CBC, Media In Canada Promote DISCONNECTION From Britain, Monarchy

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“When it comes to things that inspire Canadian pride this Canada Day, the country’s association with the British monarchy ranks dead last.”

How shocking. Or is it? In fact, CAP is not shocked at all. We happen to have very definite feelings on this report. For one thing, it is a CBC-oriented public poll.

This means that CBC “type thinkers” may be the preferred choice of target for the pollsters. Keep in mind that CBC specialize in trashing Old Stock Canada— this appears to be their mandate by way of the Trudeau government.

In truth, this anti-Anglophone agenda is decades old. One by-product is that young Canadian voters are far more likely to hate Canada– particularly after graduating from one of many Marxist-infused universities.

“The survey also found significantly more pride in Canadian multiculturalism than the justice system, at 71 per cent and 55 per cent, respectively.”

“Canseco said younger Canadians were more likely than older ones to take pride in the country’s diversity. More than three-quarters of respondents in the 18-34 age group said they feel proud of Canada’s multiculturalism, compared to 66 per cent of those 55 and older.”

CAP Translation: The Canadian government, media and academia are achieving their goals with aplomb. After all, when desirous of  trans-forming a nation from democracy to dictatorship, it is best to propagandize young minds into hating Canada.

This, in turn, loosens the resolve to hang on to 153 years of Canadian identity, heritage and history–the exact goal of Justin Trudeau and his posse of Great Reset promoters.

Can Canadian patriots think of another example of the British Commonwealth connection as perpetrated by a globalist hack within Canadian politics? CAP can– here it is:

NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh:

“I don’t see the relevance of it[ties to Britain], and I don’t think that most Canadians do,” Singh said in an interview with Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period.

My, my–yet another presumptuous cultural destroyer informs  us what Canadians “believe in.” And here CAP thought King Justin Trudeau was the only one.

What conclusion to draw on this basis? CAP will go first– a conclusion which will never be expressed by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, and Toronto Star:

Government and media are working to “divorce” Canada from Britain, the Commonwealth, and the Crown. In its place comes “No Core Identity” Canada of Justin Trudeau’s making.

READ MORE: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Recommends ERODING British Heritage of Canada

In this society, certain fundamentals will trans-ition the dying, former “Great White North” into a brand new society. Here is what CAP predict for the future of our nation by way of the “Liberal-Globalist Revolution,”–  complete with estimated timelines:

Democracy will die by 2038.

— The Christian religion will be fully shunned by 2033.

— Anglophone Canada transitions to “Second Nations” Canada by 2038.

In all truth, any Canadian who follows these social developments– which one CANNOT do by following CBC, Globe & Mail etc– can see the agenda unfolding “right before our eyes.”

Let’s say this makes up some 10% of Canadian citizens in the year 2020. So 90% do not see the nefarious, punitive program against Anglophone Canadians as perpetrated by Canadian “post-modernism

That’s because government and media function today as one cohesive unit--just as they do the hero-nation of Justin Trudeau, brother Alexandre Trudeau, in addition to Papa Pierre Trudeau before them–communist China.

You see, Canada as we have known it is “dead as a doornail.” The millennial folks of Canada cannot see this–they are simply too young to comprehend the historical continuum of Canadian politics.

This is the future of Canada– Old Stock Canadians best be prepared. By way of government and media, our communities are presently under attack by a calculated globalist brigade of culture killers.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)






3 thoughts on “CBC, Media In Canada Promote DISCONNECTION From Britain, Monarchy”

  1. Socrates viewed Democracy as the death of a civilization, as the lower classes will always vote for what is in their own best interests (which is generally to take from those who “Have” and give it to themselves). Look at all of the fools who voted NDP (the most Communist party we have)… thought to be honest, each party is Communist in varying degrees. How do you get votes? Promise the Masses more money. Where does the money come from? The middle and upper classes (Landowners).

    Others in history have picked apart our current “democracy” (Parliamentary Democracy). The ridiculousness of an “opposition” (paid!). Does each party not claim to have the best interest of the citizens at heart? Bollocks. The ridiculousness of Parliament.”Private” Members Bills, Legislation passed in secret, behind closed doors. We have been run as a dictatorship for a long, long time now… most do not even realise it. Western Civilization was forced to fight and kill each other in two World Wars to protect Dictatorship and Communism.

    I am not very supportive of British Monarchical history, either. It is merely a dictatorship. Why must anyone pay taxes to support the lavish lifestyles of those who are unwilling and perhaps unable to function on their own? What is a King, or a Queen? In pre-Magna Carta times, the King changed frequently… really he was a warrior who would lead and protect his people. After William “The Conqueror” came around and introduced the ridiculous notion of inherited Kingship… things have steadily gone downhill. And will continue, until someone has the cojones to challenge these ideas in a way that can sway the sheeple to throw off their shackles, and live free. Pretty much we all just to stop listening to the “government” and obeying their every whim. Police need to stop obeying them. Judges need to throw off their robes and say “No More!”. No violence need occur. The System (Politicians/Police/Judges) only have power because WE GIVE IT TO THEM. Their power is a figment of their, and our, imagination.



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