling for Global News suggests the Liberals are now approaching the level of support needed to have a shot at forming a majority government if an election is called.”

Governor General Julie Payette.  SNC-Lavalin. WE Charity. Jody Wilson-Raybould. Admiral Mark Norman. Mr. Dressup in India. Blackface Scandal.

Talk about the teflon kid!  Is there no scandal upon earth that can reduce Justin Trudeau to a non-leader in Canadian election polls?

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The answer is simple: no, there is not. As to the Julie Payette ex- Governor General debacle, Cultural Action Party expect the very same result we advance ad nauseum:

The winner of any forthcoming federal election in Canada will be Justin Trudeau. Even a case of blatant, irrefutable inaccuracy from Trudeau regarding the appointment of Julie Payette is bound to fall into the same category as all previous Trudeau transgressions.

It will make no difference at all. At the same time, 38 Million Canadians are informed by CBC and corporate media that Canada in 2021 is a “democratic” society.

If you believe this, CAP has a bridge to sell you in our hometown of Vancouver called the Lion’s Gate.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).



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