CBC Depict White Canadian Voters As Hateful Bigots

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In a surprise incident, CBC’s Ombudsman Jack Nagler criticized the state broadcaster for publishing commentary by an Elections Canada worker which painted elderly white voters and Conservative voters as hateful and racist.

“It was not okay to publish a headline that declared political parties and by inference their voters as ‘hating’ people,” said Nagler. The situation involves a hijab-clad Muslim Elections Canada worker by the name of Zeeha Rehman.

“On Election Day I greeted people who voted for parties that hate people like me. Elections provide numerical evidence of the rise of right-wing politics and that should worry us all,” wrote Rehman.

“During the first hour of my shift an elderly white woman came in with a walker. After she left I couldn’t help but wonder whether, despite our pleasant interaction, she was one of the people who hate people like me.”

Talk about shoddy journalism. Witness as a religious fundamentalist projects her fears upon elderly white Canadians. No confrontation between the two took place. By way of a blatant piece of subjectivity, the CBC provide Zeeha Rehman with a platform to promote hatred of an identifiable community.

Reverse the situation, and watch PM Justin Trudeau jump into the fray with his typical rhetoric.

“We will always stand up for the rights of the oppressed and marginalized” is typical Trudeau banter. Yet when the shoe slips to the other foot, silence in golden.

Who would expect otherwise? According to Liberal government training materials, there is no such thing as prejudice against white Canadians. As such, Canadians Of European Origin serve as the singular community in which it is acceptable to insult with racist commentary.

Not that Ms. Zeeha is alone in this capacity. In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, it’s something of a sport. CAP are not sure of the mechanism, but we have surely witnessed the result.

Mainstream media adore this trend. Gather up a gang of 3rd World journalism graduates. Publish their polemics branding Canada a racist society. Neglect in its entirety the fact that the source nations for these people are infinitely more racist than our country.

Stand back and watch the assault on Canadian identity, history and heritage. Easy to be hard. Easy to waltz into Canada and tear our social fabric to shreds– without having personal connection to the time period in which the events took place.

So Ms. Thang doesn’t like Canadian caucasians. Is that a reason for CBC to give her a platform to vent her spleen against Anglophone communities? It appears so.

“It was jarring to realize that many of the people who had seemingly been nice to me throughout the day had chosen to vote for the Conservative Party, wrote Zeeha Rehman.

CAP get the picture. By default, those who vote for the Conservative Party are racists. What an insult to multi-generational Canadians. Time was– previous to Rehman’s arrival– when the federal Conservatives were a legitimate, hate-free party.

Seems like ancient history, eh? Today, racism accusations are never far from the pens of ingrate journalists. Globe & Mail advance the phenomenon. So too Toronto Star, Canada’s leading anti-Anglophone media publication.

According to True North News, in response to a CBC radio program discriminating against people of British descent, CBC director Treena Wood claimed that racism against white people doesn’t exist.”

Turns out Trina Wood has some heavy-hitting supporters. Justin Trudeau feels the same. As does New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh, and current Somali citizen Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen.

Why wouldn’t this synergy exist? CBC Corp. are funded in the main by the Liberal government. Therefore, it makes good sense that both parties are ideologically aligned.

Is prejudice against white Canadians now endemic within our society? It is, and it isn’t. Among our general population, it’s not the case. On an institutional level, the answer is yes.

How ironic it is. Government, media and academia band together to brand Canada “systemically” racist. All the while, the ideological triumverate advances systemic prejudice against Canadians of European heritage.

It’s what CAP call “the Canadian way.” Witness as Elections Canada employee Zeeha Rehman plays the race-card against our communities. Only this time, she actually got called out for doing so by the CBC Ombudsman.

Just goes to show– there’s a first time for everything.

6 thoughts on “CBC Depict White Canadian Voters As Hateful Bigots”

  1. Hello,
    Anytime I have had interactions with these types, male or female alike, I was always looked at with angry leers, no smiles not even a “Have a good day” in return to mine. They are very unhappy people when other races are around them. They give the impression they are not happy living here. All I can say to that is go back where you came from if this country makes you so unhappy. I will NOT tolerate being abused by ANY foreigner, of any country, race or religion.

  2. Wow. Projection/paranoia on full display. Yee-haw Rehman: “There were ‘many’ ‘seemingly nice’ [White/conservative] voters.” But–Her racism bells were ringing loudly. Every smiling; pleasant White conservative was harboring a secret–Not far beneath the skin of every ‘pleasant’ ‘smiling’ conservative a seething cauldron of racism boiled.) Yee-haw Rehman’s “feelings” suppress/deny the reality. What an awful way to live. A more welcoming people she’d be hard pressed to find. The anti-White Trudeau has worked his magic; hasn’t he. What an utter disgrace. Yee-haw Rehman and Trudeau aren’t worthy of the ground upon which they stand. Ungrateful; host despising people like her are an abomination. Muslim putty in Trudeau’s sweaty; dead hands.

  3. Twenty-four hours later: Upon reflection; maybe this woman is a “victim” of Liberal/media gaslighting. (Is she actually racist toward us? Despite my previous comment; I don’t know.) I’m certainly not excusing what she did; but living in her space–Being suspicous of White people–is exacerbated by the constant refrain of “Canadians racist;” played ad-nauseum by the MSM. Definition: “Gaslighting is a manipulative abuse tactic where a survivor begins to question their own reality.” Although she may not be a “survivor;” This woman’s senses are telling her–by and large–That Canadians aren’t generally welcoming. Trudeau: “Be warned! They’re ‘racist.’ ” May as well add “insincere” to the bogus charge. Constant Liberal propaganda (has likely) cut across her own (true) perception of “pleasant” Canadians. She fell for the lies–“They’re two-faced. There’s ‘hatred’ behind all the fake smiles.” It’s worth repeating–Government propaganda tells would-be emmigrants to come here, and enjoy the good life. They leave their country, and–once here–the Liberals/MSM inform them that we’re all a bunch of “genocidal/racist/phony/’White privileged’/colonialist evildoers.”

    The duplicitous “House of Trudeau” government pushes the “fringe minority” way past our limits of tolerance–By importing excessive numbers of (ahem) “racialized” immigrants. And; the numbers are skyrocketing. Given all of the increasing social problems decades of Third World “multicult” has caused; resentment is a natural; human response. All in all; This woman seems to be both a racist, and a pawn of Federal propaganda. Pretty sleazy. Coming/descended from a repressive; anti-woman country/Sharia Law country–And enjoying all of the (unearned) benefits/”rights” of being in Canada, and then publically crap on us. Talk about Bizarro/Clown World/Crazytown. Five Decades in the making.

    Once upon a time; the good citizens of Canada fell for the spell of a serpent called Pierre Trudeau, and swooned over this communist; vile creature from the Netherworld. The news media called the publics’ reaction “Trudeaumania.” That was the year 1968. The rest is sordid history; leading us to the miserable “current year” of the damnable Justine Castreau; son of the Serpent. Canada; sodomized by two execrable Trudeaus.


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