CBC Promote Transgender Prostitution And Other Immoralities

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Canada’s Liberal Government is not the only institution obsessed with gender dysphoria and transgenderism in present-day Canada.

No, the following has not been transcribed via internet LGBT media outlet Xtra Magazine. These words are directly drawn from an online article from CBC News:

“He gave me one last pat on my butt, upwards with his palm as all the kinky sex books tell you to, though gentler than he’d been laying it on for the previous hour.”

“After coming out as a non-binary trans woman and the more visible effects of hormone replacement therapy made themselves known, I realized I suddenly had a lot in common with nearly all my female-identifying friends.”

Wunderbar. How many Canadians believe it righteous and reasonable for PM Justin Trudeau to approve an annual $1.2 billion in taxpayer funding for the purpose of delivering this form of journalistic slop to the people of Canada.

Do Canadians really believe this to fall into the category of “responsible journalism.” Or rather, can one conclude that a certain degree of perversion has permeated both our Liberal government and the media entities they fund by the billions?

Has both our federal government and CBC Corporation transitioned themselves to institutional bastions of immorality? Sadly, the answer is found in the affirmative.

“There was a substantial difference between how I was treated in my first puberty coming of age in a body assigned male at birth and embracing myself as a woman in my second puberty.”

Your second puberty, eh? Fancy making up this fluff as you go along. Hate to break it to you, darling, but there is no such thing as a second puberty. Not that it matters to the editorial team at government-funded CBC headquarters.

CAP has to wonder what percentage of Canadians fall into the transgender-prostitute category. How about 0.000001% of the Canadian population?

As such, why on earth would a fringe element be selected to be front-and-centre on the web pages of the CBC? Is this some form of “core value” for Canadian media? Why are they like this?

Quick Answer: Because Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government are like this. The phenomenon goes hand-in-hand. Government transfer over a billion dollars to the CBC on an annual basis, and in return media output reflects the will of government.

Which still doesn’t bring us any closer to finding an answer to a basic question:

Why are Canada’s controlling institutions so hot on sexual degeneracy? For what purpose has our nation been systemically morphed into the land of LGBT promotion? From what source does the political directive derive?

A difficult question, to be sure. Yet, there has to be an answer. Witness as the CBC promote hormone replacement therapy, without a single caveat related to its negative effects on the human body:

“People with gender dysphoria taking hormone replacements as part of gender affirmation therapy face a substantially increased risk of serious cardiac events, including stroke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism,” says the American College of Cardiology.

Please tell us, Ms. “She/Them/They” from the CBC-– when’s the last time you referenced these warnings in one of your media articles?

The answer, of course, is never. 

“Unlike the last time I took up this trade, I wasn’t doing it secretly in the aura of shame I’d felt posting nude photos of my ‘boy-mode’ body.”

How painful this is. We refer not to the experience of the trans-hooker, but rather to every common-sense citizen residing on Canadian soil. What, pray-tell is the fish-hook the CBC dangle in this article to justify this piece of trans-promotion?

Eviah Shimson Obadia-Wong has been saving up to enter a Master’s Degree Program at a Canadian university. This person is “educated”— adding credence to her plight as a she-male hooker. Turns out Canadian universities are well into trans-promotion as well, so it’s an all-around perfect fit.

Government. Media. Academia. The big three of institutional Canada, all aligned in dedication toward transgenderism. Not a word on the danger of transitioning from a health perspective. Complete silence on the topic of a minimum age requirement for transitioning one’s sex.

Nothing but open net for the entire LGBT/Pride/Transgender phenomenon within Canadian society.


Perhaps only Justin Trudeau’s hairdresser knows for sure. However one looks at the situation, this has to qualify s the most odd-ball social development in Canadian history.

Here we are, a nation of an elderly population and aging workforce. Government respond by supporting a movement that impedes child-birth. Notice how media never reference this piece of the trans-puzzle? Government are supposed to be growing our population, not shrinking it.

Perhaps it comes down to the type of Canadian who most indulge in the practice. It certainly isn’t our countries “new arrival” populations. 3rd World migrants jumping all over gender transition? Not a chance— it’s strictly a “local community” phenomenon.

At the end of the day, Cultural Action Party is just as confused as anyone else. Perhaps one day down the road, after years in retirement, Justin Trudeau will enlighten Canadians on why this whole sordid affair penetrated our society in the first place.

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  1. I think when you are raised by sexually depraved narcotics addicted communists……….there is a good chance your mind and your soul will be warped in specific ways.


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