Celebrity Terrorist: Trudeau’s Canada Transforms Terror Into ENTERTAINMENT

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It’s an absurdity, but in truth, what else should common-sense Canadians expect from the clown-prince of prime ministers, Justin Trudeau.

See Omar Khadr the terrorist murder in cold blood. See Justin Trudeau hand Khadr a cheque for $10.5 Million Dollars. Watch as Omar buys a large house and a small shopping mall. Watch as Celebrity Khadr has a guest spot on CBC News, where he enters the studio to a large round of applause.

But we live in Justin’s post-modern Canada now. Wanna know what else CAP believe is “post-modern” about Trudeau’s Canada?

— Anglophone Canada are second class citizens.

— Islam is our ruling government’s preferred, chosen religion.

— Anglophones are headed for minority community status.

— Our ruling government are Anti-Christian.

Old Stock Canadians are at the bottom of the social hierarchy of our nation.

— Canada is headed for a One-Party State political status.

— Establishment media BURY all of the above.

His case remains hotly contested in the USA. Last week, an appeal court decided not to force the U.S. Court of Military Commission Review to hear Khadr’s appeal of his war crimes convictions, which were based on a confession he gave to an American military commission in order to escape from the extraterritorial prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and which he has since recanted.

The court found there are still unsettled legal issues in a separate terrorism appeal, and that it was “confident” Khadr’s appeal would be heard once those issues are resolved.

Khadr’s father, a notorious Al Qaeda financier, left Omar, then aged 15, with a group of Islamist militants in Ayub Kheyl, a village near Khost, Afghanistan in 2002. They were engaged by US forces that July, in a firefight that left U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer dead.

Step right up, Mr. Khadr. Do not pass “go,” do not collect $200.00 dollars. 

Rather, become a post-modern “terrorist celebrity.” Oh, how Justin Trudeau is this. Who knew that electing a Trudeau as PM meant that our nation was to trans-sition from a reasonably sound democracy into an Islamic-pandering farce of magnanimous proportions.

Under King Justin, Canada is a political absurdity. As much as CBC cover it up, the dying “Great White North” is today a pro-Islamic, pro-Sikh, pro- communist China, Iran and Saudi Arabian pseudo-communist nation-state.

Khadr is scheduled to speak at an event on children’s rights hosted by Dalhousie University on February 10, 2020.

The event is part of the university’s Open Dialogue series, in partnership with the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative. The talk will be hosted by the CBC’s Nahlah Ayed and will also feature former child soldier and author Ishmael Beah as a speaker.

My, my–the CBC and Islam.–what a team. Now here is a symbiotic relationship hidden from the eyes of 37.7 Million Canadian citizens. Ever notice this disturbing coincidence?

Everything that Justin Trudeau advocates for Canadian society, the CBC promote in full capacity. Trudeau says terrorists are welcome in Canada–CBC defend the move. Trudeau prances around in Pride Parades–CBC back the initiative. Climate Change, Greta Thunberg–you name it, and CBC is 100% aligned with the Liberal-Globalist ethos.

Know what CAP call this? “Essence of Totalitarianism.” One of the pillars of a successful dictatorship is media’s full support of government policy.

JUSTIN’S CANADASTAN: Trudeau Sends IRAN $2.5 Million Dollars In Foreign Aid

What to conclude? How about this: Without any buy-in from the people of Canada, the government of Canada has unilaterally turned our nation upside down:

Democracy out, socialism in. Christianity out, Islam in. White Canadians marginalized, Third World Canada empowered.

Gun owners disempowered, militant Islam empowered. English Canada out, Sikh Canada in. “Old Stock” Members of Parliament out, Third World MP’s in. And on and on ad infinitum.

Media say nothing–they are a central component of Canada’s quickly moving trans-sition from democracy to dictatorship.

“The CBC has hosted Khadr in the past as a featured guest on their French-language program “Tout le monde en parle,” where he stated that his $10.5 million settlement was for “all Canadians.”

Then, Khadr proceeded to invest $3 million of his wealth to invest in an Edmonton shopping mall. 

In 2019, a Trudeau-appointed Alberta judge ruled that Khadr’s war crimes sentence had expired and that he was to be relieved of any bail conditions, including not being allowed to obtain a Canadian passport. 

Excuse us, Mr. Omar–would you like your $10 million and your Canadian passport to be delivered on a gold, or silver-coated platter?

It’s all so absurd–and it all begins “at the top.” Justin Trudeau has trans-formed Canada into an absurdity of a nation. Under this political miscreant, Canadian society is more angry, resentful and divided than ever before in our history.

If the absurdist tale of Omar Khadr and his post-modern terrorist-celebrity status does not exist as a perfect microcosm for the dying soul of a western democracy, what does?






2 thoughts on “Celebrity Terrorist: Trudeau’s Canada Transforms Terror Into ENTERTAINMENT”

  1. And of course the snowflakes and rights fighters all give Khadr a free pass using the child soldier excuse, he knew exactly what he was doing and should have been stripped of his Canadian citizenship the moment he took up arms against the allies. None of us really know what ‘torture’ he supposedly went through for his confession, now recanted. Bottom line still is, he killed an American soldier.

    • We know that Omar s father was an Islamist. He brought his 15 yrs old into the war. Before majority age my fatrer would say ; YO DO and we did, often not told how to. With all the circomtenses very much bigger then him he had to obey. He paid the price for someone else wrong choice in Guantanamo. I know that the law has to apply…He has been victim of all circomstances up until now powerless in an ANGRENAGE which he can not controll but navigate the best he can within it.


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