CAP Theory: The Globalist Domination Agenda For Canada Explained

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Regarding an attempt by Cultural Action Party to explain how western nations have succumbed to what we perceive as a globalist seduction of our society, an initial question must be asked:

Who is a nationalist political party and alternate media organization such as ours to take on this task? By what authority does CAP tackle this monumental global debacle?

Frankly, we have no answer– apart from the following: If PM Justin Trudeau’s resume can consist of part-time drama teaching and full-time snowboard instruction, then we are free to proceed.

One  “ace up our sleeve” has validity– CAP recognized an incremental, pre-conceived agenda toward an erosion of patriotism, nationalism and defined borders very early in the game.

The process is called “assimilation”–the blending of  nations into one global entity. Looking at this phenomenon in the year 2020, what we observe is an incredible polarization. An “either you are for us, or against us” dynamic permeates the picture.

Speaking of contemporary society, there is no other figure living and breathing upon Canadian soil so ubiquitously dedicated to the globalist agenda than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Truly, his devotion is locked-in-stone. If not for media obfuscation–and even with it–this notion is irrefutable–to the degree that astute Canadians see him as society’s premier puppet in this regard.

CAP espouse a unique theory regarding all of this: a direct path from father Pierre Trudeau to son Justin Trudeau. No surprise–establishment media have never alluded to this.

It appears not a single member of Canada’s “intelligensia” can fathom the idea that Pierre Trudeau is our nation’s prototype globalist. Nor can said individuals bring themselves to fess up to PET’s dedication to communism. China, USSR, Cuba, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung be damned. It should be no surprise that the same situation applies to current PM Justin Trudeau.

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What are the key historical developments which served as a catalyst for “post-modern” globalist society in Canada? Step right up, CBC. Fine, they passed on the query.

Without question, the leaders are immigration policy and multicultural policy–both pieces of legislation entirely devoid of democratic process. CTV say nothing of the sort.

Nor does any media outlet comment on a perception of  multiculturalism maintained by CAP: the policy an anti- “Old Stock” Canadian. It involves restrictions, prejudice, ostricization–as well as punitive damages-– directed toward Canada’s Anglophone, Francophone and Christian communities. Degree of debate via Globe & Mail? Nothing at all.

Fact is, from the day Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in 1968, he and his communist pretensions have driven our society toward an end of democratic governance. Incrementally, by way of both multiculturalism and PET’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a progressive loss of freedom of speech, freedom of the press and general erosion of democracy has resulted.

Then came Justin Trudeau–and just as ominous– China’s Covid19 pandemic output. Despite media positioning, this is Canada’s “Great Leap Forward.” This is where society transforms into a hyper-vigilant, rules-based society. In others words, it is the great socialist clamp-down CAP wrote about from the first week Trudeau Jr. became PM.

Simply put– Covid can justify ANY measure entrenched by government. Lock-downs, “Great Resets,” controlled elections outcomes. Consider how the pandemic has rationalized “online” federal voting. It seems reasonable to state that if voting occurs entirely online, the easier it is to manipulate the outcome.

More thoughts: Any other patriots notice how Covid has justified the entrenchment of Health Authority Teresa Tam’s control of society?  What ever happened to the Liberal Cabinet--as suspect as they are– being a part of a leadership team communicating government policy to the public? They are, after all, elected government officials.

Teresa Tam, on the other hand, was not elected. Erosion of democracy in action? CAP think so. Dr. Tam was born in Hong Kong, and raised in Britain. She graduated in medicine from University of Nottingham before moving to Canada to head up the fight against another China-based epidemic called SARS.

Some generalities as examples of globalization of Canada: Border erosion via Justin Trudeau’s “tweet to the world” regarding illegal refugee intake. Trudeau’s pitch that convicted ISIS terrorists must retain Canadian citizenship. The highest immigration quotas in Canadian history– despite the Covid pandemic. A deficit verging on–get this–one trillion dollars!

What else? Mr. Trudeau absolute dedication to 3rd World Canada. Advancement of under-qualified 3rd world migrants into key government positions. An appointment of Somalian refugee and half-citizen MP Ahmed Hussen to the immigration minister position.

Billions handed to Middle Eastern and African nations.  Full dedication to the global ethos of the United Nations. Frankly, we could go on all day like this and not run out of examples.

Yet, there is one factor in the pseudo-communist seduction of Canada  which must not be omitted. This is called media complicity. Turns out that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and Global News media see nothing inherently wrong with any of this.

What kind of message does this deliver to Canadians willing to set aside establishment media propaganda? How about the concept that in 2020, government and media have moulded themselves into  virtual “siamese twins.”

Just as governments roll in China, Cuba, or any other communist society–present or past. Sound ominous enough in terms of Canada’s ultimate destiny? Ever read or hear of media focusing upon our nation’s long term fate?

The answer is NEVER. Why not? Because your government does not want our citizenship dwelling on this subject.  Want to know why? Because future Canadian society will likely consist of a complete inversion of past Canadian society–that’s why.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. 2016).










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