“Carbon Tax Trudeau” SILENT As Pakistan, India, China Branded Most Polluting Nations On Earth

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Since the advent of China’s Covid-19 dissemination across our planet,  PM Justin Trudeau’s “holy mantra” of fossil fuel elimination and carbon taxation in Canada has taken a back seat to more “pressing issues.”

How disappointed our PM must be–for the past few years, it seems few things in life were more important to Justin Trudeau. Between 2015-2019, Mr. Trudeau was “on fire” with his agenda to draw billions of additional tax-dollars out of the wallets of working Canadians.

In the man’s typically manic approach to issues “close to his heart,” Canada’s “Carbon-Boy” ranted and raved in eschatological terms about the fate of our planet by way of fossil fuel emissions.

What Justin Trudeau and Media Partners Omitted Regarding The Emissions:

China’s carbon output is positioned by international environment non-profits as being responsible for 26% of world-wide emissions. Trudeau says nothing about it. Not a single sentence of condemnation, or recommendations that the communist government of China instil carbon taxation within their country.

More glaring omissions: according to an IQAIR report, the most polluted nations on planet earth are: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iraq, China, and other 3rd World nations.

Trudeau says nothing. Canada’s percentage of world-wide fossil fuel emissions? Why, it is a whopping 1.6%.

Holy CowIndia is absolutely jam-packed with dozens upon dozens of uber-polluted cities. So why hasn’t Canada’s “King of Kings” never once called out the government of India for their polluting ways?

Why would PM Trudeau slam Canada so hard regarding worldwide emissions output, when China produces 26%, while  the dying Great White North produces a mere 1.6%?

CAP will go first. This “microcosm” speaks a ton regarding the political mentality and agenda of Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of Liberal-Globalist national assassins:

The “rule of law” here is one of hypocrisy, as well as covert deception of Canadian society. Take the issue of racism. Did you know? The most racist societies in the world are “cut from the same cloth” as the most polluted nations.

World Population Review’s 2020 List Of Most RACIST Countries On Earth:

According to the findings of this research-based inquiry, the most racist country on Earth is India, followed by Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, and Egypt.

Other top racist nations include: Morocco, Pakistan, Algeria and Nigeria.

Canada’s position on this list? Any common sense Canadians will guess the truth: Canada is NOWHERE to be found on the list.

It is here we get to the essence of the man Trudeau. Witness the connection between the Liberal Government of Canada’s “spin” on pollution and racism. CAP refer to this as “inverted politics.”

No ruling government in the history of Canada have been as successful as the Trudeau cabal in terms of deception, deceit and subterfuge:

“Accuse your enemies (English Canada, European-Canadians) of the very behaviour you yourself indulge in”

As in, brand Anglo-Canada racist, when the true culprits are those issuing the accusations– PM Justin Trudeau, Somalian citizen Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, and various other members of the Liberal-3rd World Globalist Party Of Canada.

The same applies to the pollution dynamic. By way of the “most polluted nations” data, Mr. Trudeau has pulled another “fast one”– branding Canadians dedicated pollution- pushers, while his hero-nations of China, India and Pakistan remain 1000 times more extreme in this regard.

What a biased, scheming and hypocritical government 37.8 million Canadians are saddled with as Justin Trudeau continues to trans-ition our nation away from true democracy, and toward a quasi-communist society with Justin as entrenched “pseudo-dictator.”

CBC say nothing. National Post print nothing. Toronto Star “tow the Trudeau line” as the people of Canada are hoodwinked by media into buying Trudeau’s tax-dollar sucking United Nations-entrenched Carbon Taxation propaganda.

The thing which makes this Justin character unique as a PM is that, in CAP’s humble opinion, Mr. Trudeau is only Canadian prime minister in one specific capacity:

He is the PM of non- Anglophone and non-European Canadians. King Trudeau is a national “leader” who only leads specific segments of our nation’s demography.

What Media Hide From You:

Within “post-modern” Canada, Trudeau has drawn the “battle lines.”  As a living entity, English Canada is intrinsically racist. Anglophone Canadians are bigots, and the general European-Canadian communities are xenophobes.

Conversely, Trudeau’s 3rd World Canada is the “belle of the ball.” They are not racist in any capacity. These communities are nothing less the perpetual victims of never-ending historical and contemporary vitriol directed at their communities by nasty, bigoted white Canadians.

Worldwide pollution and fossil fuel emissions? Hey Canada– you must pay the price. Racism in Pakistan, China, Iraq, Bangladesh, and all other 3rd world hero-nations?

By way of Trudeau, this doesn’t exist. But for Canada? Check out what PM has to say:

Systemic racism is an issue right across the country, in all our institutions, including in all our police forces, including in the RCMP.That’s what systemic racism is,” said Trudeau.

Welcome fellow patriots, to the show that never ends: Justin Trudeau is a prime minister unique in all of our nation;’s history.

The first national leader to despise the nation he leads– as well as the people who voted him into office.

This is the true story of Justin Trudeau’s agenda of decimation. CAP expect our country to trans-ition into a dictatorship in due time.







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