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Fake Liberal, False Christian: Justin’s Trudeau’s GLOBALIST SEDUCTION Of Canada

Instead of Liberalism, Canada is today saddled with PSEUDO-SOCIALISM. Justin Trudeau, rather than a champion of human rights, is today a PSEUDO-DICTATOR.

Halifax, N.S. Mayor, City Council DIVIDE CANADIANS Over 30-Day Public Blast Of Ramadan Prayers

CAP bet 90% of Canadians would go along with the idea that a BALANCE between individual rights—and that of majority will—is FAIR AND REASONABLE and within a democratic nation such as Canada.

As it happens the ruling Liberal government of Canada has thrown this in an HISTORICAL WASTE-BASKET.

Trudeau’s “Open Door Policy” Brings Coronavirus, Gets BEST POLL RESULTS Since 2017

Strange how the individual most responsible for OPEN BORDER CANADA–and therefore the spread of Coronavirus, PM Justin Trudeau, has GAINED popularity based upon his work to “resolve” Coronavirus in Canada.


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