CBC Implements Race-Based Quotas For Hosts And Guests

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According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Trudeau government-funded CBC Corporation has instituted a Guest Sourcing Survey to determine the racial and ethnic status of their guests.

As reported by Western Standard Online, questions concern the “guest’s gender, ethnicity and whether they appear to be biracial/multiracial, as well as “additional details of ethnic origin for persons of colour.”

The two-page questionnaire is to be completed by each person appearing on-air, including street interviews with “passersby, guest commentators, and musicians.”

Concerned Canadians recognize an omission in media presentation on the topic of race and ethnicity in Canada. Seems no one outside the general public recognizes, or is willing to acknowledge, a downside endemic in these policies.

Institutions like the CBC are contributing to an elevation of race to the pinnacle of national priorities. So are Canadian academia. Corporate Canada has joined the procession. All of it stimulated by Trudeau government decree.

CAP attempt to inject objectivity into the scenario. Historical nations which elevated race to the zenith of social issues must be carefully considered. Myriad examples exist. Dictator Idi Amin’s expulsion of Asians from Uganda in the 1970’s. Race-laws in 20th century Europe. The Southern United States in the 19th century.

In each case, the acclivity of race to the top of the social food chain resulted in disaster. The fact that Canada’s controlling institutions– government, media, academia– are shunning this reality sets a dangerous precedent for the future.

All of it an outgrowth of what is encapsulated within “Woke Liberal” politics. Unlikely it is that its purpose is attainment of social equality. Rather, the effort based on a pursuit of power. The goal is not one of social harmony, but payback in the form of usurping Canada’s historical power-structure.

We speak of an inversion of traditional social order. The hyper-intensity of the woke pursuit for “racial equity” is poorly understood.  Mainstream media refuse to expose its reality to the general public. The movement’s most vigilant incarnation is found in Critical Race Theory. Steadily creeping its way into society, CRT is nothing less than an indulgence in“reverse racism.” At the core of the ideology is visceral anger against Caucasians.

Let us shift from the ideological to the pragmatic. It is one thing for racism to be a societal condition– as it is in most countries on earth. A different meaning emerges when its leading advocate is the government. How clearly this is perceived in race-based laws enacted by 20th century fascist governments of Europe.

First, change the laws– then target selected communities. In other words, it is when race-ideology becomes the law that the real trouble begins. Canada is now reaching this destination. We recognize one of the great ironies of our time:

The “systemic racism” which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accuses traditional Canada of perpetrating has been inverted to promote prejudice against “Old Stock” Canadians.

Now for the dangerous part: government don’t care. Nor do media, academia, or Canada’s power-accumulating multicultural industry. They all want this– badly. The zeitgeist of our times is found in the perpetuation of the woke ideology in Canada. The goal inherent was first alluded to with PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society declaration. The woke advocates want their “pound of flesh” in an inversion of traditional social order: Old Stock Canadians to the back of the bus, s’il vous plait.

Call it hyperbole if you like. “It will never happen” state naive Liberal snowflakes. “Not here in Canada–are you kidding?”

Catherine Tait, president and CEO of the CBC:

“Going forward we have made local and regional representation and representing contemporary Canada, meaning all of the diversity of Canadian voices, the top priority in our strategic plan.”

Check out Ms. Tait’s degree of vigilance. Nothing shall stop the rise of the Woke Revolution. We are talking full dedication to the final breath– an ideological war of the post-modern variety.

The best form of revolution is a Silent Revolution. As long as government and media continue to successfully wrap societal transformation in concern for “minorities” and the racialized, the future is theirs for the shaping.

A new Canada was born the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister. The outcome will not be social equality, but rather inversion of our nation’s traditional social order. Racism in Justin Trudeau’s Canada is not a social condition– it is a tool for the manipulation of our country’s social order.

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