Cartoon Canada: PM Justin Trudeau Set To Be “IMMORTALIZED” In Comic Book Series

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Within a given nation, an absurdity found in political leadership can often transition to other aspects of society.

CAP submit to readers than the ruling government of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the year 2020 has degenerated into such an absurdity:

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s life story is set to be turned into a 24-page comic book, which will be released on 16 September, 2020.”

Joy to the world! Imagine the thrill this comic book will provide. Just to think– in an age of China-distributed pandemics, archaic religious supremacy and Sikh political dominance in Canada, our society is about to receive a much-needed “dose of humour” regarding PM Justin Trudeau.

What shall be the contents? How about a page or two dedicated to the fact that Mr. Trudeau— during the time of an international pandemic in which over 5000 Canadians have died– — our PM is going to be “immortalized” in a comic book.

Yet, in truth, this is a fate tailor-made for Trudeau. From 2015-2020, his leadership of Canada has been entirely “cartoon-esque.” Not funny, mind you–an edition of the “theatre of the absurd” would be more like it.

“The 24-page comic book, set to be released on Sept. 16, takes a look at the global media frenzy surrounding Trudeau’s “camera-ready looks” and “easygoing nature” that erupted after he delivered the eulogy for his father.”

Love it to death. Justin Trudeau’s ‘easy-going’ nature has created the most hardship for society of any national leader in Canadian history. Or at least, a portion of society–the part that is Anglophone, European, and Christian-derived.

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As far as CAP can tell, Mr. Trudeau has advanced a program of “duality” for the past five years he has been in control of Canada:

The first part is an advancement of both communist China, and United Nations-derived fundamentalist religious power within 2020 society. Media cover up both for the benefit of PM Trudeau-– as well as these 3rd World forces.

It’s all so absurd as a “cartoon cut-out” prime minister reaches an appropriate pinnacle within “post-modern” society– that of a caricature of an authentic national leader.

The only place Justin Trudeau is leading Canadian of European Heritage is straight down the social drain. Those who recognize this truism despise the man.

Those who do not, trans-ition his superficial nature into a comical farce of undeserved benevolence.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of Cap(est. 2016)




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