CBC Brand Justin Trudeau’s Opponents In European Parliament Racist

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Canada’s state-funded CBC News has a job to do. In order to justify a billion dollar annual subsidy from the Liberal government, strict adherence to an agenda must be maintained.

The role is basic in conception– condemn as racist all those who criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As such, there are myriad bases to cover. For example, media’s method of dealing with the Conservative Party of Canada. As the singular threat to Liberal Party domination, media has for the past six years used racist accusations to run down the Conservatives. “The party is anti-niqab,” as if an issue affecting 0.001% of Canadians serves as a barometer for political legitimacy.

Then there are those awful trucker-types. They too are racists. CBC know this because one out of thousands of protestors appearing in Ottawa had been seen holding a swastika flag. Enough said– type up the Truckers Convoy as a promotion of white supremacy.

From Conservatives to Convoy participants. Both dare to critique Justin Trudeau. As such, media corral them into a cattle pen of racist condemnation. Naturally, it would be remiss of CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post and Global News to restrict parameters to those of a Canadian variety.

As reported in international news this week, PM Trudeau was pulverized by members of the European Parliament for his handling of the Truckers Protest in Ottawa. While foreign press pick up on their Trudeau-as-dictator diagnosis, CBC News take an alternative position.

Those who verbally attacked Justin Trudeau are all racists. And far be it for Trudeau-funded CBC to stop there. Have you heard the news? The 705-seat EU Parliament is infused with white supremacy and neo-fascism.

Alternative for Germany is one of the national parties that fall under the Identity and Democracy group in the European Parliament. With 63 members from 10 countries, it is the fifth-largest group in the assembly.”

“Identity and Democracy is made up of domestic political parties opposed to the EU. They hold far-right positions on issues like immigration, EU membership and social welfare. The ID group includes France’s Rassemblement National party, which was founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen.”

CBC’s goal is not only to discredit European politicians who dare condemn their boss-man. They achieve the call-of-duty by insinuating racism has permeated the EU Parliament in totality.

Tell us, Mr. CBC– does everything in our world outside the parameters of Trudeau-brand Liberalism qualify as racism? Surely a day will come when a majority of Canadians recognize this media agenda for the ruse that it is.

Cultural Action Party believe this day is going to arrive. The problem is found in its timing. In many respects, this is the “Canadian way.” Citizens discover the nature of a political agenda at a point when it is too late to prevent its completion. This reaches as far back as Canada’s affiliation with the United Nations in the year 1945. The repercussions of signing on to the U.N. Refugee Act have taken decades to manifest.

The concept applies to immigration policy, as well as Multiculturalism. Looking at the history of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we observe the same pattern. Simply put, the benefit goes to non-Canadian entities. The Canadian-born are left with the “pleasure” of funding government policy with their tax-dollars.

First, Canadians hear about the glory of it all. Decades later, we begin to understand the downside of the decision-making. The very same applies to contemporary society. While citizens fret over masks and vaccine mandates, our country is being transitioned away from its democratic foundation. Who knows– perhaps the pandemic exists for this purpose.

At some point during the historical continuum, government became enlightened on the best mechanism to kill opposition to government policy. This manifested in what CAP refer to as the “race-card.”

If the Liberals don’t like it and wish to diffuse it, their solution is to brand it racist.  Government employ mainstream media for this purpose. Dissenters scuttle back to their prospective corners. Through the racist tag citizens can be fired from their jobs. Humiliated and ostracized, repercussions are often devastating.

If one cares to notice, they might recognize how issues of race have risen to the pinnacle of social issues in Canada. It is not without purpose. In fact, it is better thought of as a calculated political agenda.

There is no better mechanism to control Canadian society. Day-in and day-out, legacy media play the race-card to control citizen behaviour. CBC’s racist branding of the European Parliament is a quintessential example.

Just as the press leveraged a single swastika flag to paint all truckers as racist, the CBC are sticking it to the European Parliament. The common denominator is obvious– condemnation of the person who funds our media: Justin Trudeau.

Yes, racism exists in the world, and it exists in Canada. This is a sociological fact dating back to the dawn of civilization. It’s roots go back to tribe mentality at a time when physical danger was endemic to human existence. Media want Canadians believe it began with the founding of our nation in 1867, and hasn’t affected any other country since.

Racism is not unique to Canada. Nor is it at its worst in our society– far from it. The world is not made up of those who are racist, and those who are not. The real game at play is a division of society for the purpose of political control. No prime minister in history has dealt this hand as effectively as current PM Justin Trudeau.

27 thoughts on “CBC Brand Justin Trudeau’s Opponents In European Parliament Racist”

  1. The overuse of the accusation of racism has essentially neutered it’s intended intent of ostracizing the would be offenders to the point where the accusation itself has devolved being meaningless.

    • Why do would-be journalists even bother going to school? They should just set up a revolving-door banking institution giving piles of our cash to future government mouthpieces, replace their spines with a ventriloquists stick from their asses straight up to their lips. Because that’s all they are – a bunch of dummies. However, my apologies to Charlie McCarthy and his ilk who had more brain in their wooden heads than these numbdy heads.

  2. Can’t wait till CBC, CTV and Globull are defunded, bankrupted and unemployed. Maybe then Canadians can get news, not liberal funded propaganda.

  3. I find it ironic that Trudope pulls the racist card every time someone disagrees with him. A man who paraded around with a painted black face! So this is the new norm for Liberals. Don’t answer any questions just pull the race card! Now he has captured another drama character Jagmeet Singh to collect votes.

  4. The CBC did a hatchet job on the speakers and European Parliament, pretty pathetic way to protect their pro Trudeau agenda!

    • Of course, the Canadian hatchet people will expect the old warm welcome to them in Europe to continue?

      I remember that wearing a Canadian flag/shirt while traveling abroad made instant friends wherever Canadians went abroad. I traveled a bus in Sydney without a Canadian flag in 1980s and by my accent few non-Australians asked me if I was American, but chatted with me about Canada the whole trip – including the driver.

      And in Malta in the 70s I was not asked but was silently assigned the coolest spot in the house for sleeping quarters and without being asked I was the cause of the poor Maltese I stayed with spending extra money to feed me the best foods they could get. When I left Malta I quietly dropped a significant gift under the bedding at that house to replace the extra money they had spent to treat me like royalty.

      Trudeau has destroyed the international image of Canada held by the rest of the world, and I bet that the most expensive hotels that Canadian government officials usually stay in abroad will now double their rates just for Canadians – in a friendly gesture of course.

      • In 1968 Canada was the third wealthiest country in the world after the USA and Switzerland. Fleet street referred to Canada as The Great White Waste of Time, not so much in a derogatory sense but in recognition that, from a Journalists point of view, not much happened. Canada was well run, well managed and had Gravitas on the world stage. Highly respected and justifiably so in view of the contribution during two World Wars. A contribution out of all proportion to the size of the population. And then came the greatest unnatural disaster in our history. A supercilious, arrogant, pseudo intellectual, political dilettante, and champagne socialist became Prime Minister and the descent began until here we are today with the putative son, a more vacuous twit it is difficult to imagine, as Leader of what was a Country of which to be proud but is now at banana republic level. I used to think this man child was anointed by the Laurention Elite but now I see the influence of the Cult of the Church of WEF. Central casting and John Le Carrre would be hard pressed to come up with a better villain than Schwab. L. Ron Hubbard in Lederhosen.

  5. Quote:

    “Then there are those awful trucker-types. They too are racists. CBC know this because one out of thousands of protestors appearing in Ottawa had been seen holding a swastika flag. Enough said– type up the Truckers Convoy as a promotion of white supremacy.”


    The carrier of the one swastika was not part of the convoy, as so conveniently handy to Trudeau’s obvious agenda to smear protesters by any plausible means and who pounded it to death without the legacy media helping him, that it becomes very logical/probable that the carrier was a Trudeau plant, along with the carrier of the one confederate flag who the convoy shamed out of their presence immediately.

    Trudeau is writing his own dickanary in which “peace” is redefined as “terrorism” etc. etc. etc. And that method of attempted mind control is common to all religious cults. And I think Trudeau is swallowed up hook,line and stinker to the religious WEF cult. If the reader does not clearly understand what a “cult” is, the dictionary is quite clear on that definition.

    Any grade one student who has learned to read and looks at a Canadian dictionary will know in a flash that Trudeau is redefining his terms to mean the opposite of the dictionary definition of his terms.

    Those who buy Trudeau’s dickonary would make excellent cultist right beside Trudeau. And cults are anything but democratic.

    • And it is common that cultists are practising what they accuse their opponents of doing – the age old “us v them” tactic that is the most prominent aim of cultic groups. Unfortunately, the method is successful in wide enough circles that even very well educated persons are vulnerable to being drawn into whatever cult is using that tactic.

      It is easily observable that the population of Canada has been taught to “follow the leader” from kindergarten through college graduation – just try to say one word different from the teacher in any public school exam and find yourself repeating or dropping out. It is the easiest thing on planet Earth to pass school exams by quoting the textbook in your answers – and many colleges no longer question word for word textbook answers as evidence of “cheating” on college exams. Try quoting your fellow student’s answer however, and you do not even get a fair trial. It should be a no brainer that Canadians swallow whatever the governments “media” prints. And for the alert government media followers who notice their stories contradicting over time, the number is small enough it would not faze Trudeau, who has frequently contradicted himself – in person, never mind in media reports.

  6. When I was a kid in the 60’s, I loved the show’s on CBC. The trash that’s pushed on children today is just sick. And were paying for this crap!

  7. The European parliament told it like it is ,no sugar coating
    Rosmary Barton almost swooned in delight when Singh agreed to bow to trudeau…it was sickening on the national ..
    All of her questions to the panel(liberals) were all squed to discredited anything conservative
    Canadian voters need to know that now trudeau has a blank cheque book and wine buying votes fir the next three years

  8. Maybe we need a copy of the Tax Revolt that occurred years ago in California? If government does not receive our taxes en mass they (Trudeau) will need to use the concentration camps that are prepared in Canada because the jails and prisons would not be big enough – and they would need to cloth and feed every one they imprison. Like we saw in the Truckers’ convoy, together the common Canadians possess the weapon they can use to defeat and Trudeau at his bank.

    I would suggest that the commoners collect their strength by withholding every bit of tax they can – call it a “protest” to see if the constitution still matters in Canada at all.

  9. But the simple fact remains, besides what the CBC would like you to think The Speakers at the EU Parliament that talked about Trudeau’s tyranny, TOLD THE TRUTH! And that can not be unproven. Trudeau lies! That can be proven!


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