CBC, Canadian Media CHOOSE CHINA Over Truth-Speaking “Racist” Bryan Adams

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It’s enough to make a common-sense Canadian choke on their Tim Horton’s Covid-19 budget breakfast.

Here is what CAP has to say about Canadian media and university academic feedback on Canadian pop star Bryan Adams trashing of China for the dissemination of Covid-19 around the planet:

It’s a stone cold lie. Let CAP explain. Notice that whenever a bureaucrat from China speaks about relations with Canada, they use terms such as “Canada and China have a long history of cooperation” and other such claptrap.

Don’t believe the hype– it is not “Canada”–as in the people of Canada–it is the Liberal Party of Canadabig difference.

In the same capacity, when the media and academic whiners come out in full force, CBC and the rest make it appear as though all Canadians are outraged over the “Adams Incident.”

CAP Opinion: Most Canadians AGREE with Bryan Adams–at least, people who are not academic tot Tim Caulfield of University of Alberta:

“It was not made by anyone as [Adams] implies,” Caulfield said. “We don’t know that it came from a wet market. A bat may have been involved…”

Watch and witness as a quintessential liberal-globalist Canadian academic defends the behemoth communist nation. He is not alone, for this is the general sentiment infused within our academic world.

Timothy Caulfield, BSc (Alberta), LLB (Alberta), LLM (Dalhousie), Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy;
Trudeau Fellow; Professor, Faculty of Law and School of Public Health; and Research Director, Health Law Institute.

 Now this is a typical academic Marxist-influenced moron. Not to worry– all major Canadian universities are chock full of those who choose communist China over Canada.

For Cultural Action Party of Canada, Mr. Adams became heroic the moment he tweeted out his true feelings on the matter. What trans-pired subsequently? A liberal- totalitarian type named Amy Go demanded Canada’s pop icon be stripped of his Order of Canada status.

Anyone recall another Canadian “icon”Mr. Don Cherry? These types called for his “blood” as well, resulting in him being fired from his Hockey Night In Canada position.

Interesting what “rules” Canada in the post-modern lie of a nation Justin Trudeau forced upon society:

Within King Justin’s  liberal-globalist “No Core Identity” Canada, it appears racism is in full control. Actually, not racism as such, but rather accusations of racism. These generally come from media and academia–as well as Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Soldiers such as GTA MP Ahmed Hussen, a half-citizen Somalian appointed immigration minister of Canada under Trudeau.

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What CBC and the rest neglect to inform the people of Canada: it makes not a speck of difference whether or not the accusations actually BREACH Canadian law, or our Criminal Code.

So what is the criterion for racism within Trudeau’s “post-Canadian” nation?

Simple as pie: what ever Professor Tim Caulfield says it is. In this, he is cut from the same cloth as Canada’s prime minister. What a swell club to be a part of.

Of course, this club is one “exclusive” gang of Canada-bashers. To be a member, one must be of the leftist, liberal, globalist, multicultural posse of anti-democratic nation bashers.

To not be a part of the diversity “banquet feast” a community only needs to come from one of the following:

Anglophone Canada, Christian Canada, and all Canadians of European heritage. After which some fool university professor claims multiculturalism is all about “inclusion.”

Hypocrisy at its penultimate? Of course it is– this is Justin Trudeau’s Canada, Amy Go’s Canada, and of course, the Liberal-Globalist Party of Canada’s dying Great White North.

Bollocks to this– millions of sensible, non-snowflake Canucks would like their country back–thanks very much. Yet Mr. Timothy Caulfield– obviously a Canadian from a Anglophone heritage–wants China to emerge victorious within our soon-to-be socialist society.

Thanks Mr. Professor–you’re the best.


4 thoughts on “CBC, Canadian Media CHOOSE CHINA Over Truth-Speaking “Racist” Bryan Adams”

  1. Finally, a reference to the fact that the landmass Canada and the corporation CANADA, of which the political parties are a department, are not one and same. The corporation CANADA simply indoctrinated us to believe that it owns the landmass, when in fact, it was merely a de facto trustee.

    Its a trustee of the wealth of Canada that has engaged in nothing but fraud, deception, tyrany and the very unlawful actions that trustees usually end up with criminal charges over.

    The corporation CANADA has been doing business with China since its inception and before that, its parent corporation represented by the British Crown did business with China.

    The landmass inhabitants for the most part did not do business with China, the communist country.

  2. The Liberals will destroy Canada if we let them, and it looks like they’ll make it happen. Most people are sheep or they would have removed him from office already. They are content to wait until the next election when we’ll have a choice between him and a few other fools who are exactly like him. We are doomed and within 40 years Canada will be under Islamic rule, nobody will own a gun and alcohol and porn will be a thing of the past. Get used to the new normal. I want a leader with balls. One who bashes feminism and declares there are only two genders. One who can recognize the dangers of pandering to Islam. One who will put Canada and Canadians first, which is actually his job.

  3. No, its ‘racism.

    There’s no bigger racism than replacing Whites demographically in the nations they built. Period.

  4. Stay away from China, they are no ones friend…they are for China only. They want to expand their influence any where in the world, that they can. We here in America do not trust them. I dont understand why many Canadians do not like America, when the S-it hits the fan…we will be your very best friend in the whole damn world, so sorry some dont see it.


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