Sign The Petition: Close Down Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Mississauga, Ontario

Sign our petition calling for the Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Mississauga, Ontario to close its doors permanently.

A girl and three young women left Canada to join ISIS in Syria after studying at the Al-Huda Islamic Institute in Mississauga, Ont. — a school whose sister institution in Pakistan is now connected to the mass shooting in California.”

“Tashfeen Malik, one of the San Bernardino, Calif., shooters, attended classes six days a week for more than a year at Al-Huda’s Pakistan campus, a school spokeswoman told The Associated Press.”

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Hold a Referendum In North East BC on Syrian Refugees

I [Petition creator Bailie Hambrook] will send this petition to Bob Zimmer our current M.P. and Pat Pimm the local MLA and request that they help us set up a referendum.  It is my hope that a country wide referendum would occur as well.

The people of Canada should be asked if we would like to accept refugees or if we would rather send support in another form. Read more